an introduction to dirndls n.
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An Introduction to Dirndls PowerPoint Presentation
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An Introduction to Dirndls

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An Introduction to Dirndls - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are you in the market for some ladies trachten wear? Since dirndls come in many varieties, we recommend using this quick mini-guide to help you navigate through the plethora of choices available!

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An Introduction to Dirndls

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an introduction to dirndls

An Introduction to Dirndls

Are you in the market for some ladies trachten wear? Since dirndls come in many varieties, we

recommend using this quick mini-guide to help you navigate through the plethora of choices available!

The dirndl dress, along with lederhosen, is an iconic piece of German history and tradition that is still

worn today. When is it still worn you ask? Like most traditional clothes today, it is not worn as everyday

fashion. Dirndls are brought out from the back of the dresser by every German for traditional festivals

such as Oktoberfest, Cannstatter Wasen, and the Stuttgart Spring Festival among many more

celebrations. Dirndls are also worn by Bavarian Dance troupes and for German club meetings. Whatever

your need may be, when you buy dirndls your shopping experience will still be jam-packed with an

incredible amount of choices! So enough with the pleasantries, let’s get right into it!

Although dirndls come in an overwhelming amount of varieties, there are three main components that

always need to go together to make dirndl a dirndl. A dirndl is made up of a blouse, the corset dress, and

an apron. However, each piece comes in a lot of different styles.

let s start with blouses the blouses for a dirndl

Let’s start with blouses:

The blouses for a dirndl are usually white and short sleeved, but they also sometimes come in black. The

embroidery around the collar and sleeves varies; you can have simple detailing or much more

extravagant work. The blouses can also come in normal lengths (cover your entire torso even under the

corset part of the dress) or short lengths (only cover up until the corset). The material used for blouses

also vary, they can be made with opaque fabrics or something more sheer. Sheer fabric is used for the


In terms of the actual corset dress:

The corset dress comes in many styles as well. If it doesn't have embroidery near the bottom of the skirt

part, it is a waitress dirndl. Dirndls come in different lengths as well. You could buy mini length, mid

length, and long length dirndls. Dirndls could also be very simple in just a solid color and minimum

embroidery, to very intricately design with different fabric patterns, embroidery patterns, and

customizations. It goes without saying but simple dirndls will cost less money than one with patterns

and more details.

Lastly, aprons:

Aprons come in different lengths as well to accommodate the different skirt lengths of the corset dress.

They are usually white, but depending on the set (if all three items come together) it may come in a

range colors or be made with a patterned fabric that matches the design on the corset dress. There are

different types of embroidery designs that go into the white aprons, many of which you could find a

matching blouse for!

Now that you know what pieces come together to make the dirndl and their varieties we believe you are

ready to go out and get your own! Are you a US based buyer? Good news! You can purchase a German

imported high quality dirndl from European Fashion and Gifts in Solvang, California. You could also visit

them online at to buy dirndls. They are owned by Ernst Licht Imports, the

biggest US importer of German goods. Now get out there and find your perfect match!