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Click 2 Call. Generating Instant Leads & Conversions Mobile as a medium and current trends About Mediaburst Who What How Agency Services Questions. Contents. Generating Instant Leads & Conversions. Create interest: Step 1. From: Mobile Co. Personalised SMS send header.

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Generating Instant Leads & Conversions

Mobile as a medium and current trends

About Mediaburst




Agency Services




Create interest: Step 1

From: Mobile Co.

Personalised SMS send header

You are entitled to a new mobile phone, click below to select,

SMS can be customised to dynamically represent the company brand & promoted product


Promotional SMS push to consumers (target or existing) offering a new product or service, within the SMS is a URL linking to…..


Selling: Step 2

Insertion of company logo

Headline promotion, linking to info page

Company Info

Telephone link directly to call centre

Links to product info & offers

Data capture, client specified

Sample site template


…..a branded WAP portal, serving up key product or offer information…..


Instant Order: Step 3

Clicking the ‘Call Now’ button terminates the internet session and creates a call to inbound call centre to process order.


….Consumer accepts offer by clicking purchase button, generating an inbound reactive call to purchase product/service


Completing Sale: Step 4

Order information collected by call centre, payments taken by credit/debit card

Customer initiates inbound call to purchase offer

Product dispatched to customer


Consumer places order, call centre dispatches product/paperwork

target clients
Target Clients

Financial Sector

Credit Card balance transfers



Service Providers


Entertainment (Sky, Virgin Media)



Manufacturers (book test drive)

Rescue Services (customer acquisition & CRM)

Consumer Goods


Shopping TV

Entertainment products

Event ticket

Last Minute/limited offers

The following statistics demonstrate the effectiveness of including mobile interaction through traditional advertising:

Mobile as a medium and current trends

  • There are 47.5 million active phone subscribers in the UK*
  • There are 5 dominant UK Networks, 4 with similar market share (see table 1)*
  • 18.5% of consumers now respond to offline adverts via SMS (see table 2)**
  • Over 12.9 million UK subscribers have accessed the mobile internet for information or content**

Table 2 – Percentage of Consumers responding by text

Table 1 – Market Share of Major UK Networks


* Mobile 365 UK Information Summary

** M:Metrics Q3 UK Statistics

Prominent drivers continuing to grow the market include the:

ongoing simplification of accessing the mobile internet

ever decreasing network data charges for surfing / downloading

increasing numbers of handsets being sold with faster download speeds

marketers attracted to well defined metrics from mobile campaigns

consumer need for instant gratification versus visiting their PC

"These numbers are not unlike what we saw in email response during the mid-1990's as the Web emerged an advertising medium.

The growing adoption of major brands using SMS and the substantial consumer response rates indicate a couple of important trends: mobile as a commercial medium is on steroids; and multimedia convergence is real."

Will Hodgman, CEO, M:Metrics, Independent Mobile Market Analysts

Mobile as a medium and current trends

Mediaburst design and create mobile internet sites for the distribution of information, content and downloads

We enable brands to instantly gratify their potential consumers by delivering key purchasing information and influencing buying behaviour, increasing loyalty and promoting brand interaction

Using a flexible delivery platform, we are able to deliver information to multiple handsets, as there is no common ‘Windows’ platform amongst the different mobile brands, (Nokia, Motorola, etc)

Our current clients include media publishers, TV advertising, brand owners, mobile marketers and national retailers

About Mediaburst…Who

about mediaburst what
About Mediaburst…What
  • Empower brands to connect with prospective & existing clients
  • Instantly gratify consumers need to purchase
  • Collect user data
  • Manage direct contact campaigns to specific consumers
  • Design & development of mobile internet presence
  • Develop innovative scalable technology
  • Deliver m-commerce solutions

Sample site templates, bespoke site design available

about mediaburst how
About Mediaburst…How

With unparalleled experience in SMS and mobile internet, content production, delivery and m-commerce, Mediaburst have developed a powerful platform to publish mobile internet sites.

The platform is constantly being developed to include the most up to date technologies for handsets

Mediaburst are experts in the design and delivery of mobile

campaigns. Our services include;

Technology education

Pre-pitch consultancy

Technical support during pitch

Content creation and formatting

Animation (mobile ready and Text to Screen)

Mobile Site design

Hosting, management and content delivery

SMS provisioning

Weekly campaign statistics

End of campaign summary analysis

Customer support

Agency Services

Questions & Answers

Stuart Brown

Sales & Marketing Director

0845 050 7809