the new tia u s travel association l.
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The New TIA -U.S. Travel Association PowerPoint Presentation
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The New TIA -U.S. Travel Association

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The New TIA -U.S. Travel Association - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The New TIA -U.S. Travel Association . Title Goes here. Mission. To Increase Travel to and within the United States. Vision . To be the leading force that grows and sustains travel and ensures the freedom to travel. Through our efforts, travel is understood

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The New TIA -U.S. Travel Association

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. The New TIA -U.S. Travel Association

    2. Title Goes here

    3. Mission To Increase Travel to and within the United States

    4. Vision To be the leading force that grows and sustains travel and ensures the freedom to travel. Through our efforts, travel is understood as essential to the economy, security, image and well-being of the U.S. and travelers.

    5. Connect/ Advocate/ Promote

    6. Connect

    7. Advocate Travel Promotion Act Visa WaiverExpansion Entry Reform ESTA Air Travel Reform Change The Debate Campaign

    8. Opportunity 2009 • Firmly Establish “Travel” and our Industry as Obama’s Economic, Diplomatic Allies. • Embrace individuals, business leaders and policymakers. • Maximize the extraordinary U.S. Travel Association Members relations.

    9. Why Travel Matters Travelers’ Behaviors Micro – Segment Specific Travelers’ Attitudes Forecasting - Concerns Why Travel Matters Individual – Business - Policymaker What Travel Is Who – When – Where – How

    10. Why Travel Matters Audiences Policymakers – Opinion Leaders Business Individuals

    11. Increase International Inbound Travel What we have accomplished: • Expanded the Visa Waiver Program • Streamlined the airport entry experience • Prompted the launch of new customer service training for Customs officers • Better communication between U.S. travel policies and encourage foreign travelers

    12. Increase International Inbound Travel What we will pursue: • Secure Passage of the Travel Promotion Act (TPA) • Insert into Stimulus/Omnibus Legislation • Protect Expansion of the Visa Waiver Expansion • Oversee the development of the Model Ports Program at the Top 20 International Airports • Improve the Collection of International Traveler Data • Support Allied Industry Groups • Support Electronic System for Travel Authorization

    13. Become a Greater Political Force Enhance Power of Travel Web Site Create CEO Roundtable Develop In-District Opportunities Launch Political Action Committee

    14. Implement Policies to Increase International Inbound Travel 2009Goal 2008 Travel Promotion Signed into Law Protect Further VWP Expansion; Target Argentina, Brazil Support DHS ESTA Implementation; Highlight Concerns, Solutions

    15. Promote Travel Makes $ense Campaign

    16. Promote

    17. Promote: Signing Ceremonies China-U.S. Strategic Agreement State Province Agreements

    18. 2009 International Promotion Events Mitt – March 18-21, Moscow, Russia TUR – March 19-22, Gothenburg, Sweden ITB – March 11-15, Berlin, Germany WTM – November 9-12, London, England JATA – September 18-20, Discover America Week - September Tokyo, Japan FITUR – January 28 – February 1, Madrid, Spain BIT – February 19-22, Milan, Italy CITM – November, Kuming, China ATM - May 5-8, Dubai, UAE OTM – February 7-9, Mumbai, India February 12-14 New Delhi, India India Exploratory Mission – October Mumbai and New Delhi Discover America Week – October, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ITB Asia – October 21-23, Singapore

    19. Expanding Promotion Activities Develop corporate partnerships with lead outbound carriers in all markets India: Expand trade mission China: Enhance director summits Develop city-to-city partnerships Expand state-province partnerships South Korea: Partnership with Korean Airlines Japan: Partner with Japanese government to increase travel to U.S. by 1 million


    21. Promote: Pow Wow Bigger and Better Great Value -- Cost Effective -- Targeted Audience • More buyers • More media • Focus on buyers in emerging markets • Greater networking opportunities • New educational seminar

    22. Key Events

    23. Title Goes here Promoting Domestic Travel

    24. Diplomacy