Entrance matting
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The most apparent benefit of Heavy Duty Entrance Matting is to keep the facility clean. We use a lot of cleaning accessories but without the entrance floor mats there usage would not be optimal. By placing floor mats in strategic places, dust and debris accumulation will be minimized and maintenance costs will decrease. Floors without these entrance floor mats in the rainy season gets muddy and wet due to which surface becomes slippery dangerous. The consequences of that is high cleaning maintenance cost and risk of injuries due to slippery surfaces. Click this site http://intramatting.com/ for more information on Heavy Duty Entrance Matting. Follow us https://commercialentrancematting.wordpress.com/

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Entrance matting

Entrance Matting

High performance Entrance Matting is designed to effectively remove and retain soil and moisture, and prevent its ingress into a building via pedestrian and wheeled traffic.

Commercial entrance matting

The INTRAmatting brand of Entrance Matting is a unique range of products that combine up-to-date design and aesthetics with the ability to suit the most demanding environments. They have been designed by industry specialists with an intimate knowledge of the marketplace and provide optimum performance, every time. Using innovative design creation, modern engineering methods, and scrupulous testing procedures, ideas become reality.

Commercial Entrance Matting

Heavy duty entrance matting
Heavy Duty Entrance Matting

Install & Maintain

INTRAsystems have extensive experience specifying and installing Heavy Duty Entrance Matting in all market sectors, with an impressive portfolio of clients built up over the past 38 years. With every environment requiring individual attention to detail, experience and market knowledge is paramount to ensure optimum performance, every time.

Barrier matting
Barrier Matting

INTRAsystems has an undeviating commitment to act responsibly in care of the environment. Working on key projects throughout the UK and Europe, the company is familiar with all environmental ratings such as BREEAM and WRAP and help clients achieve, and exceed, their sustainability goals. All production is in accordance with the Waste Management Act, with the goal to ‘reduce production of waste and their harmful effects.’ Critical processes are continually monitored to ensure minimum negative impact: The Axis House Environmental Sustainability Statement sets clear targets for ongoing improvement to ensure the company continues to lead in our increasingly aware society.

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Entrance Matting