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Taking Care of your Dreadlocks Keeps them Looking Great for a Long Time! PowerPoint Presentation
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Taking Care of your Dreadlocks Keeps them Looking Great for a Long Time!

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Taking Care of your Dreadlocks Keeps them Looking Great for a Long Time!

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Taking Care of your Dreadlocks Keeps them Looking Great for a Long Time!

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  1. T a k i n g C a r e o f y o u r D r e a d l o c k s K e e p s t h e m L o o k i n g G r e a t f o r a L o n g T i m e ! One of the reasons people get dreadlocks is to reduce the amount of time they spend caring for their hair each day. While it is very low maintenance, there is some dreadlocks care you need to take part in. Otherwise, your hair is going to look messy and the dreads aren’t going to last nearly as long as they should. You need to keep your hair dry most of the time. Get you some supplies for your dreadlocks care that will help you to do so. This can include dry shampoo to remove dirt and oil from the scalp. It should contain natural ingredients only as those with harsh chemicals can strip your hair of what it needs. A larger sized swim cap it also a good idea for the shower and the pool. Talk to your Hairstylist Your hairstylist is going to be able to help you with some great tips and information. They are aware of your hair needs. They can point you in the right direction for dreadlock care. They know your specific needs too. For example, you may have dry hair or you may have think hair. See what information they can offer as you get your hair done. This is a perk they offer! Your hairstylist can show you the proper ways to add some wax and to tighten up your dreads. They should be willing to take the time to do this with you. If they aren’t, you need to question why you continue to go to them.

  2. The Right Products for your Hair A common mistake is not using the right products for your hair. Make sure you identify your hair type before you buy them. What works well for someone may not work as well for you. Read labels to identify those for your specific hair type or even your hair colour. There are specific products made for dreadlock care too. If you have dry hair, you want a product that adds moisture. If you have oily hair, you want a product that will remove the oil. There are also products for combination hair. You will need some wax to help you tighten up any loose pieces and get them back into the dreads. Use such products in small amounts and according to the directions for each of them on the label.

  3. Practice It is going to take you some time to learn the very best methods to incorporate for your dreadlocks care. Be patient and pay attention to what works well for you and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new techniques or new products. In time, you will find what works very well for you. There are videos and tutorials online that can help you to explore those new techniques. Try them out in front of a mirror so you can see what you are doing compared to those step by step instructions. Don’t be upset if you make some mistakes the first few times, it is a learning process. Before long, you will be a pro at it! Don’t Blow it Off You need to get into a routine with your dreadlocks care, don’t blow it off! You should spend some time weekly to care for your hair needs. This is going to help you keep your dreads looking amazing and your hair clean. It is going to extend the amount of time between visits to the salon to get them done too. It can be expensive to pay a professional for dreads, so do your part. About Us: Great looking hair is important for both men and women. With the right products, you can manipulate your hair and have the lovely dreadlocks you seek. You can be creative too and try some new and unique ways to wear them. We are proud to offer products with the best ingredients and at the very best prices. We also have a full line of accessories to keep them protected when you shower or swim. Check out to see what we offer. We continue to add new products all the time. We offer fast shipping and friendly support staff to answer any questions you may have.