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IBM C1000-022 Exam Questions | Killtest 2019

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IBM C1000-022 Exam Questions | Killtest 2019

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  1. The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. 1. Which element of business continuity is employed by creating nightly flash copies at the primary data center? A. IBM HyperSwap B. Continuous data protection C. High availability D. Backup strategy Answer: D 2. A customer has a two-frame IBM TS4500 Tape Library with 24 IBM TS1150 drives. The L frame is the left-most frame and the customer wants to add slots for 1100 cartridges. The available physical space in the data center is limited, so high density (HD) frames are needed. The customer has some existing IBM TS3500 storage frames that could be re-purposed What does the customer need to understand about the upgrade? A. A redeployed IBM TS3500 storage frame must be the last (right-most) frame B. The IBM TS3500 storage frame must be upgraded with TS 1030 tape drives before it can be redeployed C. An IBM TS3500 storage frame must be upgraded to an IBM TS4500 frame before it can be redeployed D. The IBM TS3500 storage frames must be installed to the right of the L frame Answer: D 3. What is one advantage of IBM Storage Insights Pro over IBM Storage Insights? A. Unified Dashboard B. Upgrade recommendations C. Simplified ticket workflows D. Reclaim unused storage Answer: D 4. A customer issued an RFP to replace EMC Disks. Vendors are being asked to provide the best competitive advantage in their proposals What should the IBM proposal on an IBM Flash System A9000 include in the bid? A. All software features included in base price B. Flash cache C. IBM Hyper Swap migration D. External storage virtualization Answer: B 5. A customer requires a mass scale-out storage solution to organize, store manage and access unstructured data. The system must be highly secure, with no single point of failure, and unlimited scalability. The data must be stored economically across 4 sites with continuous access to data, even if one site is offline Which product should the technical specialist recommend? A. IBM Virtual Tape Server Grid B. IBM Spectrum Scale C. IBM Cloud Object Storage D. IBM High Performance Storage System 1 / 4

  2. The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. Answer: C 6.A customer with a local IBM svc cluster wants to use s3 protocol for archiving Which IBM SVC feature can be used to meet these requirements? A. Transparent Cloud Tiering B. HyperSwap C. Metro Mirror D. Global Mirror Answer: A 7. A customer is preparing for a storage upgrade and is trying to decide if hybrid or all flash is appropriate for them. Lifecycle cost is a primary concern Which tool should the technical specialist use to help the customer decide? A. Capacity Magic B. IBM Storage Tier Advisor Tool C. Data Reduction Estimator D. TCOnow! Answer: B 8. A mainframe customer needs to control the rapid growth of its database environment while providing the highest performance, lowest latency and lowest TCO. Which solution satisfies the customer's requirements? A. IBM Elastic Storage Server B. IBM Flash System V9000 C. IBM DS8886 D. IBM Flash System A9000 Answer: C 9. Which IBM Storage feature deployed by IBM Lab Services gives customers the Peace of Mind guarantee of 100% data availability? A. Flash Endurance B. BM Hyper Swap C. IBM controller upgrade program D. Hyperledger Answer: B 10. A customer has existing SAP HANA production nodes connected to IBM Spectrum Scale. The customer needs to scale out additional nodes to maintain the high bandwidth requirement Which type of nodes should be proposed? A. Protocol nodes with SSD drives B. Storage nodes with NVMe drives C. Storage nodes with SAS drives D. Storage nodes with SSD drives Answer: D 2 / 4

  3. The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. 11. What is the function of Copy Export within an IBM TS7760? A. Copies data between grid connected IBM TS7760s B. Moves data out of cache to provide more space C. Creates copies of data on tape for disaster recovery D. Exports data to be read by third-party tape drives Answer: C 12.Which resource informs a storage specialist if a Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) has to be done? A. IBM Pre-sale TDA Checklist B. Systems Assurance Product Review Guide C. Trigger Criteria and Designated Product List D. Digital Techline Center Answer:A 13.A customer with NAS and block storage is booking IBM Software-Defined Storage as a means to improve storage efficiency within a data center. Which product from the IBM Software-Defined Storage Control will help the customer? A. IBM Spectrum Archive. B. IBM Spectrum Protect C. IBM Spectrum Accelerate D. IBM Spectrum Virtualize Answer:C 14.A customer has multiple tires of storage, is experiencing high growth, and has issues with managing a complex environment. Simplifications, ease of management, and storage efficiencies are key requirements. Which product meets the customer’s requirements? A. IBM Flash System 900 B. IBM DS8884 C. IBM Storwize V5020 D. IBM Storwize V7000 Answer:D 15.How does the integration of IBM with IBM Flash System with IBM Spectrum Scale improve analytic environments? A. Allows storage of metadata on flash to reduce latency B. Creates replicated copies of data for high availability and disaster recovery C. Enable Spectrum Scale applications to share common data pools D. Provides resource management across a range of physical media types and data protocols Answer:A 16.A scientific customer implementing a large archive solution and plans to use IBM Spectrum Scale and 3 / 4

  4. The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams. IBM Spectrum Archive to store the data. The customer wants to take advantage of the IBM solution for media verification. What does the customer need to understand about the IBM TS4500 media verification function? A. It is included in the firmware as a chargeable feature. B. It makes use of all library drives while unused by the application. C. It requires one dedicated drive with two recommended. D. It is managed by software running on a device external to the library. Answer:C 17. A customer has a requirement for 250,000 IOPS and 200TB of capacity. The customer requires IBM SSR code upgrades at no additional charge. Which solution should the technical specialist recommend to the customer? A. IBM Flash System V9000 with IBM Storwize V5010 with 1.2TB drives B. IBM DS8886 with 1.2TB drives and HPFE C. IBM Flash System A9000 with 3. 6TB MicroLatency modules D. IBM Storwize V7000 with 1.2TB drives and 800 GB SSDs Answer: B 18.Which element of business continuity is continuity is employed by creating nightly flash copies at the primary data center? A. Archive strategy B. Hyper Swap C. Backup Strategy D. Continuous protection Answer:C 19.A customer has a VMware environment with host resource utilization concerns. The customer wants to overcome this when purchasing the next storage device. Which IBM XIV storage hardware integration capability does this customer require? A. vStorage API for Site Recovery Manager (VASRM) B. vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) C. vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP} D. vStorage APIs for Multipathing (VAMP) Answer:B 20.What is the default configuration of a RAID protection level in an IBM DS8884 HPFE that affects the usable capacity? A. RAID-6 B. RAID-1 C. RAID-10 D. RAID-5 Answer:D 4 / 4

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