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German Shepherd Dogs

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German Shepherd Dogs

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  1. POOCH INSIDER German Shepherd dogs poochinsider.com

  2. dog stories poochinsider.com US Marine Deployed In Afghanistan Rescues A Dog And Brings Him Home “This was not the place I thought I’d find my first dog,” said Craig Grossi, a U.S. Marine that was deployed in Afghanistan back in 2010. His troop was in the middle of the war when he met Fred, the stray dog he fell in love with. While the coalition troops were defending the small area they have secured, Craig saw Fred, bebopping around the battlefield. The stray pup seemed immune to the circumstances of his living condition. But Craig knew it wasn’t the best place for him. The marine officer approached the stray dog. He offered him a piece of beef jerky that he had in his pocket. When he saw how bad Fred’s condition was, he almost turned about. But then, the filthy little dog did something that is still impacting Craig’s life. Fred wagged his tail. Craig and Fred spent a few minutes together, and it’s all that it takes for them to share a special bond. 

  3. dog lovers Dog With A Hidden Agenda Suddenly Crashes A Family Reunion Leslie Kowash attended a family get-together in Georgia a few days ago. She knew that the only ones who were present at the gathering were her loved ones, but someone decided to join the special occasion despite not being on the guest list. To Leslie and her family’s surprise, they did not expect that someone would crash their party in the form of a four-legged brown Labrador Retriever. What made the party-crasher so noticeable is that he is on the chubbier side. Leslie shared with The Dodo that they celebrated their gathering in the backyard of her family’s cottage. There was a massive all-you-can-eat table filled with yummy southern cuisine. poochinsider.com

  4. pooch Chennai Animal Worker Is Instrumental In Recovering A Lost Dog Belonging To A German Couple German couple Janin Scharrenberg and Steffen Kagerah decided to travel the world one day with their black Labrador mix, Luke, in their red Volkswagen T3 Syncro. The couple found Luke as a cute little stray puppy in Greece. No one was looking after him, so he wandered the streets while enduring hunger, thirst, and itch from the fleas that infested his fur. Janin and Steffen fed him, then looked for the pup’s owner. Vijaya, who has worked on similar cases, tells pet owners to explore every possible course of action when looking for their pet and never “leave anything to chance.” poochinsider.com

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