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DeskSeal Web - Features PowerPoint Presentation
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DeskSeal Web - Features

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DeskSeal Web - Features - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DeskSeal Web - Features

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Presentation Transcript

    E-Lock DeskSeal Web WEB SOLUTION

    Slide 2:DeskSeal Web - Features

    Consists of two components Server component and Client component Enables user to sign documents of any format from the client machine and upload to the server Enables user to sign files stored on server Works on Windows / Linux platforms Easily integrates with existing web based workflow Light-weight Signing / Verification components Works with IE, Netscape, Mozilla security framework Signed data is maintained in PKCS #7 format (as per industrial standards)

    DeskSeal Web Features (Contd.) Ability to support multiple signatures, i.e. more than one signature by one user or more than one user signing the same document Embedded PDF signatures support It supports third party Time Stamping Also supports encryption and decryption of files on client side Facility to maintain file/database based Archives * diagrammatic representation

    Slide 4:User interface of DeskSeal Web * Please note that this is a demo GUI, customizations can be made as per customer requirement

    DeskSeal Web User Interface

    Slide 5:DeskSeal Web Client Component

    Client component works as an interface between the clients machine and the server It enables users to digitally sign files It is a small auto-download component, which downloads only the first time a user signs

    Slide 6:DeskSeal Web Client side signing

    Screen to select a file to be signed from the client machine Selects file from client machine Selects certificate from IE/ Netscape store Reason to sign and location can be provided Selects certificate from smartcard/ e token Click here to sign & upload file on server

    User can connect to the server and access files online and sign them and upload them back to the server User selects file from the list

    Slide 7:DeskSeal Web Server side signing

    Accessing documents on the server to sign Document opening up in browser Selected file opens into the browser Signing section is seen at the bottom

    Slide 8: File opens in browser The already present signature is visible at the bottom left

    DeskSeal Web Multiple signing Ability to support multiple signatures, i.e. more than one signature by one user or more than one user signing the same document

    Slide 9:DeskSeal Web Embedded signature in PDF

    Embedded signature PDF file opens in the browser. On signing the file the embedded signature appears on the file. The signature mentions name, date, time etc.

    Slide 10:DeskSeal Web Verification

    Signed data is verified on Server at time of submission Verification receipt is displayed to the client The Verification provides information on the Data Integrity, Certificate Status (whether valid, expired or revoked) and Certificate Trust

    Slide 11:DeskSeal Web Tested Environments

    E-Lock Deskseal Web Server has been tested on following environments: Platforms: Windows Server machine (NT, XP, Win2K, Linux, Solaris) Web Servers: IIS 4.0 or above Browsers: Internet Explorer 5.0 or above, Netscape E-Lock DeskSeal Web Client has been tested on following environments: Platforms: Windows operating system (95, 98, XP, Win2K) Browsers: Internet Explorer 5.0 or above OR Netscape 4.7 or above (Netscape 6 and 6.1 are not supported). (*Internet Explorer is still a requirement from the point of view of Crypto Libraries)

    Slide 12:DeskSeal Web Case Study

    Rail Infrastructure Corporation (RIC) Rail Infrastructure Corporation (RIC) is a business owned by the Government of New South Wales, Australia. RIC maintains the rail network on behalf of the State Government and provides access to passenger and freight operators. RICs principal objective is to deliver safe and reliable passenger and freight services in an efficient, effective and financially responsible manner. Requirements A digital signing solution by which documents could be signed and uploaded on a server. The approvers could view & approve these documents by incorporating their digital signatures over signed documents A method by which digitally signed documents could be loaded on server outside the web application but be available from within web application for approval Ability to upload already signed documents to form part of the Document Management System The digital signatures were required to be PKCS#7 compliant in a manner that any third party software could verify these signatures E Lock DeskSeal Web: E-Lock provided a web based online solution, which could sign documents in PKCS#7 format and upload them on the server. The server verified the signed files before accepting them for storage. Any user could download the signed files (attached signature file) and verify them outside the system by using free verification tool - DeskSeal Reader.

    Contact us For details please contact For an online demo please visit Thank You!