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Ninja Blender are becoming more popular day day by day because of their affordability and versatility. If you're in searching for a best ninja blender for your kitchen needs then visit:n nYou will get some unbiased ninja blender review.

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Best Ninja Blender Reviews

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best ninja blender reviews guide 2018

Best Ninja Blender Reviews

Guide: 2018


Have you been looking for ​Best Ninja Blender of 2018 to buy or do you want

to read some unbiased ​Ninja blender reviews​​? Then you have come to the

right place!

This is an extensive buying guide of all popular Ninja blender models. We've

done a lot of research before writing this guide and put together all the

important information and the latest updates

important information and the latest updates of Ninja blender, so that you can

make a good buying decision. So I will highly recommend you to take some

time and read this guide before making any buying decision.

1. ​​Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Review [BL 480/481/482/486]:

Best Ninja blender for smoothies(Low price range)

This amazing Blender series is a great option for people who want to combine

style and functionality. These series of blenders are one of the best from Shark

Ninja and are available in different models, which are the Nutri Ninja BL

480/481/482/486 respectively. It's also known as Nutri Ninja single serve

blenders with Auto-IQ because It's not come with any food processor bowl like

the Ninja Compact Blender (BL492)

They are equipped with state of the art ​Auto-IQ technology​​, which provides an

excellent extraction of your fruits and vegetables while retaining the nutrients

and vitamins as well as great taste my favorite

and vitamins as well as great taste.My favorite is the Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ BL482

model, which is an upgrade of the basic Ninja BL450 series, and I will tell you a

bit about it in a second.

What is Auto-IQ and How it Works?

The Auto-IQ is a pre-programmed setting that are optimized to deliver those

consistent results all at the touch of a button. The Auto-IQ programs do the work

for you. That's called one touch intelligence.

Features & Benefits:

● It has the Auto-IQ technology with pre-programmed functionality. This

impressive feature gives you the right blend of your recipes with no

guesswork required.

● The blender comes with three jars of different sizes - ​18oz, 24oz,

32oz​​. These jars are suitable for making different amount of your

smoothies, especially the 32oz, which is large enough to fit a

generous amount of fruits and vegetables

generous amount of fruits and vegetables for smoothies and the sip

and seal lid, which makes it an excellent choice to take on the go.

● The smaller 18oz jar is great for personal smoothies or drinks.

● This Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ has ​1000-Watt motor base with a sturdy

design and stylish finish. It's powerful and can crush through ice,

whole fruits and vegetables within seconds.

● It's also equipped with a special ​Nutri Ninja Pro Extractor Blade​​.

The blade rotates at high speeds of up to 21,000 RPM and liquefies

all your ingredients into a smooth and nutritious juice.

● One of the coolest things of this blender is, it's ​auto-shutoff feature​​,

which stops the blender when it becomes too hot.

● A ​digital countdown display timer​​. This great feature allows you to

select your preferred blending duration. The fun part comes when you

take advantage of the hands-free blending style that controls the

blending session.


● The control panel is easy to operate.

● It's a compact blender which is easy to store.

● ​The Nutri Ninja cups are made from Eastman Tritan (a durable BPA-free


● It can grind coffee beans.

● Fantastic at making protein shakes & milkshakes.

● ​Easy to clean and maintain.

the pro extractor blade is rust proof dishwasher

● The pro extractor blade is rust-proof & dishwasher safe.


● Not suitable for hot ingredients or liquids.

● The machine can't handle dry ingredients without water.

● The blender is moderately loud.

All the cups are BPA free and extremely durable. They're also transferable

and fit in most standard ​car cup holders​​.

Ease Of Use:

The Nutri Ninja BL482 has a simple and easy to use panel with preset

functionalities.The panel has four buttons and a timer that gives you full

control other previous models like the ninja

control. Other previous models like the Ninja BL450 do not have this feature,

and that is a minus for them.

​There are two premium blend modes installed; these are the​ timed pulsing

mode ​​and the ​Nutri Ninja mode​​.

1. The Nutri Ninja mode:

The blender has two pre-programmed Nutri Ninja mode.

1. Blend Button (for softer ingredients like-fresh fruits & leafy greens)

2. Ultra-Blend Button (for harder things like-ice, frozen fruits & nuts)

A timer will countdown when using either button that makes the blender so

easy to use.

