Literacy socialization assignment
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Literacy socialization assignment
Literacy Socialization Assignment

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Personal review
Personal Review

  • During my childhood, reading was made possible by my friends/my parents.

  • Domestic animal toys were bought by my parents for purposes of entertainment.

  • We used to organize different play sessions.

  • Here, we could match animals with the sounds that they make.

  • Every child was required to produce a sound that the animal that she/he had produces.

Literacy socialization assignment

  • This enabled us to differentiate the real world animals and toys.

  • I learnt the names of different animals.

  • Additionally, rather than reading different bedtime stories, we used to hold sessions during which we could tell stories.

  • There was a night for everybody to tell a story.

  • The story was to be about different animals or one animal.


  • This made these stories interesting.

  • Experts in the skills guided us in developing these vital skills.

  • My learning was also enhanced by the establishment of alphabetical charts.

  • Reading storybooks and spelling bees was also part of my learning.

  • I was helped by my parents while reciting alphabets.

  • They also taught me how a pen should be held

Urban children
Urban Children

  • They acquired literacy skills via exposure to different books.

  • This them literate even before they knew how to read.

  • It made them interested in reading as well as understanding the available information.

  • Roadville children acquired literacy skills by exploring colors, texture and shapes.

  • Books available to them had simple stories about the real life and environment

School education and storytelling
School education and storytelling

  • Played a vital role in enhancing comprehension of complex things.

  • Parents administer little effort in helping their children.

  • They concentrated on availing my supplies for school.

  • My teachers and peers were important.

  • I mastered narrative skills during my preschool time

Importance of narratives
Importance of Narratives

  • Are important when it comes to cognitive development.

  • They enable a person to learn how to relate the environment.

  • Establishing a relationship between objects and words helps in the practice of analogical reasoning.

  • Literacy events are interpreted in relation to socio-cultural contexts.

  • It gives patterns that include gender issues and care giving roles among other social factors.

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