Role of dps in kenyan agriculture growth
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Role of DPs in Kenyan Agriculture growth - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Role of DPs in Kenyan Agriculture growth. A Discussion paper for Tegemeo Conference on agricultural productivity, competetiveness and rural povery in Kenya 17th – 18th September 2008 J.K.Kiara. Introduction.

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Role of dps in kenyan agriculture growth l.jpg

Role of DPs in Kenyan Agriculture growth

A Discussion paper for Tegemeo Conference on agricultural productivity, competetiveness and rural povery in Kenya

17th – 18th September 2008


Introduction l.jpg

  • This presentation intends to show that the that role of DPs has not only contributed to agricultural growth but also accelerated it.

Presentation outline l.jpg
Presentation outline

  • Overview of development assistance to agricultural sector in Kenya

  • Broad areas of support

  • Coordination of development assistance to the sector

  • Challenges and opportunities in realizing required growth

Overview of development assistance l.jpg
Overview of development assistance

  • The role of development partners has not been limited to the amount of ODA flows alone.

  • Constructive dialogue, exchange visits and trade has enabled DPs contribute to sustainable agriculture growth and development in Kenya.

  • information generated in developed countries has also informed the formulation of policies and strategies that have facilitated the growth of agriculture

Overview l.jpg

  • Nature, focus, volumes and strategies have changed over the last four decades

    • green revolution in the 1960’s to 1980’s

    • integrated rural development projects of 1980’s to mid- 1990’s

    • sector wide approaches of today.

Slide9 l.jpg

Share of ODA to Kenyan Agriculture sector 2008/09 Dev. estimates

7.44 B KES

2.655 b KES

4.767 b KES


Slide10 l.jpg

12.4 BKES estimates

Recurrent 2008/09 in B KES

146 m more

52 m more

1.8 b less

480 m less

Recurrent 2007/08 in B KES

14.2 BKES

Broad areas of support l.jpg
Broad areas of support estimates

  • Research

  • Training

  • Development

    • Programme Identification

    • Participatory Processes Mainstreamed in Programmes

    • Major donor supported programmes

Focus of oda kenyan programmes l.jpg
Focus of ODA Kenyan programmes estimates

  • DPs support to the sector addresses questions raised in the World Development report on Agriculture for development.

    • What can agriculture do for development?

    • What are effective instruments in using agriculture for development and

    • how can agriculture-for-development agendas best be implemented?

  • The programmes both at ASCU and at subsector level address

    • policy neglect and increasing investment in the sector.

    • are pro-poor projects with the aim to increase the assets of the poor households,

    • make small holders more productive and

    • create opportunities in the rural nonfarm economy that the rural poor can seize.

  • DPs are encouraging the design of policies and decision processes that are suited to Kenya’s economic and social conditions, by

    • mobilizing political support and

    • improving the governance of agriculture

Coordination l.jpg
Coordination estimates

  • SRA 2004

  • SWAp workshop

  • ASCU

  • Thematic Working Groups

  • ASSP

Achievements and ongoing work l.jpg
Achievements and ongoing work estimates


  • Extension policy and its implementation framework

  • National Agriculture Research System policy .

  • Communication strategy for research and extension drafted.

Umbrella legislation l.jpg

  • Concept Paper on consolidated legislation completed.

  • Review of cap 318 has been undertaken

  • Support to policy development in the sector ministries

    • Fisheries Policy

    • Cooperative Development Policy

    • Cooperative Investment Policy.

    • Kenya National Pharmaceutical Policy.

    • Apiculture Policy.

    • Kenya National Poultry Policy

Agribusiness and value addition l.jpg
Agribusiness and Value Addition estimates

  • Commodity prioritizing exercise which included analyzing their value chain to list the pertinent constraints and requirements was conducted.

  • 30 agricultural products for commercialization including indigenous crops were targeted

  • Studies on 9 commodities undertaken -tea, cotton, pyrethrum, hides/skins (recommended by the NESC) Beef, Dairy, Coffee, Horticulture and Fish/Sea foods).

Input and financial services l.jpg

  • Development of the National Accelerated Agricultural Inputs Access Programme (NAAIAP)

  • Review of and development of Seeds Policy, Seeds Act, and Seeds Regulations

  • Development of National Variety Performance Trials Regulations

Food security and nutrition l.jpg

  • Food security and Nutrition policy and strategy have been completed and are awaiting cabinet approval.

Other support initiatives l.jpg
Other support initiatives estimates

  • Humanitarian and recovery

  • Regional programmes

  • Conferences, Seminars and Workshops

Challenges and opportunities l.jpg

  • Coordination

  • Financial Commitments

  • Local Capacity

  • Global Governance

Slide21 l.jpg

Thank You estimates