​​2. The Time Pulsing mode:

You can also blend manually by using the pulse button which needs to be

pressed down and held just like using a food processor to chop vegetables. If

you press the start button, the blender will run continuously for up to 60

seconds with the touch of a button it will blend

seconds. With the touch of a button, it will blend itself to the desired

consistency before shutting off automatically. How cool is that?

Let's see how these two mode works and help you in making your


The Feature We Love:

With the BL482, your smoothies can now be made to the perfect consistency.

Its ​pre-programmed Auto-IQ feature is the strongest selling point that got

me impressed. This technology allows the smoothie lovers to make their

smoothies without no fuss and no hassle. This feature is very popular among

the consumers.

Whom Is The BL482 Designed For?

If you are a cook that wants the simplicity from larger Ninja Kitchen Systems

in a smaller model than the Nutri Ninja BL482 is for you. It is also a great

option for young professionals looking for something stylish and efficiencies

that can help them get started with a nutritious

that can help them get started with a nutritious breakfast or wind down a busy

day with chilled dinner.

​However, if you want to make hot soup & blend hard ingredients with your

blender, then this might not be the right choice. The ​NutriBullet Rx model will

be your best option to go for.

Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ 1000 watts blender: Customers


The majority of the customers all had positive things to say about the Nutri

Ninja BL482 model. Especially the features they liked most is the ​Auto-IQ

feature, the auto shut-off feature and the portability of the Nutri Ninja

cups​​. The blender is also adorable among the user's for it's ​single server

smoothie cups​​. ​Good House keeping has a good rating for this blender


​​However, few other customers mentioned that, the blender is quite noisy. A

customer complained about some plastic getting into her first blend. However,

she said the subsequent blends had nothing in them. You can fix this problem

by simply washing the blender before use no other

by simply washing the blender before use. No other customer had this

complaint, so it was probably a peculiar one.

Overall Opinion:

Personally, I love the Nutri Ninja BL482 model. It has helped me in preparing

great smoothies, and this makes it easy to adhere to my diet plan. The quality

of the product and the added Auto-IQ functionality makes it an excellent

choice for anyone.

​If you’re looking for a personal blender, with ​preset function​​, then the Ninja

BL482 will keep you sufficiently happy.

​The larger ​32oz cup and auto-shutoff feature are also a good addition, and

this makes the BL482 better than any other personal blender. If you’re on a

tight budget, then the ​Nutri Ninja BL456​​ is the best alternative.

2. ​​Nutri Ninja Blender Reviews of Auto-IQ Compact


models bl 490 bl491 bl492 492w

Models: BL- 490/BL491/BL492/492W

The Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ compact system looks like very similar to its previous

version which is the Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ BL482 model. But It's more versatile

than the Ninja BL482 model.

One of the key differences between the Ninja BL482 Vs. the Ninja BL492 model

is that the Ninja BL492 model equipped with the special ​smooth-boost

technology with Auto-IQ​​. I'm sure you're wondering, what smooth-boosts

exactly means? No worries, I'm here to show you what it's all about within a


What is Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ with smooth boost?

The Ninja's smooth-boost is a unique technology which takes your blending

process to the next level. With the touch of a button, this technology allows

you to get an ultra fine, perfectly smooth and deliciously drinkable result.

n b the smooth boost feature only comes with

N.B- The Smooth-Boost feature only comes with the Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ

Compact Blending System.

It's a compact blender that means it's equipped with more additional feature

and accessories. Let's have a look at all the features and their benefits.

Features & Benefits:

● It has a 1200 watts motor which gives you the ability to blend

toughest ingredients with great consistency.

● The Ninja compact blending system (BL492) model comes with

smooth-boost technology that allows you to customize your blending

experience. This feature allows you to get even smoother consistency

from anything.

● It's Total Crushing Technology that pulverizes ice to snow in seconds

for creamy frozen drinks, smoothies and shakes.

● Its pro-extractor blade breaks down whole fruits and veggies for

making nutrient juices.

● 2 Regular Tritan Nutri Ninja Cups with Sip & Seal Lids that allow you

to take your nutrient rich drinks on the go.

● The machine also includes 40oz or 5 cup blend & prep bowl with

dough and chop blade, which is great for mixing doughs, sauces,

dips, and mixes.

it also comes with a 24 oz stainless steel nutri

● It also comes with a 24 oz stainless steel Nutri Ninja cup which keeps

your drinks colder for up to 4 hrs.


