Factor Affecting Android Application
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Factor Affecting Android Application


Unlike the iPhone, which is the exclusive manufacturer of phones, Android has

received many phone manufacturers. Large selection of manual is available with

android. Android power for the entire association the mobile brand for its open

environment. Its application development is very simple compared to any other

platform. There are many resources and tools are available to assist application

development. Very strong community support is there to assist in programming.

Google offers Software Development Kit (SDK) for creating applications. With the

release of each new version of the operating system for mobile Google issues its

updated SDK package for each OS. Google OS SDK helps developers write code

for the application.

SDK is used for programming applications for the Android framework. It is up to

the programmer's imagination and ability to customize the application for your

phone. This gives the possibility to develop a computer program and tested before

being installed on the phone.

API Core application Android OS is the same as that used for the application

development process. This gives flexibility to the programmer to select any

existing application program and make changes in functionality or add

functionality to develop a complete new application.

1| P a g e h t t p s : / / ww w. r e l i a n t t e k k . c o m / a n d r o i d - a p p l i c a t i o n -

d e v e l o p m e n t . h t m l

Its gives great possibility of permutations and combinations to create unique

programs per programmer imagination. Re-use of existing application code gives

the Android App development to think beyond the concept that is already in use

and help in completing the task collection of the library is there for the Android

Mobile OS. These libraries offer greater possibilities for application development.

This mobile OS and support a wide range of media file format for images, audio,

video, etc. Google's operating system development based on Linux at its core.

Linux at its core resources to manage the hardware and its driver. So while

writing application code for Android, it's important to take into account the

impact of Linux in mind.

To reach the maximum benefit from the development of Android applications, you

can only take into account the professional company.

2| P a g e h t t p s : / / ww w. r e l i a n t t e k k . c o m / a n d r o i d - a p p l i c a t i o n -

d e v e l o p m e n t . h t m l