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UNIT F FASHION PROMOTION. 6.04 Describe the use of special events in fashion promotion. Special Events. Promotional activities designed to increase customer traffic, sell goods, and improve company image.

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unit f fashion promotion


6.04 Describe the use of special events in fashion promotion.

special events
Special Events

Promotional activities designed to increase customer traffic, sell goods, and improve company image.

  • Special events are not typical day-to-day promotions. They may last for one afternoon or for several weeks.
  • Special events are used to reach potential and current customers.
special events3
Fashion shows

Trunk shows

Special sales

Celebrity appearances


Charitable celebrations

Fashion awards



Personal improvement sessions

Teen boards

Special Events
fashion shows
Fashion Shows

Popular special events that use live models to present apparel and accessories.

  • Formal modeling
  • Informal modeling
fashion shows cont
Fashion Shows (cont.)
  • Formal modeling can occur in ballrooms, restaurants, theatres, malls, or stores and often includes the use of a runway. Formal shows often become extravagant theatrical productions.
  • Informal modeling can occur in restaurants, beauty salons, spas, and retail stores. It may be as simple as having live models walk among customers to show off selected outfits.

Fashion Shows (cont.)

  • Fashion shows often attract significant media attention.

When Planning a Fashion Show

  • Determine the purpose of the show.
  • Consider the budget.
  • Determine the target audience.
  • Develop a theme, keeping the audience, merchandise, and time of year in mind.
  • Prepare a timeline, including responsibilities and duties.
  • Schedule the location, date, and time.
  • Develop a guest list.
  • Select the merchandise and models.

When Planning a Fashion Show (cont.)

  • Plan the lineup, music, and choreography.
  • Plan for the security of the merchandise, equipment, participants, and audience.
  • Prepare the promotional plan and send press releases and invitations.
  • Develop the program, script, tickets, and other items needed for the show.
  • Prepare the stage, runway, backdrop, decorations, lighting, and props if these are to be used.
  • Conduct rehearsals.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the show.
trunk shows
Trunk Shows

Attract media attention

Advertisements in the newspapers and direct mail invitations are used to notify potential attendees of such events.

Many times live models are used.

Promotional events for which designers or company representatives bring a designer’s collection to a store for a short period, possibly a day or two, for customers to view.

special sale
Special Sale

A promotional event during which a store offers specific customer discounts and/or special merchandise discounts to entice customers to buy.

  • Usually occur as exclusive offers or during private shopping hours
celebrity appearance
Celebrity Appearance

A personal appearance by a famous person or group for the purpose of bringing attention to the store.

  • Usually the celebrity’s presence will guarantee crowds.
  • Celebrities include talk show hosts, entertainers, soap opera stars, or athletes.
  • The customer’s initial intention is to get a glimpse of the celebrity, but usually the increased traffic translates into sales throughout the store.

Very common in the cosmetics industry

A promotional technique designed to entice customers to purchase a product by showing how the product may be used.

charitable celebrations
Charitable Celebrations

Institutional events that promote causes and raise awareness while putting the name brand in front of an audience.

  • Usually help raise money for not-for-profit organizations while enhancing the business’s image
  • Sometimes called benefit shows
fashion awards
Award celebrations that bring publicity to the fashion industry by recognizing outstanding designers as well as showcasing new and rising designers.

The American Fashion Awards

VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards

Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards

Fashion Awards

Giving away free products or charging a minimal price for introductory products.

  • If the sample is pleasing, then the customer may be motivated to become a regular user of the item.
  • Utilized primarily in the cosmetics and fragrances industry

Very prominent in the fragrances and cosmetics industries

Free gifts or comparatively inexpensive items used to reward purchasers of selected products.

personal improvement session
Personal Improvement Session

A seminar on personal grooming, make-up, proper dress, and do’s and don’ts of fashion.

  • These talks and demonstrations turn lookers into purchasers.
teen board
Teen Board

These students serve the community and learn about the fashion and retailing industry.

Students selected attend monthly meetings, plan fashion shows, participate in store functions, and complete service projects.

A group of high school students hired by a retail store to represent it in the community.