how to choose and use the proper fertilizers n.
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How to choose and use the proper fertilizers for houseplants PowerPoint Presentation
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How to choose and use the proper fertilizers for houseplants

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How to choose and use the proper fertilizers for houseplants - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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how to choose and use the proper fertilizers

How to Choose and Use the Proper Fertilizers for


Use of fertilizers for improving the condition of the soils is necessary. Over time, all the nutrients

from the soil become depleted as the plants suck them up. One has to apply the nutrients the

plants need for proper growth in the form of fertilizers. The easiest way to apply these fertilizers

is to select a water-soluble fertilizer for the soil.

Dilute the fertilizer with enough water

Before you apply the water-soluble fertilizers to the lawn or garden plants, you must dilute them

with water. Mix the liquid concentrates or dry fertilizer with enough water and then apply them to

the plants. You can use a sprayer at the end of the hose or a watering can to spray the water on

the lawn. This method of applying fertilizer is easy and inexpensive.

Choose organic fertilizers over chemical fertilizers

The trend is to use organic fertilizers in the place of synthetic fertilizers because people are

becoming more conscious of their environment and the impact they make on it. Most of these

organic fertilizers are water soluble

organic fertilizers are water soluble. You can get more by visiting the website of the makers of

the ​Water Soluble Fertilizers in Pune​​. One can even order the fertilizers online; this will save

you a lot of trouble of hunting for the right place where they sell the right fertilizer.

Choose fertilizer according to the stage of development of the plant

The main needs of the plants are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium. We call these

nutrients as the macronutrients because the plants need them in large amounts. The nitrogen

helps in the growth of the leaves. Phosphorus helps the flowering, fruiting, seeding, and in the

development of the roots. Potassium helps the plant to grow the stem and enhances the

movement of the water throughout the plant.

Pick the right nutrients

The other nutrients needed are the micronutrients and the secondary nutrients. The secondary

nutrients are Sulfur, Calcium, and Magnesium. The micronutrients needed by the plants include

iron and zinc. They also need cobalt, copper, nickel, boron, molybdenum, and magnesium. The

soil needs these in minute amounts. But, when you grow specific crops, you must make sure

that the soil has enough to the needed nutrients otherwise the growth of the crop will not be

good. For instance, to grow legumes, you must have enough cobalt in the soil.

Use chelators for good absorption

Many minerals in the soil such as iron remain inaccessible to the plants due to their chemical

structure. To make them available to the plants, you must change their structure. For instance,

you can use chelators such as humic or fulvic acid with the fertilizers. When you have the

chelators in the mix, the plants are able to absorb the nutrients well. You can get more ideas on

this from the​​Humic Acid Powder Suppliers in India​​.

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