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Scott Rifkin

Scott Rifkin

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Scott Rifkin

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  1. Scott Rifkin

  2. Scott Rifkin, MD, a prominent executive, and a healthcare innovator, possess 25 years of experience as a specialist and a manager in healthcare. Besides establishing and acting as the Chairman of Providers Partners Health Care, he is the proprietor and managing associate at Mid-Atlantic Health Care (MAHC), a contemporary post-acute care organization that controls one of the region’s largest chains of nursing homes. Additionally, he has directed emergency medicine for various SNFs seeking help on numerous issues of quality care. Scott Rifkin founded in 1998, an online health information service, launching its website in 1999, becoming a prominent destination for health information since launching. The firm has filed a statement of registration with the Exchange and Securities Commission for an initial public offer to raise $60 million, with Warburg being its underwriter. Scott Rifkin manages the activities of the 21 Mid-Atlantic Health Care skilled nursing facilities in Maryland and Pennsylvania as a proprietor and CEO since establishing it in 2003. Under his management, the company has fostered relationships with hospitals and providers of skilled healthcare to boost the outcome of patient health and the population health in general. This encompasses focusing on innovative approaches to minimize needless re-admissions and bring the sick to a home environment when necessary.

  3. Dr. Scott Rifkin, MD, specializes in internal medicine at Owings Mills, MD, and has been in practice for 31 years. He was an outstanding alumnus of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) in 1995 in a Bachelor's Degree in Biologyin addition to graduating from George Washington University School of Medicine in 1985. JMore, a magazine for the Jewish community residing in the Baltimore and Howard regions, named him a publisher. Maryland Jewish Media, created by Scott Rifkin, produces the monthly magazine in addition to the website ( and social media platforms for the Jewish community use in Baltimore. It is anticipated JMore will have nine permanent employees, including 20 part-time writers and reporters. Additionally, Scott founded and Chairs the Board of Provider Partners Health Plan, Inc. (PPHP), which insures skilled nursing patients. The firm awards productive operators who improve income. Good healthcare results in minimal use of hospitals and reduce costs. Operators that take part significantly enhance their care. Besides, PPHP develops and manages an advantage planin Maryland and PA known as Institutional Special Needs Plans (ISNPs. It also develops and maintains the Five Star Physician Services, LLC, which offers high end medical practitioners to facilities offering post-acute and extended care.

  4. Scott Rifkin additionally created Real Time Medical Systems that offer instinctive and straightforward platforms for hospitals, insurers, and organizations of skilled nursing, enabling their significant reduction of admissions. By utilizing the daily EMR data, we can detect and handle changes in mitigation and avert health challenges. There has been a 25-50 % fall in admissions to extreme care by our associates. Currently, we work for over 500 SNFs and the US. Health systems. Besides, he founded Five Star Physicians, which provides skilled nursing facilities with quality care providers. Scott Rifkin has developed three new organizations with a connection to Mid-Atlantic Health Care. First is the National Post-Acute Healthcare which oversees programs of bundled payment. It is the official organizer for the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (“CMMI”)’s Model 3 Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Program (‘BPCI). Besides, the firm develops and oversees SNF networks for health facilities. Finally, Real-Time Medical Systems (RTMS) performs forecasting investigation and assistance tools for the decision that gives clinical decision-makers and caregivers data-based investigative judgment-guaranteeing improvements in care and profits for facilities of skilled nursing. Scott Rifkin says this is his personal move.