How to revoke google s manual penalty
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How to Revoke Google's Manual Penalty - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to revoke google s manual penalty

How to Revoke Google's Manual Penalty

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What is google penalty
What is Google Penalty

  • Google penalty basically refers to negative impacts on a website’s search rankings/visibility due to either search algorithms or manual review from Google.

  • Google penalizes websites only when they believe a website is engaged with some sort of practices that clearly violates their quality guidelines.

  • Google quality guideline details:

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Types of google penalty
Types of Google Penalty

  • Google’s penalty can be of two types:

  • Algorithmic Penalty: This kind of penalty happens naturally as Google updates its algorithm. This sort of penalty is usually harder to identify as no message is sent to the GWT.

  • Manual Penalty: In addition to algorithmic penalty, Google may apply manual penalty when they notice a website is practicing spammy techniques breaching their quality guidelines.

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Reasons for manual penalty
Reasons for Manual Penalty

  • Hacked site

  • Thin content with little or no added value

  • Pure spam

  • User generated spam

  • Cloaking and/or sneaky redirects

  • Hidden text and/or keyword stuffing

  • Spammyfreehosts

  • Spammy structured markup

  • Unnatural links from your site

  • Unnatural links to your site

  • Unnatural links to your site – impacts links

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Types of manual penalty
Types of Manual Penalty

Google may apply manual penalty in any of two ways:

  • Partial matches: Impacts only specific URLs or sections of a website participating in bad practices. Here only that particular pages or URLs are penalized, not the entire website.

  • Site-wide matches: In such penalty, affects the entire website.

    • At final stage, Google may even de-index that website from SERP.

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Manual penalty messages
Manual Penalty Messages

  • If your website is affected by manual penalty, you will able to see that from the “Manual Actions” tab from GWT account:

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Sample manual penalty messages
Sample Manual Penalty Messages

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Sample manual penalty messages1
Sample Manual Penalty Messages

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How to revoke manual penalty
How to Revoke Manual Penalty

In case of Unnatural Links to Your site:

  • Identify Spammy or low quality backlinks

  • Collect contact address/emails of spammy websites

  • Contact with spammy/low quality websites requesting to remove your links from their websites

    • Communicate with them via email or filling contact box from their websites

  • Disavow links/sites from your GWT, whose webmasters didn’t respond to your emails

  • Submit reconsideration request

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    Identify low quality backlinks
    Identify Low Quality Backlinks

    • Create a detail backlink profile

    • As premium backlink analyzer, Link Detox is really good

    • You can also use couple of free tools to get an overall idea about your backlink sources:






  • It would be great if you synchronize backlink data of couple of free tools to create a complete backlink profile!

  • +1 (347)-507-5471 | [email protected] |

    Collect contact addresses communicate with webmasters
    Collect Contact Addresses & Communicate with Webmasters

    • Collect as many email addresses of spammy websites as possible to communicate with them.

    • In case if you don’t find email address, check whether they have any contact boxes to communicate.

    • Then start communicate with them requesting to remove your links from their websites.

    +1 (347)-507-5471 | [email protected] |

    Disavow backlinks which you failed to remove
    Disavow Backlinks Which You Failed to Remove

    • After communicating with webmasters, wait couple of days to get reply from them.

    • Webmasters who didn’t reply to your post or backlinks which you failed to remove, add those links in a Text document and upload via Google Webmaster Tools.

    • Here’s the link to submit your disavow file:

    +1 (347)-507-5471 | [email protected] |

    Submit reconsideration request
    Submit Reconsideration Request

    • Once you uploaded your disavow file, start preparing your reconsideration request.

    • While writing reconsideration request, always keep in mind that human employee from Google will read your application. So make your writings as informative as possible to convince them to revoke penalty from your website.

    • Google usually responds within 2-6 weeks to your reconsideration request.

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    Thanks a lot for reading this presentation
    Thanks a Lot for Reading This Presentation

    This Presentation is created by EZ Marketing Tech.

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