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EMDR San Francisco

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EMDR San Francisco
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EMDR San Francisco

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  1. EMDR Therapy EMDR Therapy is a comprehensive therapy approach, useful for overcoming stressful experiences of all kinds — even deeply embedded traumas, which can be the basis of your depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, phobias, fears, or performance issues.

  2. EMDR Therapists We are the only network that requires each of its members to be EMDRIA-Certified Our therapists excel in EMDR “Eye Movement 
Desensitization and Reprocessing” – a complicated name 
for a specialized approach 
that is proving to be 
extremely effective

  3. EMDR San Francisco If stressful, negative experiences hit us when we are vulnerable, and we don’t receive the support and safety we need, the emotional and negative beliefs about ourselves can become “stuck” in our brains and whole beings. EMDR is very good at getting us “unstuck.” EMDR helps “unlock” the prison, allowing our brain to return to a healthy state. Figuratively speaking, you are then free to move, stretch your wings, and fly.

  4. EMDR Phoenix With EMDR calming the distressed memories, health can return naturally and quickly to our brains. Our old, distressed memories become stored in the healthy way our brains are meant to work. We can see that the bad experience is truly over, and that we are free to go forward in the present and future with a brain that has recovered its strengths. Find a therapist for EMDR Therapy in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento Area, San Diego County, Seattle Area, and Washington State

  5. EMDR Therapy comprehensivetherapyapproach.com For inquiries please visit :