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Indian Pebbles Stones and Tiles

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Indian Pebbles Stones and Tiles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here’s what we mean when we say, pebbles are the new marbles!

Elegant Granites - Indian Natural Stones Exporter


The world knows, marble is the most preferred choice of an interior designer and the home makers, when it comes to flooring, wall fencing, etc.

But time and over again, there has come a natural stone, that has competed tough with marble to take its place.

Though, no natural stone has ever been able to do that. Will Indian pebbles stone be able to take that number #1 position?

Elegant Granites - Indian Natural Stones Exporter


Everyone desires to have a beautiful house. The wish of living and owning a wonderful, breathtaking house resides in each soul. A house speaks a lot about the persons residing in it and it is where you spend maximum time.

A house should be such, that reflects your personality, and allow people who come to know about the sort of person you are, without even saying a word.

When it comes to designing houses, there are plenty of options available these days. People do not hesitate loosening their pockets a little and spending money on their homes, because after all, homes are not made every day. Houses these days have become more of a status symbol and is often associated with one’s dignity and pride.

Elegant Granites - Indian Natural Stones Exporter


Handicrafts are a popular choice for interiors. Pebbles are evolving as the top choice for designing houses. Pebbles are rocks that are smaller in size but are larger than granules. They are available in the market in various designs, patterns and sizes.

These are not only used for designing houses but for other purposes too like Vastu.

Indian Pebbles stone can be used in various ways when it comes to decorating a house, like in the gardens, in the kitchen, drawing rooms, etc. Pebbles give an earthy as well as artistic touch to your garden.

Elegant Granites - Indian Natural Stones Exporter


If you would have seen, at popular hotels and restaurants and even airports, Pebbles stone tiles are used for creating a beautiful water effect. Be it a small waterfall, or a big one, pebbles help them look so natural and elegant.

Astrologers believe that placing of natural stones in and around the house bring, positivity, positive energy, comfort, good luck, and peace to the house. Astrologers, therefore, often suggest keeping an aquarium with pebbles at home/office. These natural stones have magical powers and make the place look attractive.

Elegant Granites - Indian Natural Stones Exporter


If you have been wondering where to buy the beautiful pebbles to be placed at your home or office, don’t worry. Elegant Granites’ online portal is the right place to visit. They offer a wide variety of things crafted out of natural stones. They offer Indian pebbles stone in different shapes, sizes and colors for different purposes. The best thing is that everything gets delivered at your place, at affordable prices and on time.

Elegant Granites - Indian Natural Stones Exporter


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