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James Russell Lowell

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James Russell Lowell - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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James Russell Lowell. Born:1812 Died:1291. -Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts on February 22 nd , 1819 -Youngest of 5. -James Russell Lowell is one of the authors belonging to a group known as the Fireside Poets, or the Schoolroom Poets.

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James Russell Lowell

Born:1812 Died:1291


-Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts on February 22nd, 1819

-Youngest of 5

-James Russell Lowell is one of the authors belonging to a group known as the Fireside Poets, or the Schoolroom Poets.

-Lowell contributed to the Arthurian literature by writing his poem “The Vision of Sir Launfal”, which was published in 1848.

-James Russell Lowell attended Harvard University at the age of 16 and graduated in 1838.

- Lowell could not be considered a transcendentalist, because Lowell saw the humorous side of the social movements of that day, and the Schoolroom Poets wittingly attacked the abolitionists, Carlyle Emerson, and the transcendentalist.

love by james russell lowell
“Love”By James Russell Lowell

Our love is not a fading earthly flower:

Its wingèd seed dropped down from Paradise,

And, nursed by day and night, by sun and shower,

Doth momently to fresher beauty rise.

To us the leafless autumn is not bare,

Nor winter's rattling boughs lack lusty green:

Our summer hearts make summer's fulness where

No leaf or bud or blossom may be seen:

For nature's life in love's deep life doth lie,

Love,--whose forgetfulness is beauty's death,

Whose mystic key these cells of Thou and I

Into the infinite freedom openeth,

And makes the body's dark and narrow grate

The wide-flung leaves of Heaven's palace-gate.