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2 Ways to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone

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2 Ways to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Isn\'t it quite troublesome to transfer WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone, especially when you purchased a new iPhone. How to do? See here!\n

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2 Ways to Transfer WhatsApp Messages fromAndroid to iPhone

According to Nick Statt from The Verge, WhatsApp passed an important milestone on

February this year. Now, it is enjoying up to one billion users, making it become the

most popular communication platform. I'm sure you must be one of that one billion

users, just as I am. However, miserable things might happen that you have to switch

to a new phone due to any reason. Do you know how to transfer WhatsApp messages

from Android to iPhone? If not yet, please scroll down and check out two ways in the

following sections. Hope it helps.


Reasons: Why Do You Want to Transfer WhatsApp fromAndroid to iPhone?

Method 1: Transfer WhatsApp Messages via Email Chat

Method 2: Transfer WhatsApp Messages via WhatsApp Backup

Notes: What to doAfter Transferring WhatsApp Data?

Reason: Why Do You Want to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to


As for the reasons, different people have their own reason. However, the most reason

is that people may switch to a new mobile phone. Though the technology is getting

rapid development and the lifespan of a smart phone gets extended, a phone generally

won't be used for 4 years.

Some people tend to upgrade their mobile phone every two years according to the

statistics from Forbes. Now that iPhone 7/7 Plus is for sale with anticipated design

and features, you may be considering giving it a shot. I bet you certainly won't

consider a Samsung Note 7 that might blow up here and there.

Each time we got a new phone, we have to move all kinds of data from the old one to

a new one. That is sometimes a considerable work. Now, let's see how to transfer

WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone with ease in 2 way.

Method 1: Transfer WhatsApp Messages via Email Chat

Step 1. Open "WhatsApp" onAndroid phone.

Step 2. Select "Settings" from the right top of the interface.

Step 3. Tap "Chats" option and choose "Chat history".

Step 4. Tap "Email chat" and choose one chat from conversations.

Step 5. You will be ask whether to contain media files in the email message. Make

your choice by choosing "WITHOUT MEDIA" or "ATTACH MEDIA".

Step 6. Choose to send chat via "Gmail" or "Email". Then, please log in your email

account and tap "Send".

Step 7. Log in your email on your iPhone and you are able to view the chat.

Actually, this way is kind of troublesome, for it only allows you to send one chat at a

time. Thus, if you have a lot of chats on WhatsApp, it's probably not a good idea.

However, you may check out the second method below.

Method 2: Transfer WhatsApp Messages via WhatsApp Backup

As is known to all, WhatsApp supports to back up or restore existing WhatsApp data

via the app itself. Better yet, you may not know that it also works for transferring

WhatsApp conversation from Android to iPhone. For more details, please read on the

following steps.

Step 1. Launch "WhatsApp" on your Android phone.

Step 2. From the upper right, tap and select "Settings".

Step 3. Choose "Chats" option and tap "Back up Chats".

Step 4. Download and install "WhatsApp" from App Store.

Step 5. After the installation, please open "WhatsApp" on iPhone.

Step 6. Log in your WhatsApp account.

Step 7. Choose "Restore Chat History" when prompted.

That's easy, right? It's just as simple as "Backup" > "Install" > "Restore”. Otherwise,

WhatsApp data on your old phone will not be erased either.

Notes: What to doAfter Transferring WhatsApp Data?

After you transfer WhatsApp conversations from Android phone to iPhone, please

make a backup in case of data loss. You can directly backup WhatsApp by heading to

"Settings" > "Chats" > "Chat Backup" > "Back Up Now". Or, choose to make an

"Auto Backup" daily, weekly or monthly. Though you can restore WhatsApp data

from backup via re-installment. Don't you think it's quite a troublemaker? Why does

it need to make things so complicated by uninstalling and installing the app again?

With the assistance of WhatsApp Manager, you can do a backup or restore from a

backup via a click in no time. Simply connect your device to the software and click

on "Backup" button. Then, a backup is done. That's all it takes.

So now, you can enjoy WhatsApp again with your new iPhone. If you need to

transfer data from iOS devices to Android/iOS devices, that's simple with the help of

WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore, which is well-designed to manage your

WhatsApp data with simple steps.