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Data Management. Channel Islands National Park. Purpose of I&M Data Management. To make resource information available: To monitor ecosystem health, diagnose abnormal conditions For planning, program evaluation, critical issue identification To support management decisions and actions

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Data management l.jpg

Data Management

Channel Islands National Park

Purpose of i m data management l.jpg
Purpose of I&M Data Management

To make resource information available:

  • To monitor ecosystem health, diagnose abnormal conditions

  • For planning, program evaluation, critical issue identification

  • To support management decisions and actions

  • To provide the scientific community an ecosystem-wide framework of population information

Vision goals l.jpg
Vision – Goals

- Readily available, useful, secure, quality information to monitor/manage resources.

- Data Management focus driven by needs of users and for maximum usability of data

  • A DM System that is efficient, practical, simple, safe, easy to use, and flexible

  • Easily accessible data that can be queried in a variety of ways by all levels of users

  • A Data Management System that lends itself to data integration between programs

Cinp data management history l.jpg
CINP Data Management History

  • Original Data Management procedures - individual flat dBase files

  • Creation of LAN Info Management System - maximize computer resources

  • Decision to change to integrated system; consultant recommendations

  • Focus - integration, data entry - error checking, automated reports, non custom

Cinp data management history5 l.jpg
CINP Data Management History

  • Staff participation in decision process; goal to meet user needs

  • Access - powerful queries; security

  • Systat chosen for statistics

  • Creation of integrated, normalized , relational, central shared database structure - linked to individual program data

Cinp data management history6 l.jpg
CINP Data Management History

  • Link data to GIS system

  • Training support to staff for new system and software

  • System ready for integrated analysis

  • Only negative is funding for high level programming needed to maintain some aspects of system

Data management steps l.jpg
Data Management Steps

  • Inventory, evaluate and clean up historical datasets

  • Establish quality control for all new data and its management

  • Provide data security and accessibility

  • Create an integrated data management structure

  • Provide for needs of users; assist users in use of data system

  • Optimize computer resources associated with data management

Cinp data management plan l.jpg
CINP Data Management Plan

  • Goals - prioritize needs; plan of action

  • Protocols - definition of details of how to do data processes

  • Accomplishments - good to look back

  • Evolves and changes as learn & grow

  • Regular revisions - update process

Vegetation data relationships l.jpg
Vegetation Data Relationships

Plant Sightings Data

Transect Data

Shared Vegetation

Species List

Shared RM

Reports guidelines content l.jpg
Reports Guidelines/Content

Reports – Handout

Annual Reports, Trip Reports – Metadata

Comments and input welcome!

Website l.jpg

  • Biological Inventory and Monitoring program at Channel Islands National Park.

  • Information Management

  • Data Management Plan

  • Vegetation Example Database

  • NPS Dataset Catalog

  • ProtocolsAnnual Reports

    Data Management & GIS Reports

  • [email protected]

Lessons learned l.jpg
Lessons Learned

  • Conduct a thorough data inventory first; use the dataset catalog; clean the data; define data protocols.

  • Use a database, not a spreadsheet!

  • Be consistent with every program – use the same basic structure, fieldnames

  • Document everything – Metadata! Just accept that it is part of the deal.

  • Prioritize and maintain your weather database -it will probably be the data you need for integrated analysis

Lessons learned 2 l.jpg
Lessons Learned (2)

  • Hire a meticulous, dedicated data manager with Access experience

  • Define data related duties – DM Plan plus - ie. GPS downloads and expertise

  • Use data dictionaries for GPS data

  • Conduct regular data meetings/training to discuss data collection, training needs, roles, documentation, (don’t expect most staff to read your DM Plan)