● The smooth boost technology works perfectly to make super delicious

creamy frozen smoothies.

● It has combined with both manual and preset button.

● Four Auto-IQ programs that are optimized to deliver the consistent results

all at the touch of a button.

● Control panel is super easy to use.

● Ideally designed for preparing the dough and small meal.

● It doesn't take much space into your kitchen.


● It's too loud when blending.

the lids are not easy to put on and pull off

● The lids are not easy to put on and pull off.

Our Verdict On Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Compact Blending


The basic Ninja Auto IQ model was the lack of a bigger jar. Thanks to the

Ninja Company for upgrading their feature in Auto-IQ series. Now you will

have the ability to blend a large amount of drink at a time with a touch of a

button. It has a 40oz jar which is enough to blend and mix a large batch of

smoothies, margaritas, etc.The customer loved this model for its strong motor

power and versatilities. If you just want a blender for single serve smoothie,

then it's not going to be a perfect choice. You should go for the ​Ninja BL482

model​​ which is strong enough to blend and mix ingredients.

3.Nutri Ninja Duo Reviews [ Bl-640/641/642]:

Best Ninja blender for smoothies & frozen margaritas

shark ninja hits the markets again with

Shark Ninja hits the markets again with yet another ergonomically designed










BL640/BL641.BL642. The Nutri Ninja Duo blenders are not just beauties to

behold, but some of the best modern blenders currently available on the market.

​These blenders are designed to ensure maximum productivity and are equipped

with five Auto-IQ functionality, a total crushing technology that guarantees 100%

nutrient extraction and a whole three manual speed setting.

​In my view of these blenders, the best model in the series appears to be the

BL642. The following points highlight the main features of this incredible


A Quick Video Review of Nutri Ninja Duo Blender Series

Nutri Ninja bl642 Review: Features & Benefits:

● A 1500 watts/2HP motor, that can handle most of the hard

ingredients like- coffee beans, carrots, nuts etc.

it comes with three jars with capacities of 18oz

● It comes with three jars with capacities of 18oz,24oz,32oz and a

pitcher of 72oz respectively, which gives a broad choice for a small

serving or something more for the whole family.

● The BL642 Nutri Ninja blender duo is equipped with five Auto-IQ

programs that ensure that your fruits and vegetables get just the right

amount of blending or processing. With this feature, all I need to do is

get my ingredients ready and allow the machine to do the magic.

● It is equipped with a pro extractor blade with 24,000 RPM, with three

manual speed buttons (Low, Medium and High), which makes it

possible for the machine to perform at the pace you want.

● Just like others in the series, this blender features a dishwasher-safe

construction, safety interlock design that ensures stability when


● One outstanding feature of the Nutri Ninja Blender Duo is its

multifunctional capability, which makes it usable as a shredder,

blender, grinder or chopper.


● Large 72oz blender pitcher is enough to make a large batch of smoothies

and purees at a time.

● Pitcher has a big handle with good grip which eases pulling.

● Equipped with both manual and preset button.

● Five state of the art Auto-IQ program that makes blending a breeze.

very easy to use control panel

● Very easy to use control panel.

● Ideally designed to avoid leakages.

● The suction feet keep it in place while blending.


● It is relatively loud when in operation but lasts for less than a minute.

● It's not able to make hot soup but can make warm soup.

● The lids are not easy to put on and pull off.

Comparison Between The Models:

If we compare the available models of Nutri Ninja Due series, you will notice

that, they differ in the motor power & the number of accessories. Both BL

640/BL 641 has a 1300 watt motor while the BL642 has 1500 watts. The Ninja

bl640 comes with a 72oz large pitcher

BL640 comes with a 72oz large pitcher and two 24oz nutri ninja cups while

the Ninja BL641 comes with a 72oz pitcher, a 24oz and a 32oz nutri ninja cup.

The Ninja BL642 model comes with a 72oz larger pitcher, a 18oz, a 24oz and

a32 oz nutri ninja cups.

​N.B: All the accessories are BPA free and dishwasher safe. The jars are

made of Eastman Tritan plastic.

Ease Of Use:

The Nutri Ninja Blender Duo blender is built with ease of use in mind. The

buttons on its panel are easy to understand. The Nutri ninja duo model has

five preset functions with Auto-IQ technology and three manual programs.

