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    download pdf ebook guile

    [Download pdf ebook] Guile


    Constance Cooper

    ePub | *DOC | audiobook | ebooks | Download PDF

    #1533634 in Books 2016-03-01 2016-03-01Original language:EnglishPDF # 1 8.25 x 1.31 x 5.50l, 1.00

    #File Name: 0544451716384 pages | File size: 31.Mb

    Constance Cooper : Guile before purchasing it in order to gage whether or not it would be worth my time, and all

    praised Guile:

    0 of 0 people found the following review helpful. I judge a book like this by whether or not I want to spend ...By CJDI

    judge a book like this by whether or not I want to spend more time in that world and with those characters. I definitely

    do! I love the basic concept of the environment containing an essential element of the story. It's almost like the

    environment itself is a character because of it's strong play in the storyline. The characters are charming and teasing--

    both of which I like.The main criticism I would have is that the storyline itself feels comprised of many parts--more

    like a beautiful patchwork quilt than a fully

    like a beautiful patchwork quilt than a fully woven fabric with a long central thread. I do find that I often feel this way

    when a world is first introduced to me, so maybe there are long threads hidden in the fiber that I just don't understand

    yet, but will soon...Overall, it was a lovely read.3 of 3 people found the following review helpful. A Thrilling YA

    Fantasy Novel With Lots of IntrigueBy Stephanie Ward3.5 Stars'Guile' is an intriguing YA fantasy novel that blends

    several genres such as action, adventure, suspense and mystery, together to create an original story that will have

    readers guessing until the very end. I'm a big fan of thrillers - including mysteries and suspense - so when I read that

    this book was a blend of those genres along with fantasy elements, I couldn't wait to read it. It lived up to any hopes

    and expectations I may have had for it, and turned out to be a very quick and enjoyable novel. The aspect of the story

    that fascinated me the most was the guile. I loved learning as much as I could about it - history, legends, what it can do

    to objects and living things, and it's mystical qualities too. This part of the book is very unique and really made it stand

    out from the rest of the genre for me. I loved getting to know both Yonie and LaRue (I absolutely adored her

    character!) and to watch them get out of sticky situations throughout the story. There's a bit of a mystery in the book

    about Yonie's family and some dark secrets, which I thought brought the book to new level and was a great addition to

    the plot itself.One thing that bothered me a bit was the third person point of view the book is told in. I'm a huge fan of

    first person POV and I almost always believe that a story should be told from this perspective because of the deep

    connection that forms between the reader and the narrator. Since this novel is told from the third person POV, I wasn't

    able to lose myself inside the world the author created (which usually happens with first person POV). The world

    building was fantastic and I loved getting to know all of the places and people scattered throughout the story. I really

    wish that I could have slipped deeper inside of Yonie's world, because it was really original and had tons of potential -

    and I would have loved feeling like I was beside Yonie in this strange land while everything was happening. This is

    my own opinion (of course) and has nothing to do with the book or the writing itself. I'm sure that other readers will

    have differing opinions than mine and these things won't be an issue at all. It's just one of my personal quirks as a

    reader. Overall, this was an interesting book with solid writing, a good blend of genres, great worldbuilding, and a plot

    with a quick pace. I definitely recommend it to fans of YA fantasy, along with readers who enjoy paranormal, action,

    adventure, and mysteries.Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.3 of 3 people

    found the following review helpful. Has great potential...By AnnieGuileBy Constance CooperOur story centers around

    sixteen-year-old Yonie Watereye. After the mysterious death of her parents she is left to fend for herself by her fathers

    swamp living relatives. She lives in a small garret overlooking the Perry Canal in Wicked Ford. The bayou water is

    filled with guile. Guile has a power over people and things. She supports herself by pretending to be a pearly and

    investigating things that have been affected by the power of guile. LaRue her talking cat has the ability to see guile.

    Someone is using guile in a dangerous way. They are sending objects under the power of guile to people including

    herself. As Yonie explores the who and why finds it could all be connected to her mothers life. When she begins

    scrutinizing her mothers upper class relatives they too reject her. The more Yonie and LaRue probe the more mysteries

    there are to solve: was her parents death an accident, where is her great aunt Nettie, and who is using the guile for ill

    will.Guile by author Constance Cooper has great potential; the plot is very imaginative. At times the author seemed to

    lose sight of her direction and would veer off in a different direction. Yonie is a delightful character, strong and self-

    reliant. LaRue was my favorite character. The author used much imagination in developing LaRue. This tale is filled

    with magic, a bit of superstition and much danger. I would have appreciated more information concerning guile. I

    think the author could have an award winning book if she had fully developed the guile element.

    In the Bad Bayous the water is thick with guile, a powerful substance that wreaks unpredictable changes on objects,

    animals, and even people who soak too long. Sixteen-year-old orphan Yonie Watereye scrapes a living posing as

    someone who can sense the presence of guile, though in fact she has no such power--it's her talking cat, LaRue, who

    secretly performs the work.

    "The plot is invigorating and exciting...Unexpected twists leave readers both on edge and fulfilled..."--Kirkus s"Yonie

    will soon have well deserved fans among those who love a rich, yet patient tale."--VOYA"...Memorable, well-drawn

    characters...Those who like unusual fantasies will enjoy this and will identify with the appealing Yonie as she searches

    for her roots and a place to belong."--Booklist* A Junior Library Guild Selection *From the Inside FlapThe water

    throughout the Bad Bayous is thick with guile, a powerful substance that changes objects and people exposed to it, for

    better or worse.Sixteen-year-old orphan Yonie Watereye ekes out a meager living posing as a "pearly," someone who

    can sense the presence of guile. Yonie's situation is precarious, to say the least: she isn't a pearly, and her "seeings" are

    performed by her cat.Already rejected by her papa's swamp-dwelling family, Yonie decides to investigate her mother's

    mysterious upper-class background. When her High Town relatives rebuff her, Yonie suddenly has new mysteries to

    solve. Was her parents' death really an accident? Where is her grand-aunt Nettie? And what unknown person is

    making malevolent use of powerful guile-changed things--one of which is nearly fatal to Yonie herself?Family ties,

    family secrets, a whisper of romance, and an array of guile-filled objects are artfully entwined in this layered tale of a

    young woman looking for her true family and her true home.About the AuthorConstance Coopers award-winning

    poetry and her short science fiction and fantasy

    poetry and her short science fiction and fantasy stories have been published in periodicals and anthologies.After

    working as a software engineer and as a web designer, she now divides her time between writing and taking care of

    her family. She lives with her husband and children in northern California.