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Fernando Fun Guatemala. Ray Cunningham. Season And Weather. In Guatemala, it is dry season and it is very tropical. Natural areas. Area 1

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Ray Cunningham

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ray cunningham

Fernando Fun


Ray Cunningham

season and weather
Season And Weather
  • In Guatemala, it is dry season and it is very tropical.
natural areas
Natural areas

Area 1

Archaeological parks such as Iximche and Quirigua. It is interesting there because you can see dug up history. Fellow travelers can watch diggers or listen to history of Guatemala.

natural areas4
Natural Areas
  • Lake Atitlán is another natural area. It is interesting because of the beautiful view. They can hike for six hours, four uphill. It is also a great exercise.
  • One spectator sport would be soccer (Fútbol).
  • Travelers would be able to go to Mateo Flores National Stadium to see Guatemala’s National Soccer team.
  • They would pay $165.00 U.S. dollars for a good seat.


  • One Sport a traveler could do is a bicycling tour. January or December. For one person it is $1,152 U.S. dollars. The tour is deep in the jungles of Guatemala. It is a combination of history and exercise.
adventure travel
Adventure travel
  • Travelers would hike for 9 days for only $1570 U.S. dollars. They would go to the city of Antigua, hike up the Pacaya volcano, Alaska mountain range, Zunil Mountain range, Lake Atitlan, past the town of Chichicastenango, and hike through Peten, Tikal.


  • Some unique items from Guatemala are bible covers, table runners, and bead bracelets.

Bible cover

Table runner




  • If you needed to stay at a hotel and wanted to know if it had a pool you would ask “¿Este hotel tiene una piscina?”