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Homeschool Happenings @ Your Library

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Homeschool Happenings @ Your Library - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Homeschool Happenings @ Your Library . Bethel Park Public Library Bethel Park, PA. Lynn Hahn Ing Kalchthaler Communication. Director: Cheryl Napsha Library Board Head of Youth Services : Ing Kalchthaler

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homeschool happenings @ your library

Homeschool Happenings @ Your Library

Bethel Park Public Library

Bethel Park, PA

Lynn Hahn

Ing Kalchthaler

  • Director: Cheryl Napsha
  • Library Board
  • Head of Youth Services: Ing Kalchthaler
  • Youth Services Librarian: Lynn Hahn

Getting Everyone Onboard

bethel park public library mission statement
Bethel Park Public Library Mission Statement
  • Our mission is to serve and enrich the community in a safe, nurturing environment and to promote lifelong learning.
  • We are dedicated to providing free access to books, materials, resources and information to meet the needs of our patrons.
defining the library s purpose
Defining the Library’s Purpose
  • Supporting the Educational and Literacy Needs of ALL Patrons

Whether the needs are of the:

The Bethel Park Public Library believes in:

  • Children and Students
  • Adults
  • Community School Systems
  • Parents of Public / Private Students
  • Parents of Homeschoolers
reasons for homeschool program development
Reasons for Homeschool Program Development
  • Awareness of Needs of Homeschoolers
    • For homeschoolers,

the public library IS the school library

  • Underserved Homeschool Population
  • Information Literacy Skills
  • Proactive Involvement

Led us to:

◆Gradual Program Development

homeschooling facts
Homeschooling Facts
  • Homeschooling has only been legal in all 50 states since1993.

(Public Policy Sources #51 Cate Institute, p. 4)

  • Until 1999 little information was available abouthomeschooling on a national level.

(U.S. Department of Education)

  • Latest national statistics reveal that there were 1.1 million homeschooled students in 2003.

(U.S. Department of Education)

reasons for homeschooling
Reasons for Homeschooling
  • Academic Achievement
  • Learning Styles
  • Individualized Attention and Flexibility
  • Valued-based or Religious Reasons
  • Dissatisfaction with Public/Private Schools' Instructional Program
  • Concerns about School Environment
homeschool choices networking
Homeschool Choices / Networking

Computer-Based Instruction

      • SHED South Hills Enrichment Day
      • FISH Family Instructors of the South Hills
public library as homeschoolers school library
Public Library as Homeschoolers School Library
  • ALA’s American Association of School Librarians recognizes nine standards to which public school media centers are held accountable.
  • Public school media specialists are responsible for implementing these nine standards into their curriculum.(Information Power: building partnerships for learning,

ALA Publications, 1998)

  • Public Library can help the Homeschool Community meet the Information Literacy Standards.
information literacy skills
Information Literacy Skills

The Nine Information Literacy Standards

for Student Learning:

  • Information Literacy
  • Independent Learning
  • Social Responsibility

Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning

public library s role and information literacy
Public Library’s Role and Information Literacy
  • Public libraries support homeschoolers in their acquisition of information literacy.
  • Public librarians can implement these nine standards into their homeschool programs.
  • We are a support system.
state regulations
State Regulations

States have DIFFERENT

homeschooling regulations

  • States requiring no notice
  • States with low regulations
  • States with moderate regulations
  • States with high regulation

community homeschool population
Community Homeschool Population
  • Survey Needs
  • Parents Meeting
  • Schools
  • Advertise Programs

Multiple District Contacts

identifying the homeschool population
Identifying the Homeschool Population
  • Community, county and state records
  • Local school districts
  • Local churches and community organizations
  • Internet resources – world famous GOOGLE!
    • SHED linkage

Note spelling of homeschool vs. home school

needs of homeschoolers
Needs of Homeschoolers

Survey of Program Interests

Electoral College Art History



Science Projects

World Cultures

program samples
Program Samples
  • Researching: Spider Web Activity
  • Science in Action
  • Fun With Physics
  • Passport: Games Around the World
  • Election 101: Game
  • Electoral College Challenge
homeschool resources
Homeschool Resources
  • Homeschooling Print Resources


  • Online Homeschooling Resources


  • Curriculum and Educational Web Sites