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American Dream Essay

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American Dream Essay - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Watch this presentation to get to know how to complete a qualitative American Dream essay. Read more here:

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american dream essay

American DreamEssay

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To write an American dream essay, we recommend you to narrow this topic.

You will kill two birds with one stone, if you narrow the topic on American dream:

1. The first bird is that you have a chance to write about the things which you are more interested in and which you are more familiar with.

2. The second bird is that your essay will be more original, and, as a result, more attractive to your potential readers.

So the first step of writing an American dream essay is narrowing the topic.

1 the first step narrowing the topic on american dream
1. The First Step. Narrowing the Topic on American dream

Look through the following six groups of questions:

1. Are you a “Real” American? Do you like the American lifestyle? What does a word phrase “American dream” mean namely for you?

2. Have you ever read a book about American dream? Can you make a literary analysis of it?

3. How can you achieve your American dream? Can you write some recommendations for other people?


4. Is it necessary to achieve so called American dream, if you live in American society, but you don’t want to do it? Should you achieve your American dream, if you don’t live in America, but you have a strong willingness to do it?

5. Can you compare the ideas of American society and the former Soviet Union? Are these ideas diametrically opposed? Are there any similarities?

6. Do you have a fertile imagination? Can you compose your own amusing story concerned with American dream?

Which of these six groups of questions is the most interesting namely to you? Choose one of them for writing an American dream essay.

2 the second step defining the essay type you will write
2. The Second Step. Defining the Essay Type You Will Write

1. If you have chosen the first group of questions, you may write a reflective essay on American dream.

2. In the case if your choice is the second group of questions, you will write a literary analysis essay about American dream.

3. If you want to share your recommendations with others, write a problem solution essay on American dream.


4. In the case if you have chosen the fourth group of questions, you may write a persuasive essay about American dream.

5. If you have a desire to make a comparative analysis, try to write a compare and contrast essay on American dream.

6. If you have a great imagination and a strong desire to compose different stories, you should write a narrative essay concerned American dream.

3 the third step writing an american dream essay
3. The Third Step. Writing an American Dream Essay

Suppose you have chosen the fourth group of questions (Is it necessary to achieve so called American dream, if you live in American society, but you don’t want to do it? Should you achieve your American dream, if you don’t live in America, but you have a strong willingness to do it?) to give a detailed answer on.


In this case you may write the following: “One should achieve the American dream, if he / she really wants to do it, regardless where he / she lives. To my mind, it is better to be a white crow or a black ship, but to be true to your own ideals…”

4 the fourth step proofreading your american dream essay
4. The Fourth Step. Proofreading Your American Dream Essay

Read your American dream essay one more time. Be sure that it has no grammatical, stylistic or any other mistakes. Check out that it has no any tautologies and too long and difficult sentences. Correct all the lapses and mistakes you have done in your essay.

5 the fifth step giving a title for your american dream essay
5. The Fifth Step. Giving a Title for Your American Dream Essay

Give a title to your American dream essay after having written it. We are sure that some good ideas will come to your mind, as you finish your writing.


P.S. Be creative

in writing your American dream essay!

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