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social media marketing company in mumbai PowerPoint Presentation
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social media marketing company in mumbai

social media marketing company in mumbai

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social media marketing company in mumbai

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  1. Digital Marketing Plan for The Resort

  2. Current Digital Presence • The Resort has a digital presence on Facebook with 58,077 likes and 0.19% engagement ratio. • The page has comments on it but no replies which decreases the possibility of future engagement and leads. • 58,077 likes with little or no engagement is a depiction of an inactive page and does no good to the brand. The standard engagement ratio for a well performing page is 5%. • We assure to achieve atleast 5% engagement ratio.

  3. What will we do for you • Have a Blogto post information on activities, attractions, dining, shopping, nightlife. It allows you to provide your guests with suggestion on what to do. Moreover it is a constant source of content that you can use to spread on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. • Manage your Online reputation, by inviting guests to post reviews on TripAdvisorand other review websites. Responding to all reviews (description, pictures, contact info).

  4. Invite guests to join your Facebook page (upload their emails), and ask them to post pictures of the hotel and their trip. Panoramia is also a great site to have guest post pictures as it is linked to Google Earth & Maps. • Recycle content across social networks. All positive reviews will be posted on Twitter and Facebook, as well as blog articles. Gather all guest pictures from Picasa, Flickr and Panoramia into one album on Facebook.

  5.  Link local companies and attractions in the Twitter and Facebook posts. To make it easy, think like your guests. Get connected to cities, tourist attractions and tourist information centers by liking their page. Just start reading and very often the accommodation requests are right there for you to grab. For example on the city page of Goa a young lady is asking for tips on what to do during her trip. Give her a compliment on choosing Goa because it is simply awesome and include a shortened link ( to the blog on our hotel website that just happens to be about the top 10 of things to do during a short break in Goa.

  6. Suggested Social Media platforms • Facebook. • Google+ • Twitter • Four Square • Instagram • Blogs (Word press)

  7. Objective • To create high awareness about the The Resort • To focus on its USP i.e Service • Increase the engagement ratio on all social media platforms. • Increase reach by generating quality content and graphics. • Generate website clicks to get leads.

  8. Strategy • We will start with simple, time-efficient equation to give your social media the perfect balance. It's called the 70-20-10 Rule

  9. 70 percent of your content should build brand • Project and position The Resort as an expert in the mind of consumers by sharing:1. Graphic testimony 2. Tips (Problem and solution) 3. Expert Advice(Places to visit, things to avoid while travelling etc) • This content is wide-ranging and fun in nature, but most importantly, it puts a story behind you

  10. Sample ads

  11. Sample ads

  12. 20 percent of content will be about products • This strategy will generate direct need in the mind of the consumer and influencer. • We will share content and graphic that showcases the packages.

  13. Sample ads

  14. Sample ads

  15. Sample ads

  16. 10 percent of content will be for engagement • As the pages are dead, we will focus on increasing the engagement with puzzles, jokes. • To start with the post will be general which will help us generate quick engagement.

  17. Social Media Marketing • 12 Ads will be activated backend targeting • Location: Mumbai • Age Group: 24- 40 • Sex: Male, Female • This will divert all the traffic to website to get leads.

  18. Posting • 6 post per week. • 6 ads per month for likes • 6 ads per month for website clicks

  19. Sample ads

  20. Sample ads

  21. Sample ads

  22. Design proposal The Resort

  23. Creative Route / Scope of Work • Initial round of discussions with the company management & marketing team to determine the brand image which the company needs to build over a period of time. • Defining the brand guidelines with respect to all aspects of communication. • Designing of Corporate Brochures, Takeaway brochures. • Designing of festival menus, posters, tent cards • Designing Ads for Magazine. • Designing of poster, banners & other media collaterals • Designing of html mailers • Adaptations

  24. SEO proposal The Resort

  25. Keywords Ranking • Set of 10 keywords. • Minimum term required to rank: 3 months • To sustain the ranking: A year

  26. THANK YOU Feel free to contact us: Email: Website: Phone:9819769145