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AANC-Con Organizing Committee Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AANC-Con Organizing Committee Report. 2/4/07. Contents ( hyperlinked ). 2/4/07 Agenda Proposed 4/1/07 Agenda Open Action Items Conference Overview Subcommittee Membership & Deliverables. Agenda AANC-Con Organizing Committee 2/4/07 9:30 AM, Chabot Science Center Board Room. Time Topic

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Contents hyperlinked l.jpg
Contents (hyperlinked)

  • 2/4/07 Agenda

  • Proposed 4/1/07 Agenda

  • Open Action Items

  • Conference Overview

  • Subcommittee Membership & Deliverables

Agenda aanc con organizing committee 2 4 07 9 30 am chabot science center board room l.jpg
Agenda AANC-Con Organizing Committee 2/4/07 9:30 AM, Chabot Science Center Board Room


5 Agenda Review

5 Action Items

20 Definition of Roles

15 Roles Volunteers

5 Next Steps

Proposed next agenda aanc con organizing committee 4 1 07 9 30 am csm planetarium l.jpg
Proposed Next Agenda AANC-Con Organizing Committee 4/1/07 9:30 AM, CSM Planetarium


5 Agenda Review

5 Action Items

15 Proposed Role Changes

30 Proposed Action Plans

5 Next Steps

Overview aanc con 2007 l.jpg
Overview: AANC-Con 2007

  • Date: September 29, 2007

  • Time: 1:00 PM - ??

  • Location: College of San Mateo

  • Sponsors: AANC

  • Registration: $TBD

  • Theme: Educational outreach

  • Logo: “Reach for the Stars”

    • http://collegeofsanmateo.edu/reachforthestars/reachAboutUs.htm

  • Purpose:

    • Raise funding for the CSM planetarium & observatory

    • Educational outreach

    • Have fun!

Subcommittees hyperlinked l.jpg
Subcommittees (hyperlinked)

  • Membership Matrix

  • Audio / Visual

  • Communications & Publicity

  • Facilities, Traffic and Signage

  • Finance

  • Food

  • Master of Ceremonies

  • Memorabilia

  • Observing Session

  • Program

  • Registration

  • Raffle

  • Reproduction

  • Vendors

  • Volunteers

  • Webmaster

Audio visual subcommittee deliverables l.jpg
Audio Visual Subcommittee Deliverables

  • Work with Program Chair to ensure all speaker’s AV requirements are known in advance.

  • In response, develop AV equipment plan which provides single-point-of-failure immunity (i.e. everything has at least one hot backup). Review plan with Director, MC and Program Chair.

  • Arrange for availability of all AV equipment and work with Finance to budget, if needed.

  • Coordinate with Facilities to ensure access to power, & light switches and get safety briefing.

  • Set up and test all equipment in advance.

  • Train speakers on AV equipment they will be using.

  • During program, ensure each speaker is set up correctly, and continuously monitor and adjust production quality.

  • Signal speakers with time limit signal

Communications publicity subcommittee deliverables l.jpg
Communications & Publicity Subcommittee Deliverables

  • Ensure consistent look-and-feel of all communications in keeping with conference theme.

  • Develop publicity plan to take advantage of a wide variety of media, targeting both the public and the astronomical community. Identify timing and content of releases appropriate to each communications channel.

  • Support other chairs in developing appropriate material on time to meet plan.

Facilities traffic signage subcommittee deliverables l.jpg
Facilities, Traffic & Signage Subcommittee Deliverables

  • Create directions and work with Webmaster to post on web site.

  • Assess foot, disabled, vehicular and telescope traffic situation and ensure adequacy.

  • Coordinate with site administration in advance to ensure access to all rooms, lots and areas.

  • Ensure emergency contact procedures are in place for the unexpected (circuit breakers blown, needed doors locked, etc).

  • Review emergency procedures and brief MC and Programs

  • Develop and post signage for all traffic.

  • Work with Program and Registration Chairs to include any necessary traffic information in program or registration package.

  • Remove/clean up signage after event.


  • Parking info:

    • No charge on weekends.

    • ADA spaces are available

    • Reserve spaces for speakers

    • Staff lot adjacent to planetarium (can we use it?)

    • Reserve spaces for people with scopes

Finance subcommittee deliverables l.jpg
Finance Subcommittee Deliverables

  • Prepare conference budget and works with the AANC Treasurer to pay advance expenses (if any).

  • Perform on-site reconciliation and report back to treasurer with deposits and reports.

  • Handle finance issues related to advance registration, credit card acceptance, ticket sales, raffle sales, and refunds.

