so you think you need to travel l.
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So You Think You Need to Travel

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So You Think You Need to Travel. Business Travel Guidelines. Types of travel. In state Travel within the State of Texas Out of State Travel within the continental United States, Canada and Mexico Foreign Travel to Hawaii, or other parts of the world not already covered.

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so you think you need to travel

So You Think You Need to Travel

Business Travel Guidelines

types of travel
Types of travel
  • In state
    • Travel within the State of Texas
  • Out of State
    • Travel within the continental United States, Canada and Mexico
  • Foreign
    • Travel to Hawaii, or other parts of the world not already covered
approval for travel
Approval for Travel
  • What type of travel
  • Forms required
    • Request for Employee Travel & Leave must be completed and signed prior to travel
      • Be sure to indicate the purpose of the trip and benefit to TAMUQ
  • Signatures and Approvals required
    • Employee, Department Head, Dean/CEO (per TAMU policies)
  • Airfare
  • Hotel
  • Transportation
    • Rental car
    • Public transportation
  • Other incidentals
paying for the travel costs
Paying for the travel costs
  • Airfare
    • Recommendation is to go through travel agent
      • There is no required travel agent that must be used
    • Use JPMC CBA account for airfare
      • Mannai Travel will charge to account directly
        • Copy of itinerary is required in order for TAMUQ to make payment on the account
    • Make arrangements individually
    • If you are booking individually, be aware of travel restrictions
      • You personally are responsible for the arrangements and for payment
    • Also be aware of travel advisories – new exception allows for you to travel to or thru a travel advisory area as long as approved IN ADVANCE by the University President
paying for the travel costs cont d
Paying for the travel costs (cont’d)
  • Hotel
    • Who makes the arrangements
      • Individual – preferable
      • Travel agent
    • If you are staying in College Station, you may be able to have a direct billing via QSO
      • Must be coordinated with QSO staff
    • Charge to an individual’s credit card
      • This may be a State of Texas travel card or the individuals own personal credit card
      • Employee makes payment on credit card and then is reimbursed via a travel voucher
paying for travel costs cont d
Paying for travel costs (cont’d)
  • Rental car
    • State of Texas contract rates
      • Avis, Advantage, Enterprise
    • Be aware that insurance is included in the contract
    • For reimbursement purposes, you must turn in the original receipt
    • Make arrangements individually
    • Can be charged to a State travel card, paid with a personal credit card or charged to a corporate account held by one of the rental companies (i.e. AVIS account)
paying for travel costs cont d8
Paying for travel costs (cont’d)
  • Meals (individual/personal)
    • Charged to State travel card, or paid personally
    • Record individual business meals on the travel reimbursement form
  • Business meals
    • Complete the business meal form
    • Should not be included on the travel reimbursement – are reimbursed with a separate document
  • We follow IRS rules for meal receipt requirements
    • See chart at end of presentation for receipt requirements
  • Other incidentals – i.e. laundry
      • Charged to hotel room
      • Charged to a State travel card or paid personally
  • Are allowed business phone calls and one personal phone call upon arrival at destination
  • Other – mileage, taxi, car rental, tolls, phone and public transportation are not considered part of incidentals
    • (incidental expenses have an allowable rate at which they can be reimbursed up to a maximum per Federal guidelines)
allowable vs unallowable
Allowable vs Unallowable
  • Airfare
    • Business class (International)
      • If trip at least 20 hours in duration
    • Economy or Coach (within continental US)
    • Exceptions
      • Approved by Dean or CEO prior to travel
  • Hotel
    • Room must be in name of traveler
    • If traveling with spouse, only reimbursed for the cost of room for a single person
    • Must have original detailed receipt
      • Will not reimburse for movies, gift shop items, spa, alcohol, etc
        • These expenses are the responsibility of the individual and must be paid at time of checkout – cannot be put on a State travel card
      • Will reimburse laundry if travel is more than 4 days
      • Review your bill for charges before you leave the desk – is easier to correct when you are there, rather than later
      • Correction of the bill is the responsibility of the traveler
    • If you change your travel plans – be sure to cancel your hotel room within the guidelines of the hotel
allowable vs unallowable cont d
Allowable vs Unallowable (cont’d)
  • TAMUQ reimburses for the actual cost of hotel, meals and incidentals
    • We do NOT reimburse at the PER DIEM
    • At the maximum of Federal or State of Texas travel rates
    • If requesting more than Federal or State, then must have a valid exception
    • Just because there is a maximum rate, does not mean you are automatically entitled to that rate – you are to be reimbursed for actual only up to the maximum allowed
      • If your actual is more than the per diem rate, then claim the per diem, but make a note on your reimbursement
some helpful web sites
Some Helpful Web Sites
  • State of Texas Travel Guidelines
      • This manual is on the TAMU Finance website
  • Texas Building and Procurement Commission for a list of hotels in Texas that honor the State rate (as well as hotels in other States)
      • Also has links for the three rental car agencies
web sites cont d
Web Sites (cont’d)
  • Federal Government Domestic Per Diem Rates (please note that this is the title for this information on the Federal website – we DO NOT reimburse at the Per Diem rate – this is the maximum allowable per Federal regulations)
      • Go to Domestic Per Diem Rates
      • Be sure you are in the correct fiscal year
      • Go to the State and City that you are traveling to
      • If not listed, there is a default amount for each State
web sites cont d13
Web Sites (cont’d)
  • Federal Foreign Per Diem Rates (please note that this is the title for this information on the Federal website – we DO NOT reimburse at the Per Diem rate – this is the maximum allowable per Federal regulations)
    • Click on the link for the maximum rates of per diem allowances for travel in foreign areas
    • US State Department travel warning information
reference travel chart and checklist
Reference Travel Chart and Checklist
  • Travel forms are on the TAMUQ Faculty and Staff website, under Finance Department, Finance Forms, Travel
  • Please refer to this file for required information per TAMU travel procedures.
    • S:\Accounting - Finance\Char\Copy of Travel_FAMIS_Inst_CheckList.xls
    • Also use tools available to assist with helping the traveler keep tabs of travel cost – i.e. excel worksheet, travel envelope, etc
  • Travel reimbursement requests are turned in to Geeta Megchiani for audit and reimbursement. Need to turn in all required receipts in a timely manner.