The five preset functions are following:

● Blend​​: For blending softer Ingredients like- fresh fruits, leafy greens,

protein-powders, and yogurt.

ultra blend especially for harder ingredients

● Ultra-blend​​: Especially for harder ingredients like - frozen fruits,

carrots, kale, etc.

● Frozen fruit smoothie​​: This function work great with total crushing

blades to make frozen drinks ,frozen desserts, frozen margarita,

milkshakes, and certain smoothies

● Puree​​: This also works with the total crushing blade for making

tomato-puree, sauces & dips.

● Pulse​​: Use for shake up ingredients and break things down when

used in the blender.

N.B: Blend and Ultra-blend programs designed specifically for the Nutri

Ninja cups.

The three manual functions are:

● Low

● Medium

● High

You can use any of the manual buttons, which listed above according to the

type of ingredients.

n b the five auto iq program does not work with

N.B: The five Auto-IQ program does not work with every jar. To see which

function works with which jar, simply install a jar to the base, turn on the

machine and the available function will light-up.

Depending on the quantity of what you wish to blend, you can quickly pick a

jar that can hold the desired quantity. The added advantage of the Nutri Ninja

Blender Duo is the fact that it comes with a ​72oz pitcher. Therefore, if I want

to make smoothies for the whole family, the pitcher is my preferred choice.

The Feature We Love:

The feature we liked about the Ninja BL642 is the amazing ​1500 wattage

output. With such power, the machine can perfectly crush whole nuts, ice,

fresh fruits and leafy vegetables with ease to produce the desired juice of your

choice. It does this with just the press of a button and retains all the nutritional


Whom is the BL642 Designed for?

the bl642 is intended for professional cooks

The BL642 is intended for professional cooks or home users who demand

nothing but the best from a blender. You can switch to the ultra-blend mode

for frozen fruits, and to the frozen drink and smoothies mode for frozen

desserts and drinks while the puree mode is great for sauce and purees.

It’s 72oz large pitcher is the best option for those who often entertain guests.

You can make all kinds of things like- ice cream, smoothie, puree, frozen fruit

dessert, etc in a large batch with it's larger pitcher.

The alternative of the Nutri Ninja Duo blender:

If you just want a personal sized blender and not interested in having 1500

watts and 72oz jar, then you should go for the ​cheaper Nutri Ninja BL482

model​​, which is 1000 watts.

If you're interested in food processing and dough making, all-in-one, then you

can look for the ​Ninja BL682 model​​, which comes with an additional food

processor bowl.​ Read details review of Ninja BL682 model below.

Customer reviews about Ninja BL642:

most of the buyers are sufficiently happy with

Most of the buyers are sufficiently happy with the performance and versatility

of this great blender. By researching various review sites , We've found that,

most of the user adore this blender for it's different serving size of cups, which

allow them to make individual portion of their favorite drinks. Some user love

this blender because, it's relatively small (about the size of a regular blender),

easy to use and easy cleanup process.

The only ​common complaint was the loud noise it makes when in use​​.

However, this only lasts for less than a minute, which is the blending time for

the perfect consistency. This little issue can be discounted and should not

stop you from buying this blender. Some user complain about the ​lids that

does not seal tightly at all​​, but this only happens when you fill the blender to

near the top of the measured markings on the container.

Overall Opinion:

The number of positive reviews written about this blender proves that it is

worth the price. Built to carry out almost your entire home blending needs, you

can be sure of making excellent smoothies, purees, and frozen fruit drinks.

the strong motor 1500 watts with largest 72oz

The strong motor (1500 watts) with largest 72oz blender pitcher is one of the

biggest selling points for this model.

​The user's highly recommended this blender because it exceeded their

expectations.The coolest thing about this blender is the fact that the price is

pocket-friendly when compared to others in its category.

4. Nutri ​​Ninja Blender Reviews With Food Processor


Models: BL-682/682z

The Ninja Complete Blender System(BL682) appears to be the top blender in

the company’s series of Complete Kitchen System. With a sophisticated product

like this that comes with Auto-IQ (Automatic Intelligent Quotient) which reduces

any stress, you now have a reason to smile as you cook in your kitchen.