Food subcommittee deliverables l.jpg
Food Subcommittee Deliverables

  • Get committee agreement on number of meals/snacks & how financed

  • Get committee agreement on whom we will feed (vendors, volunteers, public)

  • Arrange availability of food for meals and snacks

  • Coordinate with CSM facilities on logistics, tables, chairs, & serving area as needed.

  • Coordinate with registration, if meals will be sold as part of registration

  • Satisfy both veg / non-veg needs

Master of ceremonies deliverables l.jpg
Master of Ceremonies Deliverables

  • Leads development (working with Program Chair) of intros for speakers

  • Set appropriate tone at conference

  • Make announcements

  • Cue speakers

  • Introduce and thank speakers

  • Keep program on schedule

Memorabilia subcommittee deliverables l.jpg
Memorabilia Subcommittee Deliverables

  • Create T-shirts, mugs, photos,… in keeping with theme (logo)

  • Determine ordering lead time

  • Order stock in time.

  • Work with Finance to develop budget

Observing session subcommittee deliverables l.jpg
Observing Session Subcommittee Deliverables

  • Gather commitments from telescope owners.

  • Work with Traffic to develop parking, signage and, if needed, means to transport heavy scopes from parking to observing site.

  • Assess observing site in advance for obstacles, nuisance lighting, etc. and develop plan to address.

  • Work with Facilities to ensure power availability, and means to remove any interfering lighting.

  • Arrange scope minder

Program subcommittee deliverables l.jpg
Program Subcommittee Deliverables

  • Invite speakers to attend.

  • Maintain list of speakers and keynotes.

  • Determine conference agenda

  • Determine location for each presentation.

  • Format program agenda into electronic form, coordinating with Communications and Publicity (for look and feel) and Reproduction to produce hard-copy program.

  • Support MC in developing speaker intros

  • Coordinate with AV so speakers’ AV needs are satisfied.

  • Handle honoraria (working with Finance for budgeting and cutting checks) and thank you/membership letters.


  • Starter list:

    • Richard Crisp

      • Planetary Nebula Discoveries

    • Jeff Adkins

      • HS teacher at Deer Valley High School in Antioch, awarded this years AANC Special Award

Registration subcommittee deliverables l.jpg
Registration Subcommittee Deliverables

  • Develop all forms necessary for advanced or on-site registration, and works with Comm / Pub and Webmaster to make them available.

  • Work with Finance to estimate headcount, registration fee, and registration revenue estimate.

  • Prepare attendee packets, including agendas and other materials.

  • Handle on-site logistics related to conference registration.

  • Create name tags in keeping with theme (working with Repro as needed)

  • Provide ticket sales, collection of attendee name/address information, and any other registration or sales related matters.

  • Work with the Finance Chair to budget and satisfy all these responsibilities.

Raffle subcommittee deliverables l.jpg
Raffle Subcommittee Deliverables

  • Put on raffle.

Reproduction subcommittee deliverables l.jpg
Reproduction Subcommittee Deliverables

  • Reproduce registration package and signage &

Vendors donations subcommittee deliverables l.jpg
Vendors & Donations Subcommittee Deliverables

  • Work with "astro-vendors" to determine needs for tables, materials, etc.

  • Coordinate with Facil & Signage to determine set-up area and sign placement

  • Coordinate with Comm & Pubs to advertise supporting vendors and display their logos (as agreed) in conference publicity

  • Communicate logistical information to vendors

  • Negotiate appropriate charge (cash or donation) for vendor participation, coordinating with Finance to budget and Raffle for dissemination of any donations.

  • Send follow-up thank-you letters to vendors


  • Starter list:

  • Jim Burr JMI

Volunteers subcommittee deliverables l.jpg
Volunteers Subcommittee Deliverables

  • Work with other chairs to identify all necessary volunteer positions.

  • Solicits volunteers to staff the positions.

  • Schedule volunteer slots and handle volunteer-related logistics while on site.

  • Arrange appropriate recognition for volunteer efforts, both during the program and after.

Webmaster subcommittee deliverables l.jpg
Webmaster Subcommittee Deliverables

  • Set up the conference website

  • Work with Comm & Pubs to ensure look-and-feel is consistent with conference theme

  • Work with Comm & Pubs to establish links to and from our web site

  • Work with each chair to determine their area’s website communication needs

  • Create an appropriate site map and easy-to-use navigation scheme.

  • Provide templates, or set standards, or transform content to meet look-and-feel requirements

  • Content starter-list: promotion, timetable, maps, volunteer email, inter-club links, on-site registration and sales.