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Looking Beyond the :30 Spot The Hispanic Mom Market PowerPoint Presentation
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Looking Beyond the :30 Spot The Hispanic Mom Market

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Looking Beyond the :30 Spot The Hispanic Mom Market - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ahora los beb é s vienen con un manual de instrucciones SM. Looking Beyond the :30 Spot The Hispanic Mom Market . THE ABRAZO FACTOR. WHAT’S A NICE GRINGA LIKE YOU DOING IN A PLACE LIKE THIS? OR YOU KNOW YOUR EXPERIENCING A CULTURE SHOCK WHEN…. STARTED WITH A HUMAN NEED. Todobebé, Inc :.

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Presentation Transcript

Ahora los bebés vienen con un manual de instruccionesSM

Looking Beyond the :30 Spot

The Hispanic Mom Market


Todobebé, Inc:

A multi media content and licensing company that serves and connects mothers, fathers, babies, and experts worldwide everyday 24/7 through a combination of all media formats

A Global Concept. A Global Need.

…Now your baby comes with an instruction manual sm


Todobebé Global Content Formula For All Mediums

All media formats:

Simple language

Entertainment based formats

Modular approach

Long-lasting relevance

Connects across borders and incomes..

Joining the best voices from:










…Now your baby comes with an instruction manual sm


Current Mix: Todobebé properties serving Hispanic families planning, expecting, raising babies

  • Television
  • National family TV show
  • 52 weeks per year
  • Telemundo Network (USA)
    • Televisa Networks (MEXICO)
    • Caracol Television (COLOMBIA)


Direct Mail via ADVO

835k homes (4 per year)


200,000 global mom’s club

850,000 email circ per month

Closed Circuit TV

U.S. PRN: 585 Wal-Marts

Mexico Canal Angeles (16 Hospitals nationwide)


Book: US, Mex, PR 2Q/06

DVD: US, Mex, PR (1Q/07)


U.S.: 2007 ABC Radio

Latin America: 75+ Affiliate stations


House Parties 1,000 homes

NBC-T 50k x 4 events

Custom in 04: Wal-Mart

…Now your baby comes with an instruction manual sm


A few of Todobebé “Firsts” in the Market

  • Todobebé was the first Parenting Lifestyle program to produce a 100 episodes for broadcast TV in the U.S.
  • Todobebé was the first TV program on the Telemundo Network to be licensed to Televisa Networks in Mexico and Caracol TV in Colombia.
  • Todobebé created the first dedicated pregnancy and baby radio shows for broadcast in the U.S. and syndicated in Latin America
  • Todobebé created the first dedicated bi-lingual Hispanic Baby Fairs
  • Todobebé was the first company to provide baby and pregnancy content for broadcast on the Premier Retail Television Network (PRN)
  • Todobebé was the first book title distributed by Harper Collins/Rayo featuring a guide for baby’s first year of life in both Spanish and English
rules of engagement
Rules of Engagement
  • Give me trusted information - be my advisor and friend
  • Respect who I am as a woman, mom, Latina
  • Ask me what I think – I want to share my opinion
  • Protect me and keep my information safe – don’t tell anyone my secrets
  • Entertain and inspire me
the universal truth about moms
The Universal Truth About Moms

When your baby is crying, can’t sleep or is sick, it doesn’t matter if you are a CEO or a taxi driver, you want the answer, NOW!

a look at the u s market
A look at the U.S. market
  • 4.1 million births per year (300,000 per month)
  • > 20 million parents planning, expecting, raising babies 0-2 yrs
  • ~ 40% of babies are born to first time moms, median age is 28 years
  • 59% of moms with children under 1 year work outside the home
  • The median income of first time parents is $32,609’
  • $24 billion baby product market; $1.1 billion - infant sleepwear
  • Average spend per baby is $9,000 to $14,000
  • Cost of healthy birth in a hospital $9,845

*Source: 2004 CDC Live Statistics, Consumer Product Safety, New England Journal of Medicine

the hispanic birth market
The Hispanic Birth Market
  • Estimated 2006 Births to Hispanic Families: 1,001,373
  • 25% of those are English speaking, 28% bi-lingual, 47% Spanish speaking
  • Est. number of babies 0 to 3 years old: 2.8 million
  • Hispanics have the highest # of children per family of any ethnic group: 2.7 vs.1.8 for the total U.S
  • $8 billion: Hispanic baby product market 0–12 months
  • % of births that are Hispanic:
    • Miami, FL 61%
    • California: 50%
    • Texas: 49%
    • Arizona: 44%
    • NYC: 32%

When it comes to births, the Hispanic Market IS the General Market – Today!

