Common Mistakes by SaaS Companies
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Common Mistakes by SaaS Companies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Common Mistakes by SaaS Companies

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Perception On Solution

Assume you are planning to start your own passenger airlines, which one would you pick? Well, isn’t it obvious that A380 is much more scalable, secure, robust and excellent in performance. While both can fly,

  • The smaller plane cannot scale to take up more passengers

  • A380 is loaded with 4 engines, which is much more secure and reliable than a single engine aircraft

  • Smaller plane cannot withstand heavy winds or thunderstorms

  • A380 can travel at 5X speed and can cover a long distance

Underestimating SaaS Complexity

If you are asked to build a SaaS product, will you not apply the same parameters – scalable, secure, robust and performance; to decide how your SaaS product should be?

SaaS business model requires several technical and SaaS operational building blocks to meet the day to day needs of both your customers as well as support team.

More importantly, there are 9 non-functional requirements that are must for any SaaS product.

Given the time and resource constraints ISVs tend to pay less attention to these building blocks and Non Functional Requirements, and they end up building something petite just like the small aircraft.

Single Tenant Model – Double Edged Sword

Alternatively, some customers tend to make the common SaaS mistake of taking the hosted model route to save cost. But actually they are going to spend more.

In a hosted model you are going to have multiple instances of your product, just like multiple small planes. Imagine starting your own passenger airlines where you allocate one small plane for each passenger.

Just think of the amount of effort and cost involved in maintaining these numerous small planes???

Focus Areas

So, what would you do if you want to start your own passenger airlines?

Because every single aspect requires a niche expertise and hence, doing it yourself will take quite a lot of time and can also be a great risk for your business.

TechCello – The Tested and Proven Framework

Starting your SaaS Business Model is almost same as the above example. You do not want to focus on the basic engineering aspects and building blocks. Moreover, it’s better to pick something that is tested and proven rather than trying to reinvent.

TechCello offers an end to end SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution that can help in designing, developing and managing the operations of your SaaS product.

TechCello is tested and proven SaaS Framework, built exclusively to meet the typical SaaS needs of your business and product.

TechCello offers more than 30+ modules covering all the basic engineering blocks and operational modules.

Using TechCello you can simply focus on building your product functionalities, and TechCello can take care of the rest.

Apart from saving significant amount of cost, your precious time can be well spent on differentiating your product from competitors through unique product features.

About TechCello

Techcello is a cloud-ready, SaaS Application Development Framework

Can be used to,

Build new SaaS products

Convert single-tenant Apps to Multi-Tenant

Migrate on premise products to SaaS model

Cello framework is delivered as a set of libraries and APIs that can be easily integrated to your product

Applications built using Cello can be deployed in any cloud

Cello contains building blocks for developing, monetizing and servicing your SaaS offering.

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