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Weigh the Pros and Cons: Brand New or Used Storage Containers for Sale PowerPoint Presentation
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Weigh the Pros and Cons: Brand New or Used Storage Containers for Sale

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Weigh the Pros and Cons: Brand New or Used Storage Containers for Sale - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Going shopping for a new, cost-efficient storage? Determine which one will work best for you: brand new or used storage containers for sale.

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january 31 2018

January 31, 2018

Weigh the Pros and Cons: Brand New or Used Storage

Containers for Sale

Shipping containers have been taking front and center in recent years, thanks to the

impressively numerous repurposing projects they can accommodate. From funky, livable

buildings to alternative gardens and greenhouses, to personalized storage, there’s no limit to

what you can do with these metal boxes given the right design and creativity.

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once you ve decided on whether you re using

Once you’ve decided on whether you’re using a shipping container or not, the next thing you

have to determine is if you’ll purchase a brand new or a used unit. Each would have their own

pros and cons, of course, which is why you must take a close look at them in order to make a

well thought out decision.

Brand New Units

If you decide to go for brand new units, the biggest advantage you can enjoy is the fact that you

are the first to actually use it, which means that it’s not going to have the regular wear and tear

that used containers have. Because it’s never been used, it is free from seawater damage and

the harsh chemicals that come along with protecting it from harsh weather elements.

A brand new one also gives you the freedom to outfit it as you want. No need to deal with units

that already have existing modifications that may not necessarily be aligned with your ideas or

objectives. And because it is brand new, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy it for

much longer without having to worry about quality issues.

While those are all good advantages, the downside to all of this is that they can sell for quite an

expensive amount. A brand-new unit can easily go for up to three times the cost of a used unit,

which can be prohibitive for those working on a tight budget.

Used Shipping Containers

If you’re leaning towards looking at used storage containers for sale on the other hand, you can

look forward to a host of advantages as well. First, they are very cost-efficient. Because they are

used, they’re not going to have as high prices as brand-new units. At the same time, just

because it’s been used doesn’t mean it’s going to be damaged. In fact, there are units that are

“new-ish”, or those that have only been used minimally, and so could still pass off as new. It’s

entirely possible, therefore, for you to get a good quality unit without the burden of high cost.

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another thing going for used containers is that

Another thing going for used containers is that they are easy to find. There are literally millions

of shipping containers crossing oceans around the world, and most of them end up sitting

around docks and filling up junkyards. Companies do realize how much potential these steel

containers have and so try and put them back in the market for resale. This means that if you

want to have your own shipping container, you can do so ASAP as opposed to waiting for a

brand new one to arrive or be made.

An obvious disadvantage of used shipping containers, however, is that you need to be careful

about choosing your unit because it could have been sprayed with chemicals for protection

against seawater. Fortunately, you can make sure that everything’s in good condition by looking

at it yourself and carrying out a thorough inspection.

Thankfully, with companies like Equipment Management Services, you won’t have to go too far

to find brand new or used shipping containers because they’re both readily available at their

location. They have large inventories of steel containers waiting to be purchased in their

Houston facility. They also have locations in Dallas and Seattle.

About Equipment Management Services:

Equipment Management Services is in the business of providing quality shipping containers,

brand new and used alike. We cater to your shipping container needs, no matter if you are a

giant construction company or if you are a small business looking for a more cost-efficient way

to deal with storage and shipping.


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