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My Hobbies

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My Hobbies. Ashley Russell- ar369.

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my hobbies

My Hobbies

Ashley Russell- ar369


My hobbies are what make me unique. The way I like to spend my time greatly differentiates me from everyone else. Right at this moment my favorite things to do in my spare time is watching wrestling, shopping, and scrapbooking. Though the second two are vastly different than wrestling, I take great pride in enjoying my boyfriend’s college sport.

So sit back and enjoy what I like to do in my spare time….

being a wrestling supporter
Being A Wrestling supporter-----

A sport that takes heart, endurance and extreme training.


Full days at tournaments.

  • Moms and girlfriends nervous with every move of the match.
  • Crowd filling up with excitement to win
  • Athletes giving everything they’ve got to bring in a win
Wrestling ….

Wrestling is my passion. I love being able to sit in the stands and cheer on my team!! The sport, to me, is incredible and takes a lot of strength, endurance, and training. Though it isn’t a team sport, I love the fact that at any time the match can turn for the good or bad. The excitement alone is worth a full day sitting in a gym.




What girl doesn’t enjoy a good shopping trip?!


What girl doesn’t enjoy a good shopping day?! Not only do I enjoy buying new clothes, purses, and sunglasses to show off, but I enjoy the time to get away from daily stresses. As a student, I find that I’m constantly stressed about deadline, friends, financial aid, and relationships but, for me, shopping is my way out. Though it may not seem like a strong hobby, its something that I really enjoy doing that releases me from the real world if only for a few hours.



Memories that last a lifetime…



Another love and hobby of mine is scrapbooking. I enjoy being able to document all of my memories that I know will be there for years to come in the end result. Again this is a great stress reliever. If I ever feel that life is just becoming too much, I just get out my pictures and scrapbooking supplies and surround myself with great memories and events where I was happier than I am at that moment. Also this hobby is a great way to surround myself with friends and family while doing something that everyone likes to do.

the end
**THE END **

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