​It’s very much similar to the Nutri Ninja duo BL642 model. But it’s more versatile

than the previous model, because it includes a chopping blade, dough hook,

and recipe book it also comes packed with 1500

and recipe book. It also comes packed with 1500 Watts of power to handle all of

your drink and meal-making needs and a food processor bowl of 64oz.

​The Ninja Complete kitchen system comes in two variants, which are the BL682

and BL682z. However, in this review, we will be looking at the BL682 because

of its excellent performance.

Ninja Bl682 Review: Features & Benefits

● Power - The blender boats 1500 watts powerful motor that that’s

powerful enough to do whatever job you need, whether it’s creating a

simple smoothie, crushing ice and frozen fruits.

● Large Bowl size - with its 1.8-litre (64oz) food processor bowl the list

of what it can tackle is endless, even chopping and making up to 2

lbs. of dough in 30 seconds.

● Pitcher - It comes with ​72oz crushing Pitcher, which pulverizes ice

to snow in seconds for creamy frozen drinks and smoothies.

● Auto IQ Technology - It also comes with Auto-IQ technology with

countdown timer, which provides intelligent programs that combine

timed pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns that do the work for


● Cups - Includes Nutri Ninja cups (18oz, 24oz and 32oz) with Sip &

Seal Lids. These are perfect for creating personalized, nutrient-rich

drinks to take on the go. Each cup comes with a Pro Extractor blade,

a stainless steel four bladed chopping tool

a stainless steel four-bladed chopping tool and a similar plastic dough

blade for the processing bowl.


● It has automatic intelligent programs and features that does most of the

work needed.

● It can be used as a food processor beside a blender.

● It can grind coffee beans with great consistency.

● It has manual control buttons for easy access.

● ​It comes with different cup sizes to suit your needs.


● Quite expensive for low budget buyers.

● Not particularly suitable for hot liquids but allowing the liquid to cool down

a bit will take care of this.

● Not suitable for older person.

lids are difficult to put on and pull off

● Lids are difficult to put on and pull off.

Ease Of Use:

The base unit of the Nutri Ninja has nine buttons fixed onto its front, with the

description of its functions. An example of such is the Auto-IQ Nutri Ninja

Ultra Blend. At first, this may appear difficult to comprehend, but as go

through the manual and try out each preset function, you will get to see how

easy it is to use. With the Auto-IQ function, all that is required is to press a

button and real for your blends to come to the desired consistency.

The Volume measurements of 72oz pitcher are easy to read.

The Feature We Love:

The 64oz food processor bowl​​ that comes with the blender is the most

outstanding feature that we love. It provides more versatility like making the

dough, processing hardest ingredients like nut butter, milkshake, frozen

margarita, and pureed soup etc.

whom is the bl682 designed for

Whom is the BL682 Designed For?

The Ninja Complete Blender System BL 682 is suitable for users who want

their blender to become ​an indispensable tool ​​which can blend anything

drop into it. If you wish to have a blender that can be used as both a blender

and a food processor without spending a single penny for a food

processor than pay your attention to this blender.

What's the Alternative of Ninja Bl682 Blender?

If you just want a blender that can handle most of your blending tasks and not

interested in having a food processor unit, then, then you should go for the

Ninja BL482​​ model which has sufficient power to blend most of your


Ninja Blender (BL682) Reviews of Customers

The Majority of the customers all had positive things to say about the Ninja

Complete Blender system BL682 model. They've highly praised about some

amazing features like- the versatility, the motor power, and the largest pitcher

of the blender. Most of the buyers are convinced by its additional

functionalities which are not noticeable

functionalities which are not noticeable in the typical blender. One Amazon

reviewer compare it against the almighty Blendtec, without sacrificing

versatility. He also stated that, this blender makes the smoothest smoothie he

has had.

As for downsides, there're some complaints ​about this blender. Some

customers had a poor experience of making milkshakes and puree with the

blender. The Good House keeping says that, "although the blender is

dishwasher safe, but it showed minor damage after dishwasher cleaning."

Overall Opinion:

The Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto-IQ BL682 blender is ergonomically designed for

providing you with most of the functionalities and accessories you need to

blend, puree, make the dough, create smoothies and more. The product is

highly capable and efficient to get your delicious daily smoothies, creamy

frozen drinks and varieties of liquid meals at top quality.

