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Operation PALATE II Conditions of Service

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Operation PALATE II Conditions of Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Operation PALATE II Conditions of Service. Personnel Policy and Employment Conditions Branch. References. PACMAN Version 2 Chapter 17 DSC COS message dated 12 Mar 10 CJOPS message dated 12 Mar 10 HQJOC message 4206/SO2 PERSOPS DTG 150409Z SEP 08 – Leave outside the AO and DA.

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operation palate ii conditions of service
Operation PALATE IIConditions of Service

Personnel Policy and Employment Conditions Branch

  • PACMAN Version 2 Chapter 17
  • DSC COS message dated 12 Mar 10
  • CJOPS message dated 12 Mar 10
  • HQJOC message 4206/SO2 PERSOPS DTG 150409Z SEP 08 – Leave outside the AO and DA
nature of service declaration
Nature of Service Declaration
  • A Nature of Service (NOS) declaration by the Minister for Defence, in consultation with the Prime Minister, authorises a Conditions of Service (COS) package for each deployment.
  • Op PALATE II has been declared Warlike service WEF 27 Jun 05.
warlike service definition
Warlike Service - Definition
  • The application of force is authorised to pursue specific military objectives and there is an expectation of casualties.
  • Types:
    • Declared war;
    • Conventional combat operations against an armed adversary; and
    • Peace enforcement IAW Chap VII of UN Charter.
  • NOS Branch reviews the NOS when there is a change:
    • in circumstance;
    • the task or role of deployed force;
    • or at a minimum of every 12 months.
  • Threat assessments conducted by DIO are reviewed every 12 months or when circumstances change.
  • Directorate of Service Conditions reviews COS in line with the above.

To be eligible for the COS package, members must be:

  • assigned for duty with Operation PALATE II,
  • be within the Op PALATE II specified area.

Service outside the specified area (Afghanistan) attracts peacetime cos; ie TA if meals are not provided



The specified area comprises Afghanistan

ADF contribution to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA)

conditions of service before deployment
Conditions of Servicebefore deployment
  • For deployments of six months or more, a range of removal entitlement options exist for MWD and MWOD:
    • Refer to COS signal, and
    • Consult with DHA
check insurance
Check Insurance
  • It remains the members responsibility to ensure continued insurance coverage for home and content during any period of absence.
conditions of service before deployment10
Conditions of Servicebefore deployment
  • Deployments of less than six months do not normally attract a pre-embarkation Leave entitlement.
    • Some provision exist for special cases; apply to Director of Entitlements.
  • Deployments of six months or more - Pre-embarkation Leave:
    • approval depends on operational requirements;
    • up to 7 days (inclusive of weekends and public holidays);
    • Free Travel:
      • If entitled – free travel within Australia may be granted to home location
      • If BRL free travel entitlement exists then this is to be used
      • Alt, family members may be conveyed at public expense to members home location. Costs not to exceed that which would have been expended for the member to travel.
conditions of service before deployment11
Conditions of Servicebefore deployment
  • Check with Centrelink regarding:
    • Family Tax Benefits:
      • Note - A New tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999 was amended effective 1 July 2007 to provide portability of Family Tax Benefit Part B beyond 13 weeks while overseas on deployment.
    • any other benefits that you may be eligible for depending on your family composition and income
  • Check with Child Support Agency regarding child maintenance payments
conditions of service during deployment
Conditions of Serviceduring deployment


