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opiate detox west palm beach is the biggest n.
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Opiate Detox West Palm Beach Options PowerPoint Presentation
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Opiate Detox West Palm Beach Options

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Opiate Detox West Palm Beach Options
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Opiate Detox West Palm Beach Options

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  1. Opiate detox West Palm Beach is the biggest barrier preventing individuals from entering drug addiction treatment. Now, with the Bridge Device NSS2 there is no need to fear opiate withdrawal anymore. Opiate withdrawal including Suboxone is the most difficult part of quitting opiate addiction. Whether it involves codeine, fentanyl, Vicodin or heroin, the acute pain associated with the process is scary and painful. Many experts believe that the pain of an opiate detox and the fear of opiate withdrawal are some of the greatest barriers to seeking opiate detox. It’s clear that many patients suffering from opiate withdrawal quit before they can be moved to a medication-assisted treatment program like Vivitrol. What is the Opiate Detox Bridge Device NSS- 2? The Bridge device is a state of the art medical device bringing much needed innovation to addiction treatment medicine. The severe withdrawal of opiates causes individuals physical pain, sweating, internal gastrointestinal pain, vomiting, anxiety, joint pain and muscle pain to name a few. Many fear opiate detox and Suboxone detox stopping them from entering long-term recovery. The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) President of the Midwest Chapter and board- certified addictionologist Arturo C. Taca Jr. is one of the innovative pioneers for the bridge device. The device was FDA approved for chiropractic care in 2014 and now the NSS-2 Bridge device has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for

  2. opiate withdraw. The pilot study in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse used drug and alcohol addiction outpatient treatment centers between June 2015 and July 2016. This study conclusively showed that we can treat opiate withdraw without pharmacology. The study used eight intensive out-patient addiction treatment centers from 5 states. Each of the participating centers provided qualified physicians, stabilization teams, case managers and counselors. Each individual participant received their own evaluation on their opiate use. These out-patient addiction treatment centers provided data from individuals with a mean drug use of 70 months and 24 months of active opiate drug use. The Bridge Device is not new technology, it has been around for decades. It has endless applications with more coming. In addition to opiate detox this technology branches off into many areas and is currently FDA approved for back and knee pain, and major depressive disorders. Opiate Detox West Palm Beach, Florida Detox Options West Palm Beach, Florida Suboxone Doctors, Suboxone clinics. addiction physicians, drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers and opiate detox centers have limited options in treating opiate addiction including naltrexone, buprenorphine and methadone. •Buprenorphine includes Suboxone, Zubsolv and Bunavail, and the newest being Probuphine a sub-dermal implant. • Methadone options include Dolophine, Symoron, Amidone and Methadose. • Naltrexone, sold under the brand names Vivtrol and ReVia. In addition there are some comfort medications including clonidine, vistaril, baclofen and trazodone, however they do a poor job of bridging the gap to Vivitrol.

  3. You can get more education on how and why these drugs are administered for medication assisted treatment be reading this article “What Does Medication Assisted Treatment for Generation Z.” First Non-narcotic Opiate Detox Approved by the FDA The bridge device is the first non-narcotic option with little to no side effects in treating the heroin epidemic. We are losing more than 150 lives per day to this epidemic. This device eliminates the need for Buprenorphine or methadone. It is saving many lives by bridging the gap transiting individuals to Vivitrol. The bridge device is being used by drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers across the US. Some of the other many areas of clinical studies with the Bridge Device are being conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is post-operative pain control. And others include Cranial Nerves on the Auto-regulatory Hemodynamics, What Are The Side Effects of The Bridge Device NSS- 2? The National Center for Biotechnology Information published a study on the side effects of the bridge device and found over-whelming evidence that there are very little side effects. This study involved 1,207 users of the bridge device from addiction treatment centers across the US. The FDA, the Independent Review Board of the Defense and the Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management have classified the bridge device as having minimal risk. The chart below is a record of that study. Number of NSS device placements and the reported number of incidences of bleeding, dermatitis, severe pain, and syncope from six different treatment centers

