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Tips on Finding Used Shipping Containers for Sale from Texas Suppliers PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips on Finding Used Shipping Containers for Sale from Texas Suppliers

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Tips on Finding Used Shipping Containers for Sale from Texas Suppliers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Used shipping containers for sale from Texas suppliers are easy to find and access. Work with a reputable supplier to get the right unit for you.

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Tips on Finding Used Shipping Containers for Sale from Texas Suppliers

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january 31 2018

January 31, 2018

Tips on Finding Used Shipping Containers for Sale

from Texas Suppliers

Used shipping containers are a great option for those who are looking for a quick, affordable,

yet quality home building option. They can function just as efficiently, and they have the same

aesthetic potential once properly outfitted and fixed up.

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for those looking around for shipping containers

For those looking around for shipping containers, the first thing you need to do is to find the

right supplier. Get your supply of used shipping containers for sale in Texas from top suppliers

like Equipment Management Services. These companies can help you find the unit best suited

for your needs. Here are some other helpful tips for you to have a faster and smoother search

for your shipping container.

Know the Right Container Type

Not all container types are created equal. The most common are the 40ft containers, but there

are also 20ft and 60, even up to 80ft options. The size that you’ll get will ultimately depend on

what you’ll use it for and how much land space you have where you can put it on.

As for the different types, there are dry storage containers, which are also the most commonly

used for single-level container home projects. Flat rack containers, meanwhile, have collapsible

sides, making it perfect for putting units side by side to expand floor space. If you want a multi-

level structure, use an open top container to easily integrate a stairway instead of having to cut

through the roof just so you can add an opening for the next level.

There are also tunnel containers, which have doors on either side. This should be great for use

as a hallway connecting to other sections of the container home structure. Other types include

double door containers, open side, and many more. That’s why you should take a close look at

your floor plan, so you can determine early on what kinds of container you could possibly use

for it.

Check the Container

This is standard procedure no matter what kind of item you’re buying, but even more so when

it’s material that’s going to be used to build a structure. Especially if you’re buying a used unit,

you need to see the container in person just to make sure that everything’s in good working

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condition apart from giving it a visual look over

condition. Apart from giving it a visual look-over, it’s also recommended that you step inside

the container and check for any odd smells.

The shipping container could have been used to ship various kinds of items, from dry goods to

food products, and sometimes even chemicals. Strong odor tends to stick and linger inside the

container for a long period of time. You may want to air it out first before you even get started

on the insulation just to make sure you’re not going to be sniffing around for inexplicable smells

once its build out and you move in.

Prepare for Transport

Check in with the local authorities to get proper authorization for the incoming transport of the

containers you’ll use. Take into consideration the layout of the area, particularly the height

requirements, to ensure that there are no wires, trees, or any other possible obstacles to the

transport. Work with a trusted and experienced supplier of used shipping containers such as

Equipment Management Services. They will be able to guide you through the units that you

need for your project, and they have large facilities in Houston. They also have locations in

Dallas and Seattle.

About Equipment Management Services:

Equipment Management Services provides quality container units to various industries, such as

maritime, construction, and others. EMS takes pride in being able to offer brand new and

second-hand units at competitive and fair rates.


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