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Easy Food for Family Mealtimes PowerPoint Presentation
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Easy Food for Family Mealtimes

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Easy Food for Family Mealtimes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Easy Food for Family Mealtimes. Menu Planning and Recipes for Nutrient-Rich Meals. Lori Borgman, author, All Stressed Up and No Place to Go.

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easy food for family mealtimes

Easy Food for Family Mealtimes

Menu Planning and Recipes for Nutrient-Rich Meals

lori borgman author all stressed up and no place to go
Lori Borgman, author, All Stressed Up and No Place to Go

“Dinner is where you put together the puzzle of the world and, sometimes the puzzle of yourself. In the midst of all the shuttling and driving and keeping crazy schedules, isn’t it ironic that the real key to success is as close as the kitchen table.”

nutrient rich family meals5
Nutrient-Rich Family Meals
  • Make half your grains whole.
  • Vary your veggies.
  • Focus on fruit.
  • Get your dairy foods.
  • Go lean with protein.

whole grains

Whole grains now come in a wide variety of kid-pleasing shapes and textures - from pastas and rolls to breads and crackers.


Mix and match veggies with lots of bright colors, textures, shapes, and flavors. Children often prefer their vegetables raw rather than cooked.


Go for brightcolors and sweet flavors - fresh, frozen, or canned.

Fruit makes a tasty dessert - especially with some lowfat vanilla yogurt.

dairy foods

Three servings a day is what kids need. At dinner, it’s as easy as a bone-building glass of fat-free milk, cheese crumbles on a salad, or lowfat yogurt with fruit for dessert.

lean proteins

Lean meats are tasty sources of power nutrients, like several B-vitamins and selenium, as well as plenty of ZIP (zinc, iron, and protein).

get kids involved by allowing them to choose the
Get kids involved by allowing them to choose the:
  • Entrée or (lean) protein
  • Grain, preferably whole
  • Vegetable
  • Fruit
  • Dairy food
mealtime memory from teacher in michigan
Mealtime memory from teacher in Michigan

“I remember hearing about the things my older siblings were doing and involved in and wanting to be like them. I liked being around my siblings at meals because they were usually too cool to be around me other times.”