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.NET Technologies at Auctiva PowerPoint Presentation
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.NET Technologies at Auctiva

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.NET Technologies at Auctiva - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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.NET Technologies at Auctiva. Overview. About us Auctiva’s Technology Stack Challenges in a production environment .NET vs. the Real World Q & A. About Us. Local company with 10 years of history Currently ~75 employees New satellite office in San Jose

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Presentation Transcript
  • About us
  • Auctiva’s Technology Stack
    • Challenges in a production environment
  • .NET vs. the Real World
  • Q & A
about us
About Us
  • Local company with 10 years of history
    • Currently ~75 employees
    • New satellite office in San Jose
  • 3rd party developer for eBay auction tools
    • “eBay’s largest 3rd party developer”
  • eCommerce tools for buyers and sellers
  • Large number of CSU Chico students and graduates as interns and FTEs.
auctiva s technology stack overview
Auctiva’s Technology Stack - Overview
  • .NET Framework
    • Versions 1.1, 2.0, 3.5
    • Primarily C#
    • Major focus on web applications
  • Tooling
    • Development Environment
      • Visual Studio 2008
    • Source Control
      • Visual Source Safe/Subversion
auctiva s technology stack overview6
Auctiva’s Technology Stack - Overview
  • Web Frontend
    • ASP.NET & JavaScript
  • Business Logic & Services
    • Web Services and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
    • NT Services
  • Database
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005
asp net
  • .NET web application framework
    • Separation of presentation and content with server side processing
    • Reusable controls
    • State management
    • Auth & Auth
    • …and more
asp net challenges
ASP.NET Challenges
  • Millions of hits and tens of thousands of unique visitors every day
  • International visibility  no “off” time
    • “Web farm” to share load across multiple servers
    • Redundant and highly available
  • Long running user sessions (HTTP is stateless)
    • ASP.NET State Service
asp net challenges10
ASP.NET Challenges
  • Page requests range from small HTML pages to image upload and download
    • Image pre-processing to reduce bandwidth via Java Applet and ActiveX controls
asp net challenges11
ASP.NET Challenges
  • Expectation of rapid page response
  • Cross-browser support
    • Client-side processing via JavaScript
    • Asynchronous server interactions via AJAX
      • JQuery integration with .NET
web services and wcf
Web Services and WCF
  • Auctiva is a significant producer and consumer of web services
  • eBay exposes a set of APIs (via SOAP over HTTP) that are consumed by Auctiva and…
  • eBay makes calls to Auctiva web services for event notification
web services and wcf14
Web Services and WCF
  • Net result is millions of web service API calls made per day both from and to Auctiva
  • Very heavy use of XML and SOAP
    • .NET Framework excels at hiding the plumbing
web services and wcf15
Web Services and WCF
  • Challenges
    • Asynchronous processing of almost everything
    • Distributed architecture needed to handle large volume of calls in a timely fashion
      • Portions of architecture built on .NET Remoting
      • Newer services leverage WCF
  • WCF
    • Next generation framework for building services
net vs the real world17
.NET vs. The Real World
  • Automatic Boxing and Unboxing
    • Value types and reference types
      • Stack vs. Heap
    • Box/Unbox operations are up to 20x and 4x as long (respectively) compared to simple variable assignments
  • Managed vs. Unmanaged code
    • GDI+ (ugh)
  • Memory management
    • Memory leaks
    • GC delays in Gen2
net framework
.NET Framework
  • It’s all there (almost)
    • We’ve discussed only a fraction of what’s available
  • Very wide breadth of functionality for almost any type of application
    • Expanding with every release
  • Try and keep up to date
    • .NET 4.0 is just around the corner…
visit us online
Visit us online!
  • Some members of the Auctiva product family
  • Employment information
  • Questions or comments about this presentation?