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Pre Employment Background Check

<br>Pre employment background checks or background screening is the process of compiling criminal, financial and commercial records of an individual. Try this site for more information on Pre Employment Background Check. Pre-employment background checks are usually sought by employers on candidates seeking jobs that demand trust and security, such as in a financial institution, hospital, school and government departments including law and military.Follow us :<br>

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Pre Employment Background Check

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  1. Welcome to B4 Screening - A Pre- Employment and Background Screening Company. In a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Commerce, they found that internal theft is 15 times more likely to occur than external theft . Theft is only one of the major concerns that an employer faces as they hire new employees . Annually, companies lose Billions of dollars to theft, substance abuse, fraud, and poor performing employees. To avoid these pitfalls you need an employment screener that uses the latest technology to provide rapid and reliable results.

  2. B4 Screening understands that all aspects of screening are candidate selection process . Our technology allows access this intricate quickly and seamlessly as possible while maintaining industry leading security. pre-employment vital to the clients data to as The first step to speeding up the employment screening process is providing a familiar and easy to use web based interface follows understand order selection system that can be customized to meet your background screening needs . The real-time online order entry system allows for placement and avoids time loss by avoiding fax and data entry lags. interface. an The to easy instant order

  3. Our remote applicant data entry capabilities allow your prospective employees to input necessary data from any remote location, at any time, so that time is not spent by your staff on data entry. These seamless online steps decrease report turnaround times and allow you to focus on other tasks. After the initial order has been placed and the applicant has provided all of the necessary data, report status can be checked through a web browser 24 hours a day. This provides our clients with the ability to manage or check report status of applicant reports from any location at their convenience.

  4. In today's society , knowing who is handling your assets, interacting with your clients, members of your team is instrumental in the success and growth of your organization . We are armed with a full array of resources to deliver an overall picture of your workforce. These insights into a person's past through criminal background, motor vehicle records, education and employment verification, drug screening, and the many other tools we have at our fingertips are critical to knowing who you have representing your company, name, and vision. and becoming vital

  5. Our difference in quality tools and resources versus less reliable avenues of pre employment screening and employment background check research. B4 Screening takes its diligence very seriously. As a team we are committed to the integrity of our services and the choice of our resources. We are passionate about completely tailored services based on our clients' needs and wants. We are driven by our excitement for growing technology to introduce streamline way of gaining these valuable time sensitive services. industry experience allows us to know the a faster, more

  6. If you've applied for a job recently, the employer probably did background check. This has become a common procedure with an estimated 80% or more of all companies performing checks new applicants. an employment

  7. Pre employment screening helps to keep you, your business, and your workers safe. By screening all applicants, you can avoid hiring the wrong person. Lots of workplace problems performing background checks, and pre-screening your employees can even keep you from getting sued. Here are 5 things to look for when you're screening potential employees. are easily prevented by

  8. Drug And Alcohol Abuse Most screening as part of their hiring process. This is because drug abuse causes lots of trouble whether they're using at work or on their time off. Lost absenteeism, theft with co-workers are just a few of the problems related abuse. Look in their criminal record for drug convictions and other signs of abuse such as a DUI. companies perform drug at work, productivity, and conflicts to substance Sex Offenses Every looking at the sex offender registry. It's a fact that most convicted sex offenders often strike again, and you don't want this happening at your company. This is especially important if the position involves working with children. pre employment screening should include

  9. Negative Reports Aside from these specific things, you should be on the lookout for anything negative that reflects badly on the applicant's character, especially things that relate to work. For example, unpaid fines and driving violations should make you raise an eyebrow. Getting fired for theft at work or industrial espionage is a major red flat. While these may not be serious enough to keep you from hiring the individual, you should take them into consideration. You may want to ask them about these things during the interview. Any scrapes with indication of potential workplace problems as well. the law might be an

  10. Employment background checks help lots of companies avoid hiring the wrong people. These days, they're easier than ever to do because of online resources for public records. There is also a growing industry of small companies that provide this information for a fee.

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