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Social Media: Inspiring and informing new volunteers PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media: Inspiring and informing new volunteers

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Social Media: Inspiring and informing new volunteers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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@b33god @timebank @junction49. Social Media: Inspiring and informing new volunteers. Making volunteering part of the fabric of everyday life. Volunteer for twestival.com.

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Social Media: Inspiring and informing new volunteers

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volunteer for twestival com
Volunteer for twestival.com
  • 2009: Over 1,000 volunteers and 10,000 donors raised more than $250,000 for Charity:Water  to provide clean and safe drinking water for more than 17,000 people
  • 2010: Over 175 cities participated to raise money for Concern Worldwide. $462,633 Raised to Date
  • $1.2 million within 14 months for 137 nonprofits
where is best to be
Where is best to be?

What *are* the top social sites ?

Youtube ?

Facebook ?

Twitter ?

Flickr ? 

Linkedin ? 

vimeo ?

Foursquare ?

i-volunteer ?

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify and understand popular social networks
  • Identify your target audience and their likely social networks
  • Assess value/potential of marketing activity in social media
  • Set yourself achievable goals that will engage your supporters
  • Get your organisation on board
identify supporters
Identify supporters


    mainly facebook and twitter

Partner organizations

    Twitter and Facebook

Sector and Industry Peers




need to hang out
Need to hang out ....

...where your target community

hangs out.

  • Increased peer support and networking
  • Get supporters talking about and linking to us
  • Social media as another route for customer service and volunteer support
  • Positioning as thought leader

Take time to listen

Don't spread yourself too thin

Find out what your volunteers want

Links to useful information / support / tips

Interesting opportunities

Stories / Pictures / Video


Ask questions

Ask what they want from you

Allow community to lead


Get others to tell their story

Try different things – see what works

Support others – they will give back

Employees and volunteers greatest asset

rewards and incentives
Rewards and Incentives

The psychological kind



Recognising feedback and participation


Be prepared to fail

That is how you learn

But be open and honest if you do

enable sharing
Enable sharing

Making it easy for our supporters to spread the word

  • Tweet this
  • Facebook Like
  • Add This or Share this widget - gives a number of options for user to choose
time and money
Time and Money?

We use lots of free tools




Checking social spaces

Spend 15mins in morning, lunchtime and end of day :

  • post one or two interesting links or pieces of content
  • answer any @'s or questions

Join a free meetup for non-profits



Free sharing of ideas and advice between peers on Twitter!

all aboard
All aboard?

Social media guidelines to support and empower

  • Give staff the confidence to use social media to generate interest in TimeBank.
  • Protect TimeBank’s reputation. The public must be able to trust the integrity of TimeBank.

Not for everyone - identify champions or those already using

Blog Group

  • Staff meet every week and each brings a post for review
  • rules: constructive criticism, peer review 
  • Paricipate in the conversation, don't broadcast
  • Use sound judgement
  • Don't reveal confidential information
  • Protect other people’s privacy
  • Be interesting, be honest and be yourself

Keep it simple             Screen grab messages of support 

Google Analytics

URL Shorteners will measure clickthroughs

  • bit.ly 

Realtime stats

  • Woopra 

Measuring "reach", RTs, Mentions, influence

  • Twitter analyzer 
  • Klout 

Large pinch of salt!

social visitors
Social Visitors

pie chart of our social visits (excluding organic search)

learning outcomes
Learning Outcomes
  • Initially objective of reaching 200 Followers in 3 months - much easier than we thought.
  • More staff have been encouraged to join twitter and post updates around their areas of work - easier to generate interesting content
  • 40 Christmas page retweets in two days - reach over 100,000 people - it's not follower number that count but who you know
  • Twitter one of the top 20 referrers to website
  • Twitter does not provide complete history of past tweets - so record your stats and messages of support as you go
  • Finding the right people within the organization
  • Personal account vs organization/brand account
  • Measuring effectiveness and impact
next steps
Next Steps
  • Getting more staff on board
  • Share it around - guest staff Tweeters and Facebookers
  • Better synergy between Organization FB Fanpage and Staff personal accounts - making use of existing champions
  • Weekly meetup for staff to discuss tactics and current issues/subjects
  • Build in measurement from the beginning 

Damien Austin-Walker damien@timebank.org.uk