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Local government careers

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Local government careers. Welcome to the local government careers presentation. This is an introductory slide and can be deleted before using the presentation.

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local government careers

Local government careers

Welcome to the local government careers presentation. This is an introductory slide and can be deleted before using the presentation.

This document contains guidelines only and can be amended as required by individual councils to fit their own needs. It is intended to help council staff and teachers when giving local government careers presentations to young people.

The following 19 example slides provide a general overview of local government careers and give information from a national perspective. Where indicated in italics in the presentation slides or suggested in the notes pages, more relevant local information can be substituted or added.

It may not be necessary to use all the slides in one presentation – it will depend on the target audience as to which slides are selected for use on any one occasion.

local government talent careers

Local government talent: careers


Insert council web address here

Insert council

logo here

what is local government
Local government is a collective name for local councils/authorities e.g. Surrey County Council, Birmingham City Council etc.

Councils provide services to the public – what council services can you think of?

What is local government?

Insert council name and logo here

what services does the council provide
What services does the council provide?
  • Schools
  • Leisure centres
  • Libraries
  • Collection of household rubbish
  • Environmental health officers to ensure good hygiene standards in shops and restaurants
what services does the council provide5
What services does the council provide?
  • Nurseries
  • Care for elderly people
  • Housing
  • Pollution control
  • Building control officers to ensure that buildings are safe and energy efficient
  • Plus many more…
did you know
There are 468 local councils in the UK

There are 8 types of council: county, district, metropolitan, London borough, English, Welsh & Scottish unitary, Northern Irish district

There are 11 000 town, parish & community councils

Councils spend over £70 billion per year

There are 21 000 democratically elected councillors

There are over 2 million employees

Did you know…?
why work for local government
Why work for local government?
  • Making a difference – helping people
  • Salary scales with annual increases
  • Training and development
  • Diverse range of jobs and people
  • Flexible working conditions
  • Generous annual leave
  • Local Government Pension Scheme
  • Other benefits e.g. price reductions on public transport/gym facilities
what kind of jobs are there


Housing Assistant

IT Technician

Marketing Officer

Office Assistant


Social Worker

Sports Development Officer

Teacher and many more….

What kind of jobs are there?

Around 600 different kinds of job including:

what skills are council employers looking for
What skills are council employers looking for?

Particular skills may be required for certain

jobs, but councils may also look for:

  • Good communication skills
  • Commitment, enthusiasm & flexibility
  • Some knowledge of local government
  • Willingness to provide public service
  • Sensitivity to diversity issues
  • Research skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Creativity & innovative thinking
what opportunities are there
What opportunities are there?
  • For school/college leavers?
    • Apprenticeships
    • Other youth trainee schemes
    • Clerical/assistant roles
  • For graduates?
    • Professional routes e.g. Environmental Health, Accountancy, Solicitors etc.
    • Project work/technicians/administrators etc.
    • Individual graduate trainee schemes
    • national graduate development programme (ngdp)
national graduate development programme ngdp
national graduatedevelopment programme (ngdp)
  • Aim: To recruit graduates with the potential to become senior managers in local government within 10-15 years
  • 50-100 ngdp National Management Trainees recruited every year
ngdp content
ngdp content
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Several core placements in host authority in 3 key areas: strategy, front-line service and support service
  • Membership of Graduate Leadership Academy
    • Induction
    • Postgraduate diploma in local government management
    • Skills development
    • Mentoring
ngdp entry requirements
ngdp entry requirements
  • Achieved or predicted 2:1 in any subject
  • Ability to demonstrate following skills:
    • working with others
    • drive for results
    • analysis
    • persuasive communication
    • planning and organisation
    • motivation for learning
    • interest in the local government sector
ngdp further details
ngdp further details
  • Salary: £21,588 per annum (+ London weighting where appropriate)
  • Benefits: In line with individual authority policy, but will include pension, generous holiday entitlement and flexible working arrangements
  • Selection process: online application form, first round telephone interview, assessment centre, & local authority interview
ngdp further details continued
ngdp further details continued
  • Apply via www.ngdp.co.uk
  • If successful, placements begin in autumn
  • If unsuccessful at interview or assessment centre: opportunity to register on a secure website – the Local Government Talent Pool – where authorities can see your details and invite you to apply for other positions
where are jobs advertised
Where are jobs advertised?
  • www.LGtalent.com
  • Local newspapers & national newspapers
  • Job bulletins from local councils – available from public buildings e.g. library, town hall etc.
  • Local council websites
  • Local government press e.g. LGC, MJ, Opportunities
  • Professional bodies/journals
  • Recruitment agencies & other recruitment websites
where to find more local government information
Where to find more local government information
  • www.LGtalent.com - local government careers information
  • www.idea.gov.uk - Improvement & Development Agency
  • www.lga.gov.uk - Local Government Association
  • www.localdemocracy.org - Local Democracy Campaign
  • www.lge.gov.uk - Local Government Employers
  • www.local.gov.uk - local authorities’ gateway
where to find information continued
Where to find information continued
  • www.lgiu.gov.uk - Local Government Information Unit
  • www.lgcnet.com - Local Government Chronicle
  • http://society.guardian.co.uk/localgovt/ - The Guardian
  • www.communities.gov.uk - Department for Communities and Local Government
  • www.info4local.gov.uk - Information from central Government for local government
other useful websites
Other useful websites
  • www.apprenticeships.org.uk - Apprenticeship information
  • www.nya.org.uk - National Youth Agency
  • www.connexions.gov.uk - Connexions Service - information and advice
  • www.connexionscard.com - Connexions Card information