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How Backlinkfy Digital helps Entrepreneurs and Startups PowerPoint Presentation
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How Backlinkfy Digital helps Entrepreneurs and Startups

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How Backlinkfy Digital helps Entrepreneurs and Startups - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Backlinkfy Digital helps Entrepreneurs and Startups

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Digital Marketing Assistant For Micro Tasks Find Digital marketing resources and Software solutions for startups and Entrepreneurs.

  2. It’s time to get your Startup moving…..

  3. How will you market your Startup Today? Digital Marketing – For starters, Digital Marketing is the practice of promoting products and services with the use of data base-driven online distribution channels, to reach the consumers in a relevant, timely, personal and cost-effective manner. Digital Marketingattracts more and more people on the company’s /organizations/ agencies websites; further increasing the clients and enhancing the brand and products of your company. So why is it important that you focus your online business using all these channels?

  4. It is important to market your company through these channels, because you will be able to put your brand in front of potential customers everyday. In today’s world of online marketing, there is overload of information for consumers. So in order for you to compete, you need to also have your products and services strategically placed in the noise that’s being published today. In fact, if you don’t use digital channels to market your startup business – Your businessLife will run dry – No traffic, no brand presence. How does Backlinkfy help your business with digital marketing? Lets find out……

  5. Backlinkfy is a unique strategic digital marketing assistant helping startups and entrepreneurs build a formidable presence online and on mobile, using marketing resources and software tools to help startups and small businesses get the online presence they so need. PPC CAMPAIGNS Thinking about doing some PPC campaigns for your startup business? Yes we can help build the best possible campaign in Adwords, Bing Ads and many other pay-per-click platforms. SEO Cruncher You can getprofessional help with your website SEO – w ithproven strategies that continue to build value for our clients– Ha! Did I say everything is manually done, so no software used to build your organic inbound links. With this strategy, you only get high relevant quality links to help with your SERP’s. What else…….Aahhaaaaa!!! Lets keep going….

  6. Social Media You are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media mediums, well the list goes on and on on…so lets cut to the chase. With this channels of communication, your brand is placed right in the middle of conversations and interactions within the medium. It is essential to have your brand in the mix. Backlinkfy helps you establish your presence on these mediums, so you can grow, acquire new customers and maintain your brand presence online.

  7. Web Design There is a saying…”No Website no Business” hmmm can this be true…I just made that up, but in more seriousness – Today if you don’t have an online presence, your business is definitely losing it’s potential. At Backlinkfy, we make it special. Simple intuitive designs to get you rolling in no time. Our process will make sure your business website is ready on time and your digital marketing in place if you so choose. We just get the job done! Now what? I promise you are almost there… to the end but one more thing, this is special for startups, especially startups with SaaS products, you know what I mean “Software As A Service…lets find out…

  8. For Startups with SaaS products When was the last time you found a universe where you could list your SaaS product right in front of potential users, not only potential users but testers, reviewers, raters and eventually customers…well that’s the end result, isn’t it? With over 200+ High PR - SaaS directories, Review and Rating sites, PR publishing sites – Your startup is in good hands with backlinkfy. Now that you know what backlinkfy can do for you marketing wise, how about one last thing… See why your startup business is always going to be in good hands….

  9. Running the day to day operations of a startup or small business can be turbulence. To help you find the balance between marketing and managing your business, backlinkfy vets more than 20 productivity tools every week. Be sure to find the best possible software solution for you business operations from our directory database. Now you see why backlinkfy cares about your business…. As a powerful digital marketing startup for startups, We have developed skills and training to bring you and your business valuable tools to help your organization navigate through the daily grind. Day in Day out!

  10. The END Visit and start building a better digital presence.

  11. Written by: Divine TumentaFounder and CEO At Backlinkfy.comThank you for taking the time to read this piece. As a little thank you gift for reading, Here is a 20% Off Coupon Code “mygrowth” Enter this at Backlinkfycheckout For savings! Lets Go!