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Immigration Essay PowerPoint Presentation
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Immigration Essay

Immigration Essay

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Immigration Essay

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  1. Created by Immigration Essay

  2. To write an immigration essay, we recommend you to narrow the topic (of course, if you have no restrictions). If you narrow your topic, you will kill two birds with one stone:

  3. 1. The first stone is that you have a chance to write about the things which you are more interested in and which you are more familiar with. 2. The second stone is that your essay will be more original, and, as a result, more attractive to your potential readers. So the first step of writing an immigration essay is narrowing the topic.

  4. 1. Narrowing the Topic about Immigration Read the following four groups of questions: 1. What does a word “immigration” mean namely for you? Have you ever been an immigrant? 2. Have you ever read a book about immigration? Can you make a literary analysis of it? 3. Why do people immigrate? What are the results of immigration for the state? 4. Can you compare the consequences of high immigration level and high emigration level for the state? Do you know the differences between countries with a high immigration level and low immigration level?

  5. May be, there are some questions which are the most attractive to you. Which group of questions can you answer immediately? Choose one of the question groups for writing an immigration essay.

  6. 2. Selecting an Essay Type for Writing an Essay about Immigration 1. If you have chosen the first group of questions, you may write a reflective essay about immigration. 2. If your choice is the second group of questions, you are able to write a literary analysis essay about immigration.

  7. 3. In the case if you are sure that you know the reasons and / or results of immigration, you may write a cause and effect essay about immigration. 4. If you think that you are able to make a comparative analysis on this topic, write a compare and contrast essay about immigration.

  8. 3. Giving a Title for Your Essay 1. If you write a reflective essay about immigration, a title for you essay may be like these: “The Feelings and Emotions of an Immigrant. My Own Experience”, “What is an Immigration from the Point of View of an Immigrant” and so on. 2. If you write a literary analysis essay about immigration, include the name of the book and its author in your own title.

  9. 3. If you write a cause and effect essay about immigration, the possible variants of titles for your essay are: “The Consequences of High Immigration Level for the State”, “Why do People Abandon Their Home”, etc. 4. In the case if you write a compare and contrast essay about immigration, you may choose a title for your essay from the following variants: “Countries with High Immigration Level vs. Countries with Low Immigration Level”, “High Immigration Level vs. High Emigration Level. The Consequences for the State”, etc.

  10. 4. Some Useful Recommendations for Writing an Immigration Essay 1. Even if you are sure that you know almost everything about immigration, read some literature concerned with this topic. If you don’t want to read (or reread) fiction or scientific literature, you may also find much information in the newspapers and magazines. 2. Try not to use banal and well-known phrases like: “Immigration is very popular today”, “Immigration is an opposed process to emigration” and so on.

  11. 3. You may include the elements of different essay types in your own essay. For example, if you write a reflective essay about immigration, nobody can forbid you to compare your own person with a famous literary character! Good luck in writing an immigration essay!

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