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Mego Knockoffs:. Insert Product Photograph Here. “The Other White Meat”. Imitation: The Sincerest Form of Flattery…. Usually these products modeled some other companies better-known product(s) with some keen likenesses. Are made of lesser materials. May be marked or unmarked.

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mego knockoffs

Mego Knockoffs:

Insert Product Photograph Here

“The Other White Meat”

imitation the sincerest form of flattery
Imitation: The Sincerest Form of Flattery…
  • Usually these products modeled some other companies better-known product(s) with some keen likenesses.
  • Are made of lesser materials.
  • May be marked or unmarked.
  • Forego most licensing, legal or not.
  • Typically sold in 5 & 10 type stores
some of the better known
Some of the better known…
  • AHI, Tomland (Combex), Cipsa, Lili Ledi, Funworld, Paco, Popy, Tim Mee Toys, Lincoln International, Shindana, Bikin, Bogi, Kidbiz, LJN, Rainfall, Durham, Wee Win Toys…
riding their coatails and more
Riding their coatails…and more….
  • They used someone else’s creativity and ideas to sell their products, usually of a lesser quality, but not necessarily.
  • Some specialized in particular areas such as monsters, space creatures, religious figures, sports figures, ethnic groups, military figures, western heros, etc.etc..
quality knockoffs
“Quality” Knockoffs…
  • AHI, Lincoln International, Popy, LJN
  • Nicer packaging/artwork/back of cards
  • May have been under license/used molds from other companies like Mego (Tim Mee Toys, Lili Ledy, Cipsa)
  • Articulation good, usually more than 5 points, body markings

“Not-So-Quality” Knockoffs…

  • Tomland, Larami, Astro Apes
  • Packaging usually lesser quality/back of card blank, sometimes just bags with header cards.
  • May be marked “Made in Hong Kong” only on packaging
  • Articulation usually poor, no body markings.
  • 8 Inchers:
    • Star Raiders (taken from Star Wars): 16 figs. Plus Glow in the Dark versions.
    • Creatures from Other Worlds: 4 figs.
    • Famous Monsters of Legends: 6+ figs.
    • Star Command: 16 figs.
  • Made 4 Inchers as well.
star raiders

Famous Monsters of Legend

Star Raiders:

Star Command:

Creatures from Other Worlds

azrak hamway international
Azrak-Hamway International
  • Knocked off Mego over and over incurring a lawsuit and eventually settling.
  • Ripped off other companies as well including packaging designs/artwork
  • Adventure Man vs, Action Jackson
  • Action Apeman vs. POTA
  • Official World Famous Supermonsters vs. The Mad Monster Series
planet of the apes zaius

Dr. Zorma (Astro Apes)

Planet of the Apes Zaius

Dr. Zaius (Mego)

Star Ape Man (AHI)


planet of the apes cornelius galen
Planet of the ApesCornelius/Galen

Tong AHI

Artemis (AstroApes)


planet of the apes zira
Planet of the Apes Zira

Only Female POTA Knockoff????


planet of the apes soldiers
Planet of the ApesSoldiers


Warrior Ape

(Astro Apes)

Tong AHI

the kresge card
The Kresge Card



calling mr rock
Calling Mr. Rock!!
  • Logically, I am sure you can figure out who he is supposed to be…It’s a lot easier than finding one.

“I see the resemblance…”

go west
Go West!!!

Tim Mee Toys-(notice Mego artwork!)

ahi vs ahi rip offs
AHI vs. AHI Rip-offs!

Inspired by….

some made new themes
Some Made New Themes..

U.S. Revolutionary War

Universal Company

RT Toys

Spirit of ‘76


Fun World

some worked in ethnicities
Some worked in ethnicities…


KTAV Publ. House

thank you
Thank You….

Please send all carded Romulans to:

lmelogra@optonline. net