  • International Campaign Allowance (ICA) $230 pd inside Afghanistan:
    • payable inside the specified area
    • payable for ADF Rec leave or WSL accrued in the specified area
    • subject to change at any time – up or down (based on changes to military and environmental conditions)
    • NOT payable at any other time; ie. UN leave/CTO outside Afghanistan, duty outside the specified area (Kuwait), escorting AME, RTA injured, conference/BOI etc
  • Recognition of operational and environmental hazards
  • Based on threat assessment
  • ICA is paid for all leave (Rec, WSL, Field, etc) accrued inside the specified area; at highest rate earned.
conditions of service during deployment13
Conditions of Serviceduring deployment
  • Other allowances where applicable:
    • Separation Allowance
    • Special Forces Disability Allowance
    • Flying Allowance
    • Seagoing Allowance
    • Hard lying Allowance
  • Field Allowance applications are to be submitted to CJOPs for approval IAW the requirements of PACMAN, providing the stipulated threshold criterion of 'living in the field' has been met.
conditions of service during deployment14
Conditions of Serviceduring deployment
  • District Allowance
    • MWD members DO NOT have this allowance ceased if the family remain at posting location.
    • MWOD members DO have this allowance ceased:
      • after 30 days if returning to remote location after deployment, or
      • on date of deployment if posted out of remote location and not returning after deployment.
conditions of service during deployment15
Conditions of Serviceduring deployment
  • Compensation:
    • covered under the provisions of the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 for death, injury or illness.
    • covered 24 hr a day
    • Hotline No 1300 550 461
    • E-mail - mrcs@dva.gov.au
  • It is essential to keep records and report all incidents. Ensure all paperwork is completed.
conditions of service during deployment16
Conditions of Serviceduring deployment
  • Relief Out of Country Travel Fares Assistance (ROCTFA):
    • subject to operational constraints and provided the member’s leave plan includes being outside of the specified area for at least seven (7) consecutive days
    • to be taken as near as possible to midway point of deployment
    • travel on cheapest available airline offering a reasonable standard of safety and security
    • travel is intended to assist personnel to have time away from the arduous conditions of the deployment
conditions of service during deployment17
Conditions of Serviceduring deployment
  • ROCTFA entitlement is based on length of deployment as follows:-
    • Less than 6 months = NIL entitlement
    • 6 months but less than 9 months = 1 ROCTFA
    • 9 months but less than 12 months = 2 ROCTFA
    • 12 months but less than 15 months = 3 ROCTFA
conditions of service during deployment18
Conditions of Serviceduring deployment
  • ROCTFA designated destination for Op PALATE II:
    • for MWD who wish to RTA the destination is limited to the previous posting locality or alt the location where family has been moved at public expense.
    • For MWOD who wish to RTA the destination is limited to the previous posting locality or alt the reported locality of NOK for rec leave free travel purposes.
  • there is no offset for the RTA provision.
conditions of service during deployment19
Conditions of Serviceduring deployment
  • For deployment for 12 months or more:
    • pers may apply as an offset to combine the value of two trips to Australia that they are entitled to, to assist the member and their dependants to reunite in Australia.
    • Alternatively the member, either MWD or MWOD, may use the value of the two trips to travel to another country.
conditions of service during deployment20
Conditions of Serviceduring deployment
  • ROCTFA - continued
    • For members who do not wish to RTA or who are entitled but do not avail themselves of the previous option to combine two trips, the ROCTFA destination is Rome.
      • Members may offset the cost of return travel to Rome against the cost of travel to an alt destination.
      • The alt destination must be suitable as a ROCTFA destination as determined by the CO.
    • class of travel is economy airfare.
    • TA is not payable while on leave.
conditions of service during deployment21
Conditions of Serviceduring deployment
  • Leave
    • War Service Leave of 18 days pa accrued on a daily basis. No qualifying period and only accrued inside specified area.
    • ARL – combination of Field, Seagoing or Flying granted IAW PACMAN if entitled.
      • Be aware prior Field Leave accrued for current LY will count for the max Field Leave that can be credited – 10 days pa.
    • ERL is not granted for warlike deployments
    • CDF has declared no leave can be taken inside a warlike AO. IAW with HQJOC direction members leaving the AO must take ADF leave.
  • Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme
    • qualifying period remains unaffected by warlike service
    • possibility of up to an additional 5 years subsidy
    • only periods Within Specified Area count as warlike service for the purpose of this scheme
conditions of service during deployment22
Conditions of Serviceduring deployment
  • Telephone calls & mail service:
    • NOT a COS, however, members MAY BE provided the opportunity to telephone Australia:
      • The frequency and duration of these calls will be set by HQJOC.
  • Medals
    • AASM -1 day
conditions of service during deployment23
Conditions of Serviceduring deployment
  • Taxation - warlike service
    • Section 23AD ITAA:
      • all ADF salary and allowance earned inside the specified area are exempt fromtaxation
      • Taxation exemption continues on RTA for the number of days of accrued leave.

ITAA = the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936

where can i find the conditions of service for operation palate ii
Where can I find the Conditions of Service for Operation PALATE II?
  • CoS messages for all operations are published on the DEFWEB and Internet at:
    • http://intranet.defence.gov.au/pac/
    • http://www.defence.gov.au/dpe/pac/
  • drill down:
    • Pay and Conditions – Home Page
    • Overseas Operations