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Cross docking service New York PowerPoint Presentation
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Cross docking service New York

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Cross docking service New York

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Cross docking service New York

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  1. Cross Docking Service By DLXpress

  2. About DLXpress A success story which began to take shape in 2010: we assume transparent responsibility for all our customers and are always developing new ideas for logistics solutions. We are still acting in accordance with this principle today and will continue to do so in the future, with the aim of achieving the greatest possible satisfaction for our customers. With our experience and strong commitment, we are always facing up to new challenges and guaranteeing a high degree of quality, discretion, security and safety as well as environmental awareness. We are proud that we have remained an owner-operated family enterprise up to this very day, independent of any group, and that we enjoy great trust among our local, national and international customers.


  4. What exactly is Cross docking Services? Cross Docking Services usually takes place in a terminal in a warehouse, where inbound goods are first received at a dock and sorted according to their final destinations. They are then moved to the other side of the dock, or other equipment which loaded on outbound vehicles. Speedy output and productivity are what human needs today, and Cross docking Services is one of the major strategies which promote the immediate approach of the supply chain. By implementing this strategy rightly, it can provide you the noteworthy improvement in efficiency and handling times

  5. Some of the main reason which it is implemented: 1. Cross Docking Services provide a systematic way for similar products united to be delivered to different destinations in the fastest method of transportation. It also known as ‘hub & spoke’ 2. Through this method, the large number of smaller products is combined to be transported, which saves the maximum cost. It also called ‘consolidation arrangements’ 3. Shifting the large product load into smaller loads for transportation to create an easier delivery process to the customer and this process is called ‘deconsolidation arrangement’.

  6. Cross Docking Companies are using this process according to types of products they are shipping. Here are a few types of cross docking service: Manufacture Cross docking Services: it is referring to the receiving of inbound products. This also includes the sub-assemblies for the production orders. Distributor Cross docking Services: this process strengthens and unites the inbound products from different vendors and then delivered the final item directly to the customer. Transportation Cross docking Services: this operation includes the shipments from the number of carriers in less than truckload (LTL) to attain the economic scales. Retail Cross docking Services: this method is all about obtaining the receipt of goods from the multiple vendors and then arranging them on outbound trucks for different retail stores. This was first used by Walmart in 1980. Opportunistic Cross docking Services: this is for any warehouse as this method involves transferring products from the goods to obtain the desirable sales order. Its types

  7. Contact DLXpress2347 Lincoln Ave, Hayward, CA 94545 510-999-1910