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Evost Total Hip E-1011 Fitness | Evost Fitness PowerPoint Presentation
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Evost Total Hip E-1011 Fitness | Evost Fitness

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Evost Total Hip E-1011 Fitness | Evost Fitness - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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\"Exercise is important, as well as what muscle groups are targeted by the exercise. In the case of total hip extension ,the primary muscles targeted are those in the hips and thigh areas.\n\nSPECIFICATIONS:-\n1). Counter balanced weight provides a low start resistance to ensure exercise \n is performed smoothly and safely.\n2). Adjustable pivot point for a safe, smooth and efficient workout.\n3). Sturdy adjustable platform for different user heights.\n4). All adjustments are identified with yellow knobs for easy recognition.\n5). 5/16:’ diameter weight selector pin magnetically locks in place and includes a lanyard to prevent loss.\n6). Placards, placed in the most visible position, provide step-by- step instructions, as well as pictures to illustrate proper use and muscles trained.\n7).Hand grips secured in place with aluminum collars, comprised of an extruded rubber compound that is non absorbing and wear resistant.\"\nFor More Information visit\nFor any Queries kindly contact us\n

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