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MBA admission PowerPoint Presentation
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MBA admission

MBA admission

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MBA admission

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  2. So you think your GMAT score or GPA average is lower than what you expected? Are these scores disheartening you? Here’s the flip side: while high GMAT and GPA scores may facilitate admission to top B-schools in the US, lower statistics in your results do not mean the opposite; there is still a fat chance of you making it through to your dream school.

  3. Your approach ahead should be well-planned and guided in a direction to guarantee you admission and this is where top MBA admission consultants can aid you and act as mentors. Here is what you have tTop MBA consultants in Delhio do to ensure that even with scores lower than you expected, you can guarantee success ahead:

  4. Analyze your scores and numbers:Look at your scores and look at trends with regard to admission at the B-school of your choice. Also, analyze which of your scores is lacking. A GMAT score requirement for every B-school you are looking at can be obtained via your research or by looking at admission trends of the past years. Also go on to understand which of your examination parameters has been scored the lowest and this is where you will have to focus on. For example, consider whether a combination score of 600 in your GMAT and a 2.9 in your GPA is really that low or will this combination sail you through.

  5. Proactively work on building up on your areas of improvement: Consider this. Your scores are lowest in the verbal aptitude realm. What can you do to prove to the admissions committee that your spoken communication skills are better than what your scores reflect and guarantee?Your essay submitting your candidature should aim to highlight past achievements that will maybe not overshadow your scores but bring to the forefront debates etc. that you would have participated (and maybe even held a position) in. This will tell the admissions committee that even though you did not score here, it does not reflect a skill gap.

  6. Your essay should be your crowning glory and should leave a lasting impression on the assessor’s mind. They should leave your candidature focusing on not your low scores but your achievements.

  7. Assess your choice of B-school: Every school’s requirement of GMAT and GPA scores differ and relook at the requisites and requirements of your B-school. While your school of choice may have given you a desired score there would be other parameters that would facilitate your admission.

  8. Low statistics need not necessarily leave you lost in the MBA maze if you have top admission consultants to aid your path of progress!