  4. Results NSS devices Bleeding Dermatitis Significant pain 0 Syncope Abbreviation: NSS, Neuro-Stim System™. Center A Center B Center C Center D Center E Center F 144 141 67 614 2 2 0 5 2 2 0 6 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 151 1 1 0 0 90 1 0 0 0 The Bridge Device NSS-2 Eliminates Opiate Withdrawal during Opiate Detox The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Bridge Device that gets an individual through one stage of recovery, however they must be evaluated by a qualified physician. The bridge device is not a cure for addiction. It is a bridge to over come obstacles to start the recovery journey. The bridge can get individuals from detox to treatment and medication assisted treatment. Medication assisted treatment is becoming main stream especially for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. Insurance companies are starting to demand document progress showing improvement in the addiction treatment process. Medication assisted treatment provides this, however to get to the use of Vivitrol, an individual must be completely clean of all opiates. Otherwise the alternative is the use of Suboxone. Suboxone while effective in treating and saving lives, it is extremely difficult to come off of and stop using. You may also be interested in getting educated on medication assisted treatment and therapy (MAT) while you make the decision of the new Bridge Device technology. Recovery is a life-long journey

  5. and all your treatment should be case managed by a physician, qualified counselor and addiction professionals guiding your recovery journey. This technology works through neuro-stimulation and is an auricular peripheral nerve field stimulation that connects topically to the patient’s ear, blocking pain signals from getting through the brain. Cleared by the Food & Drug Administration as a 510(K) this technology it is minimally- invasive, easy to work with, has a proven clinical track record and is making a tremendous improvement to both detox and rehab protocols. This is the latest and potentially the best option for opiate detox. This opiate epidemic game changer is the latest scientific advancement in addiction treatment. The NSS-2 Bridge device drastically reduces the withdrawal process to 5 days or less, and usually works within 10 minutes of installation. It’s main purpose is to quickly and painlessly reduce the pain associated with acute opiate withdrawal. No More Painful Opiate Detox The withdrawal from opiates and heroin is very intense and painful. The physical detox can take days or weeks to complete. Due to the pain and intense discomfort associated with

  6. opiate withdrawal, it is very difficult to get patients to the next step in the recovery process which is the utilization of the opioid antagonist naltrexone. The NSS-2 Bridge Device is a revolutionary game changer in that it completely changes the dynamics of the withdrawal process from opiates such as heroin and prescription pain medication. The Bridge Device is just that, a bridge from a virtually painless detox to addiction treatment. It allows comfortable transition that is non-narcotic, non-evasive and does not use any medications. There are many options after the five day out-patient treatment including not needing Suboxone. Patients can transition to naltrexone or Vivitrol. Again, it must be mentioned that this FDA approved device is a virtually painless procedure with minimal side effects. The safe auricular nerve field simulator has applications beyond opiate addiction treatment and several other medical patents are pending. The device sends painless neurological signals for over 98 hours in an approximately five day period. You can only get the the the Bridge Device NSS-2 by prescription from a qualified physician, drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, or opiate detox center. This nifty little device attaches behind the ear and greatly reduces opiate withdrawal. It is designed to greatly reduce or eliminate the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. How the NSS-2 Bridge Device Works

  7. The Bridge Device cleverly provides painless electrical stimulation of the brain causing interference with pain signals. This interference reduces activity in the amygdala area for the brain. It ingeniously takes advantage of 4 important cranial nerves (5, 7, 9 and 10) can be found by the ear. These nerves are directly responsible for sending and receiving pain signals to and from the brain. Learn new business and marketing strategies at Behavioral Health Network Resources Ethical Marketing Practices Conferenceseries. Our next event is 6/27/18. This conference provides 5 Executive Thought Leader panelists providing proven business strategies on aftercare, billing, collections and marketing. How Treatment Centers Can Offer Out-patient Opiate Detox Eliminating Suboxone, at a Fraction of the Current Market Price Brian Carrico, President of Innovative Health Solutions was one of the 6 featured addiction Executive thought leader panelists at Behavioral Health Network Resources Addiction Executive Ethical Marketing Practices conference on 3/30/18. He revealed and informed treatment centers on how they can offer this device.

  8. provide a new service of opiate out-patient detox net cost of device is far below the current market value FDA approved technology which is an alternative pain management treatment for withdrawal and other acute pain patients. FDA studies on how this came to market • • • • Many treatment centers are currently offering the Bridge Device to their their clients. With this devicedrug and alcohol addiction treatment centers can provide opiate detox in an out- patient setting at a fraction of the current cost of an opiate detox. This technology will also virtually eliminate the need for Suboxone and the fear of opiate detox. It is an out-patient modality that keeps your clients clean and transitions them to Vivitol. Contact us at 561-235- 6195 or info@behavioralhealthnetworkresoucres.com to see how easy it is to start providing this service. Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers West Palm Beach, FL and others Across the Nation Including Suboxone Clinics, Suboxone Doctors Can Provide This Opiate Detox Device If you are an individual seeking more information on this FDA approved technology and want to find a center that provides this product contact us below. We will put you in touch with the manufacturer. For more information contact Charles Davis at ceo@behavioralhealthnetworkresources.com.