22 House Rules to Keep Your Dog / Puppy in Line
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22 House Rules to Keep Your Dog in Line - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An article containing 22 house rules that every dog owner, dog trainer or caregiver should train their dogs.

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22 House Rules to Keep Your Dog / Puppy in Line

If you are reading this, then you probably have an unruly dog or are planning to get a dog that you

hope will be well-behaved. Whatever else you do, never ignore the need to discipline your dog. It

makes the difference between having an adored pet and one that gives you nightmares every time

you think of the cleaning up you will have to do after him. Thus said, we have established 22 rules

that will help you on your way to having the dog you always wished you had…sort of like that cute

little thingy your next door neighbor has. Take a look.

1.Thou shall pay attention when being talked to

Everything else that you are going to train your dog will depend on this. True, the dog’s

concentration cycle lasts lesser than that of a toddler, but with time, it will learn to take instructions.

You need to be very firm on this.

2.There’s a limit to boundaries to the things you can trash

Dogs are playful. You need to establish clear boundaries on what they can play with and what they

can’totherwise you are going to wake up to your backyard trashed allover because the dog’s

excitement got the better of it and couldn’t help but play with the trash bins.

3.Thou shall poo outside. NEVER inside the house

Trust me; it I no fun at all brushing off the dogs poo or piss off your brand new carpet. The smell is

disgusting. Keep repeating the lesson until it learns to go outside when it’s time to take a leak.

4.Never Steal

There’s nothing as embarrassing as returning something stolen from the neighbor by your dog. Let

the dog know that good behavior is rewarded with goodies and bad behavior is punished.

5.Barking at passers-by and people in other cars is being mannerless

A dog that backs at everything that moves is a nuisance. Look up expert guides on how to train your

dog on how no to back at passersby.

6.The stay command is to be observed without fail

Sometimes the canines don’t love new faces. Sometimes new faces may even be family …or your

date. Imagine the problems they will cause you if they have not learned the ‘stay’ command. Train it

repeatedly until it learns.

7.Sometimes you will not get your way. Don’t whine!

Dogs are like toddlers. They think they will have everything they ask for. Train the dog that it gets

what it needs when you - the owner – says it will get not the other way round.

8.The lead and leash lesson

You need to train your dog that they have a leash for a reason. You cannot have a dog that pulls you

through traffic during its walk sessions. Pull at the leash when the dog tries to lead you and loosen

the leash when the dog walks beside you. This way, it will learn that it doesn’t pay to run through

streets pulling its master.

9.Cooperation is rewarded, rebellion isn’t

Every time the dog cooperates, it should be rewarded. It will come to associate good behavior with

the reward and this way, you have a way of controlling it without being too harsh to it.

10.Furniture rules

Do you want the dog on your furniture? I guess not. Sometimes the dog will go outside and bring the

dirt to the furniture. Some of your friends will not like to have to sit on seats that have your pets’ fur

all over them. Some are even allergic.

11.Greeting visitors rules

Some visitors do not like the saliva-gross-kissing that dogs do. They are also not keen on getting the

dogs paws all over their crisp suits or gowns. Train the dog to greet visitors on all fours.

12.Kissing rules

If you are grossed out by the wet dog kissing, then ensure that the dog understands this.

13.Food rules – people or dog food?

What food will your dog be eating? Some people feed the dog part of the family food while others

use specialized dog meal. Your dog needs to understand which food it is allowed to eat.

14.Eating with people at the table rules

If your dog is going to join you on the dining table, it must have good manners. The sound dogs make

when eating grosses out some people.

15.Night rules – sharing beds?

If you are okay with sharing your bed with your dog, then this will not be a problem. However, if you

don’t want this disturbance, you need to establish boundaries such as never allowing the dog on

your bed. You also need to decide whether it will sleep in its kennel or within the house.

16.Cleaning up the mess

If you are going to clean up your dog’s mess, then it has got to be on one location. You cannot be

collecting its poop from all over your backyard.

17.Rules about dog free zone

You cannot have your dog, no matter how treasured, going to every part of your house. For

example, your dog should know that the kitchen is out of bound.

18.Passing through gates and closed doors

Your dog should learn to wait for you to open the gates and closed doors patiently. That way,

accidents such as its tail getting stuck in a slammed car door get minimized.

19.When do the dog get freebies?

Establish a routine of when the dog gets freebies. E.g. when it is on good behavior.

20.Exercise and feeding time

Your dog should learn the schedules for eating and exercising. A free for all schedule will be bad

when you have to work.

21.Relationship with kids

Dogs or any other pets should learn that your kids come first. That anything that puts the children in

danger is not acceptable.

22.Consequences of unruly behavior

Finally, you should establish what happens whenever a rule is broken. Some dog owners deny the

dogs the right of riding in the family car, others deny it entrance into the family home while still

others limit the dog’s movement with a leash.

And there you have it. For more tips on how to keep your dog(s) in line, visit dogsbarn.com we will

see you there.