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Good Eating Habits

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Good Eating Habits - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Good Eating Habits. Teen Living Skills Unit 7. What’s This Thing Called Nutrition?. “Over the past twenty years Americans consumed twice as much high-fat snack foods and three times as much soft drinks.” University of Missouri Extension. What’s This Thing Called Nutrition?.

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good eating habits

Good Eating Habits

Teen Living Skills

Unit 7

what s this thing called nutrition
What’s This Thing Called Nutrition?

“Over the past twenty years Americans consumed twice as much high-fat snack foods and three times as much soft drinks.”

  • University of Missouri Extension
what s this thing called nutrition3
What’s This Thing Called Nutrition?
  • Nutrients – products that come from foods that help the body grow and function.
    • The 6 Nutrients are:
      • Protein
      • Fats
      • Carbohydrates
      • Vitamins
      • Minerals
      • Water
what s the connection
What’s The Connection?
  • Vitamins– substances found in foods that help the body function properly.
  • Minerals – elements in food that are needed by the body; help build teeth, bones, and healthy blood.
why do i need to eat
Why Do I Need to Eat?

Vitamins, except for Viamin K, were named by the letters in the order of their discovery. -

  • Regulate – to adjust and control.
why do i need to eat6
Why Do I Need to Eat?
  • Your body needs food each day for the following reasons:
    • To provide energy.
    • To regulate the body and bodily functions.
    • To build, maintain and repair body cells and tissues.
how much do i need
How Much Do I Need?
  • The main food groups needed each day include:
    • Grain group
    • Vegetable group
    • Fruit group
    • Milk group
    • Meat and Beans group
how much do i need8
How Much Do I Need?
  • The average North American consumes 19 teaspoons of sugar every day, mostly in processed food and beverages.
  • Chicken consumption has doubled between 1970 and 2004 from 27.4 pounds per person to 59.2 pounds per person.
  • Spinach is more nutritious cooked than raw.
words to know
Words to Know
  • Discretionary – choices that are left up to each person.
that pot is hot
That Pot is Hot!

“When the electrical power goes off, food will stay cold enough to be eaten safely for 4-6 hours if you don’t open the refrigerator door.” - Prevention magazine.

  • Frayed – unraveled.
that pot is hot11
That Pot is Hot!
  • Safety is critical when working in the food lab. The following are some guidelines for the different areas and equipment you will be using:
    • Facilities
      • Wipe up spills quickly.
      • Keep countertops clean.
      • When cleaning up broken glass, sweep into a dustpan, then wipe floor with a damp paper towel.
that pot is hot12
That Pot is Hot!
  • Cutting utensils
    • Use only for intended use.
    • Cut away from the body.
    • Keep pointed end down when walking with a knife or sharp object.
    • Store knives separately from other utensils.
    • Completely remove a can lid when using a can opener.
that pot is hot13
That Pot is Hot!
  • Electrical appliances
    • Unplug an appliance by pulling on the plug, not the cord.
    • Unplug an appliance before cleaning or prying food from the appliance.
    • Make sure to have dry hands when using electrical appliances.
    • Replace frayed or worn cords.
    • Do not let cords dangle.
    • Turn saucepan handles inward when cooking on the range top.
how do i read this recipe
How do I Read this Recipe?
  • “On average, children ages 11-18 eat at fast food restaurants twice a week.” -
  • White Castle was the world’s first hamburger chain founded in 1921, in Wichita, Kansas.
how do i read this recipe15
How do I Read this Recipe
  • Read the recipe before beginning the project.
  • Check to make sure the equipment is available.
  • Check for understanding of recipe terms.
  • Check to make sure that ingredients are in the kitchen.
  • Compete food pre-preparation.
  • Follow the directions on the recipe package, step by step.

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