5. Nutri Ninja Professional blender Reviews(BL


best ninja blender for single personal serve

Best Ninja blender for single/personal serve

The Ninja series presents yet another great blender known as the Nutri Ninja

Pro, with three variants, which are the BL 450/451/456 respectively. The

blenders in this series are great for Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction. Armed with

the Ninja Pro Extraction blades, it produces excellent blends while retaining the

natural taste and constituents.

​The Nutri Ninja Pro BL456 stands out in the series. Even with its 900-Watts

powered motor, its performance is outstanding when compared to the BL450

and BL451. These features make the BL456 our blender of choice in the Nutri

Ninja Pro series.

Nutri Ninja 900 Watts Reviews: Features &


● The Nutri Ninja professional blender offers a better performance

when compared with the BL451 in the series despite both having a

torque power of 900-watts. This power makes it possible to blend

seeds and ice within seconds.

the blender is armed with pro extractor blades

● The blender is armed with Pro Extractor Blades (21,000 RPM)

capable of cutting through the strongest seeds, leafy vegetables and

fruits leaving your smoothies rich in taste and nutrients.

● Unlike the Nutri Ninja Duo with Auto- IQ, the Pro series comes with a

single pulse speed button. All you need to do is get the ingredients for

your smoothies into the jar, screw the blade attachment into place

then blend.

● The BL 456 blender is designed to blend, grind and chop small

quantities at a time. It's equipped with two small narrow 18 and 24oz

BPA-free cups for testing out blends from the 75-recipe book that

comes with it.

● It comes with two piece lids for taking your favorite drinks on the go.


● Comes with two sizeable ninja cups for user on the go.

● It has powerful blades for crushing ice and seeds.

● It bends to an even consistency.

● Well priced vs other personal size blender with same power.

● Easy to use and clean.

● Best blender for single serve smoothies.

con s


● Cannot be used for food processing but is great for smoothies.

● Blending is initiated manually.

● No big size cup for making a large batch of drinks.

Ease Of Use:

Getting Started

To initiate the process, you need to press down the top of the cup against the

base unit in short intervals. When blending is finished, flip over, unscrew the

base from the jar, and replace it with the lid provided in the box. The whole

operation is very simple and fast.

Cleaning Process: Is it dishwasher safe?

All the parts of Nutri Ninja Pro are dishwasher safe and the parts and blades

are removable. So you can go through all the parts in the dishwasher without

the blade the blade should be clean manually

the blade. The blade should be clean manually. You should clean the blades

immediately after use or within a short time frame.

Can Nutri Ninja crush ice properly?

Yes! It has a 900-watt motor, which is capable of blending not only ice but

also the frozen fruits within a minute. But it's recommended that you should

use the short pulse to blend ice.

Whom is The BL456 Designed For and the


This efficient nutrient extractor is a personal type blender with amazing

chopping, blending and shredding abilities. If you're looking for a convenient,

personal sized/small sized blender for on-the-go smoothies, the Ninja BL456

will be your best choice.

If what you are looking for is a blender with the ability to process foods, I

advise you go for options like the ​Nutri Ninja Duo series​​.

if you like hands free blending then i will

If you like hands free blending, then I will strongly recommend you to consider

the ​Nutribullet pro​ which is also a personal size blender with same motor


Customer Reviews:

The Nutri Ninja Pro BL450 has enjoyed many positive comments from users.

The product has become the blender to look out for when considering a

personal type blender. One Amazon reviewer stated that, he used the blender

for about 10 months on average 6 days per week, but he has never had a


There was, however, a customer who complained about finding it hard to

reach the gasket for washing, but this was resolved by gushing water into it for

proper rinsing.

Overall Opinion:

The Nutri Ninja Pro series have great designs; they are easy to use and very

efficient. They come with the torque ranging between 900-1000 watts with the

BL456 leading in performance despite it 900-watts motor. This Ninja BL456

appear to be one of the best nutrient extractors available on the market.

investing in any blender in this series

Investing in any blender in this series is one of the wisest decision anyone

looking for a personal type blender can make.

Final Verdict of Best Ninja Blender Reviews:

Now you have the information required to make the right buying decision.

Decide on what you need in a Ninja blender and choose from any of the eight

blenders reviewed to suit your needs. Remember to consider your budget,

purpose and design before you buy and you will be on your way to making

awesome smoothies and drinks.

Visit ​​ for further reading.