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5 th grade Disease Prevention Unit Lesson 1 Activity #1 Disease Cards For lesson plan, refer to “Teacher’s Guide”. Cold- YES Communicable Allergies- NO Non-communicable Flu- YES Communicable Asthma- NO Non-communicable Cancer- NO Non-communicable Strep Throat- YES Communicable

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5th grade Disease Prevention UnitLesson 1Activity #1 Disease CardsFor lesson plan, refer to “Teacher’s Guide”

answer key
Cold- YES Communicable

Allergies- NO Non-communicable

Flu- YES Communicable

Asthma- NO Non-communicable

Cancer- NO Non-communicable

Strep Throat- YES Communicable

Lice- YES Communicable

Heart Disease- NO Non-communicable

Pink Eye- YES Communicable

Diabetes- NO Non-communicable

Ear Infection- NO Non-communicable

Mumps- YES Communicable

AIDS- YES Communicable

Chicken Pox- YES Communicable

Stroke- NO Non-communicable

Rabies- YES Communicable

Pneumonia- YES Communicable

Tuberculosis- YES Communicable

Measles- YES Communicable

Ulcers- NO Non-communicable

Cystic Fibrosis- NO Non-communicable

Epilepsy- NO Non-communicable

Appendicitis- NO Non-communicable

Alzheimer's NO Non-communicable

heart disease18
Heart disease is a disease of the heart and blood vessels in which fatty materials build up in the blood vessels and blocks or narrows them.HEART DISEASE
pink eye20
Pink eye is an inflammation of the membrane of the eye. Pink eye can be viral, bacterial, or allergic.PINK EYE
ear infection24
An ear infection is usually caused by an infection of the nose and throat and passes into the ear cavity.EAR INFECTION
An infectious disease caused by a virus causing glands to swell, fever, diarrhea and a general feeling of being ill.MUMPS
AIDS is the breakdown in the body’s ability to fight infection after the HIV virus enters the body.AIDS
chicken pox30
Chicken pox is an infectious disease caused by a virus. Chicken pos affects the skin and the lining of the mouth and throat with a rash.CHICKEN POX
Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria that causes coughing, fever, fatigue, poor appetite and weight loss.TUBERCULOSIS
Measles is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus that spreads throughout the body. Measles affects mostly the skin and respiratory tract.MEASLES
An ulcer is a raw spot that develops in the lining of the stomach or elsewhere, causing burning and pain.ULCERS
A condition where the appendix becomes swollen and inflamed and fills with pus. The cause is not fully understood.APPENDICITIS
alzhiemer s
An incurable disorder of the brain in which there is a progressive loss of memory and other intellectual functions.ALZHIEMER’S