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Our Wedding Couple Brittany Diggs Adam Duffy at www. GrandyB PowerPoint Presentation
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Our Wedding Couple Brittany Diggs Adam Duffy at www. GrandyB

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Our Wedding Couple Brittany Diggs Adam Duffy at www. GrandyB - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lifelong surfer and resident of the Outer Banks, Brittany Diggs met her future husband Adam Duffy when they were both teenagers in the same youth group.

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Lifelong surfer and resident of the Outer Banks, Brittany Diggs met her future husband Adam Duffy when they were both teenagers in the same youth group. Their love for surfing and their fellowship in their church brought Bridal Dresses together, and they began dating when she was just 18 and he was 20. The two dated for several years, even as Adam traveled back and forth to his job in California.


Fast-forward to 2008. Brittany, her mother and her sisters planned a Christmastime trip to New York City for some shopping Wedding Dressesand girl-time – at least that’s what Brittany thought. Unbeknownst to her, Adam had orchestrated the whole trip (under the guise that he was surfing in Mexico), so that he could give Brittany the ultimate wedding proposal.


On December 13, 2008, Brittany and her mom and sister arrived at Rockefeller Center. In front of the Christmas tree as a choir was singing, Adam and a whole crew of friends he had flown in gave Brittany the surprise of her Bridesmaids life. Adam dropped down on one knee and proposed! Stunned and ecstatic, Brittany accepted what she calls “a pretty perfect proposal.”


Caught in a Moment

On her wedding day, Brittany wanted to heed the advice that friends and family had given her: Enjoy every moment of the day and don’t get too caught up in the details. Says Brittany, “I really wanted to focus on locking in on Adam. I wanted to soak in the whole day – just calm myself and really focus on what was going on.”

One of her most precious memories of the day was when her father saw her in her Flower Girl Dresses wedding dress for the first time. “He was weeping,” says Brittany. “He said I looked like a younger version of my mom.”


Vintage Touches

Brittany’s love for all things antique was evident in her wedding vision. From the cake plates to the tablecloths, Brittany wanted to make use of the old. She enlisted her Prom Dresses to paint cans in hues of green, pink and blue so that she could use them as flower containers in the centerpieces. Her shabby chic way of decorating was a huge hit with the guests. “They all thought I was crazy,” says Brittany of the can-painting. “But it turned out looking really elegant!”

Brittany’s bridal accessories were all antiques she’d gotten from the local store “Something Old, Something New Quinceanera.” She used an antique brooch from the shop as a hairpin and found delicate earrings to match her dress from there, too.


A Homegrown Affair

“I wanted a backyard wedding,” says Brittany. “We didn’t splurge on anything except my Mother Of Bride Dresses dress and our food.” On a strict budget, Brittany tried to do as much as she could either by herself or with the help of friends. “I actually paid some of my vendors in vintage cake plates,” says Brittany. “Any way we could cut corners, we did.”


She tried to keep the costs low for her wedding party, too. Bridesmaids wore adorable pink Social Occasion from Anthropologie, which Brittany says they’ve all been able to wear again. And rather than rent ill-fitting dress shoes, groomsmen all wore Vans skate shoes.

Her wedding favor – homemade strawberry jam – was a true labor of love. “We spent ten hours picking the strawberries in Grandy and ten hours canning!” she laughs. The result? “It was soooo good!”


Love on the Water

Says Brittany of hers Evening Dresses and Adam’s mutual love for surfing, “If there are waves, we’re out there surfing for sure.” Brittany explains, “Two of our groomsmen are pro-surfers, and all of my bridesmaids surf. Adam and the guys surfed the day of the wedding up until an hour before the ceremony! They all came in sunburned with wet hair.” Their wedding gifts to each other were surf-themed; he gave her a wooden stand-up paddle for paddling atop her surfboard and she gave him a new wetsuit.


Happily Ever After

The Wedding Guide wishes our surfer bride Brittany and her groom Adam a long and happy life together. Congratulations!

Surfer Girl

An avid surfer, Brittany wanted photos of herself surfing in a Special Occasion wedding dress. She didn’t dare destroy her special gown; she purchased an extra one second-hand to wear for the photo shoot. The morning of the shoot, Brittany, her sister Kimberly and photographer Matt Lusk all arrived on the beach around 4:30am. The three paddled out into the surf. “It was dumping barrels,” says Brittany. “Every time I would wipe out, I was swarmed by the dress.” Each time, Kimberly would swim to her aid to help get the dress situated again.


The result of the photo shoot, however, is magnificent. There’s no hint of the chaos of crashing waves or water up the nose. Rather, Brittany looks serene atop her surfboard, gliding through the morning waves like an angel in a Homecoming Dresses wedding dress.