Sources: 2004 U.S. Live Statistics Report: 2003 birth statistics & growth rate, Todobebé Research.

values culture
Values & Culture
  • Family First – family, extended family, having babies, getting together…respect for elders and family values
  • Keep close ties to my cultural roots – language, foods/cooking, religious icons in my home, celebrating Latin holidays
  • My children’s happiness is more important than my own
  • Religion / Faith – it is the will of God
  • Educating my children
  • Work to live not live to work
  • While the macho society exists, women usually rule the roost – matriarchal
online club and demographics usa
Online Club and Demographics USA
  • 87% are women
  • 55% are parents
  • 30% are pregnant
  • 88% are between 18 – 35 years old
  • 48% access the site weekly, 18% access daily
  • 81% are expecting a baby or have at least one child under 6 yrs
  • 52% worked during pregnancy
  • 47% say Internet is their principal source of info for their baby, the next closest was doctor at 23%.
  • 76% are managing the budget alone or with their husband
  • 93% want information on how to save for their baby’s education
  • 45% have recently bought or plan to buy a new family car

Most popular article – “How To Survive Your Wife’s Pregnancy Without Killing Her or Yourself!”

Special savings, products recommended by trusted sources, and info in Spanish make a difference to Todobebé's audience*

When selecting products for your child, what factors are most important to you?

#1 Product Features

#2 Price

#3 Brand

Is Spanish packaging important to you?

Yes: 79%

No: 21%

68% say coupons were more important to them after having a baby

*Sources: On products and language: Todobebé October 2004 in person survey among 550 Hispanics expecting and raising babies [conducted at Todobebé Wal-Mart Baby Fairs]. On coupons: 2005 Todobebé Internet study [450 respondents]

what s happening in tv
What’s Happening in TV?
  • 32% had between $100-250M in measured media dollars
  • 50% say that their overall budget will stay the same in 2005
  • 18% say that their TV budget will decrease in 2005
  • 45% say that they will be reallocating dollars away from TV
  • 43% say that reallocation of TV advertising will go towards integrated marketing
  • 69% say that reallocation will go online
  • 41% say that reallocation will be in branded entertainment
  • 35% say that reallocation will be in product placement
  • 38% are dissatisfied with the current TV upfronts

18% agree that man will walk on Mars before Nielsen completes the expansion of local people meters in the top 10 markets!

ANA Survey: TV Issues & Challenges – The Client Perspective March, 2004

alternatives to tv advertising
Alternatives to TV Advertising
  • 92% have advertised online in the last year
  • 74% have participated in “Presenting Sponsorships”
  • 64% have advertised using Cross-Platform deals
  • 33% have advertised using Branded Entertainment
  • 9% have advertised using Video Games

ANA Survey: TV Issues & Challenges – The Client Perspective March, 2004

balancing show integrity with sponsor advertiser desires organic product integration

Balancing Show Integrity with Sponsor/Advertiser DesiresOrganic Product Integration



#1 Destination for Hispanic families expecting and raising babies

Full text search, chat, index, forums, tools

200,000 global club membership

Proprietary automated pregnancy and parenting e-newsletters

ideas that leverage originally produced content
Ideas that leverage originally-produced content
  • Tips and sample content from books co-branded for premium promotion or in-pack tied back to a retailer
  • Tie sponsor product to downloads of relevant audio streams of radio programs and VOD of TV shows
  • Co-branding or premium packaging of DVD or CDs at retail
  • Sponsor spots integrated into DVDs distributed at House Party event
  • On-line voting and product sample/research with sweepstakes tie in
  • Sponsored ringtones of your baby’s laugh, screensaver of first smile to mobile devices
  • Sponsor tips on “How to take great photos of your baby” integrated online, in print & TV
  • Leverage PR by sponsoring events around the celebration of Motherhood / Mother’s Day


Cynthia Nelson

Chief Operating Officer

cnelson@Todobebé .com

Office: (305) 438-1414